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    game speed is fized when the game is made

    there are severa possiblilties

    normal speed 24 hours is 24 hours

    4x one hour realtime is 4 hours in game

    diffrent settings higher then 4x are usualy special games like tournaments or special oneoff maps

    you cannot create a game yourself with diffrent game settings,

    well if that single unit happens to be in a fort its easily explaned

    also you can have a dud attack.. so an attack witn no or hardly enay damage while he has a max attacck.. the attack formula contains a randomizer

    if he damages you lets say 4 rounds in a row, isnt in a fort and you do not damage him.. that would be nearly impossible

    Hmm i do understand your point LostRealist the problem is they need a good working version you can play mobil too on nearly any device. with legacy thats rather hard. Besides the fact some new things and units they are working on are rather difficult to put into legacy.

    Basicaly its has become a oneypit. I do understand that. I dont have to like it lol.

    If they want to keep this game free to play for most players as it is now they have to comeup with a solution that works and unfortunatly legacy does not fit in that solution.

    Lets try and keep this short and easy to understand

    Personaly i hate the legacy mode gone.. i really really do

    i do however understand what freezy means and why its gone.. does not mean i have to like it lol

    ive been around for a bit.. both as player and team member in not just this game.

    have seen a lot of changes, in units, number of units, gameplay etc in that time

    yes im one of the players that wanted to stop when legacy stopped.. sure i am..

    even with the, in my opinion less nice to play version we have been left with i however still like the game so probably will be around for a bit longer (a bit used as undefined time, not to the liking of some players lol yet others will like it) as plyaer and crew.

    The fact they are trying to get to implement several options and game related thigns available in legacy yet not in this version yet gives me hope (and curiousity damm yup im curious sorry (NOT) to see where all of this will lead to

    so my request to all that post/follow this treat:

    Make a list of things better in legacy then this version that really really are importent to you and send them to the gamedevelopers/programmers and see what they can come up with.

    if they cannot get the most important things for you in within some time (yes people programming isnt a quickfix thats done in minuts teh nubmer of grogram lines for a game like htis is truely horrifiing long) and see what happens

    if to many thigns cannot be done and youstill hate the version. im sorry to see you go yet ifthey can (and i trust they will try hard) you find the upgraded new version enjoyable enough to stay im very happy to keep you with us as a player

    being critical about changes is not a wrong thing. being impossible in expectations however only brings pain, regret and sorrow for all in volved..


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    it depends on the map.. 30 to 45 days normaly. after that you still get the medal etc for your 1/2/3 place and the gold for the point you have when the game is done d/k rates go up too. yet nothing for teh otehre prices one can win.

    for all ribbons etc the max day in game is shown btw when you click on them