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    basicaly.. legacy is the most playable version there ever was.

    sure the graphics are less yet besides that most legacy players will choose it above the socalled ultimate client what they re refer to as the ultimate desaster ending game fun btw..

    and yes 500 games can be played in the newer client.. yet you need a rather strong and heavy phone or so..

    i use a g8 power with over 64 mem.. it works well on it..

    on my tablet a samsung.. nope wont even load past the lets start the map fase..

    legacy works perfectly on both lol

    we are not just going to kick someone from a game. there has to be more then just the idea a player might be a farm or so.

    like UpOneLevel said there are rather specific rules about it that are followed and checked by others.

    The demeaning and degrading way of putting we are just voluntiers is just that. nothing more nothing less.

    if you had any idea how much time some spend on helping honoust players that get into trouble by cheating users you might have a bit more respect.

    The main thing in discussions like is however seems to be total disrespect towards the mods and gos that actualy keep this game playable for all.

    such a shame


    We will therefore commit the resources and time required to re-enable and keep Legacy running for now. This provides us with the necessary time to work on the adjustments to the Ultimate Client, while allowing you to continue playing Supremacy 1914 in your currently prefered way. You’ll find a button in the game settings that allows you to enable Legacy as an option again. Only players who previously had access to Legacy will see this option, though.


    You are my hero and i do not say that to often nor lightly... if ever at all..

    im sure they could do that.. put the legacy things into the new version. the only quesstion is.. how easy is it to do just that.

    it might seem simple yet could be rather nasty with coding etc as its not the same code..

    hope they will though.. i prefer legacy too.

    by the time you can use that many spies without getting in to trouble with your cashflow you could already have whiped a way that country without the use of spies...

    So what would be the use of changing the spy settings??

    Besides the fact that spies cost more money then they can steal (day profit of a city is less then the cost of the spy stealing it)

    ok with sabotage it can be very very annoying

    i have used 60 spies on one city... it took days to get them back to the stone age and worse a lot of spies got detected..

    in the end it costed so much i could have easily build 1500+ artilery that would have been much much more helpfull

    its possible in all games..

    If you declaired war it is easier (esp if you are not on the list of most notorious countries.. if you are nope wont happen)

    if they declear war because you are on that list...

    best way to get them to accept peace is GET OF THE LIST FIRST and set your status to ceasefire.. very single time they attacked you.. back to ceasefire.. eventualy so will they then you can go to peace

    How ever.. as long as you are on the list or very close to beeing on it (no way to know for players lol) its going to be very very rare for it to happen

    have seen it happen though more then once