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    by the time you can use that many spies without getting in to trouble with your cashflow you could already have whiped a way that country without the use of spies...

    So what would be the use of changing the spy settings??

    Besides the fact that spies cost more money then they can steal (day profit of a city is less then the cost of the spy stealing it)

    ok with sabotage it can be very very annoying

    i have used 60 spies on one city... it took days to get them back to the stone age and worse a lot of spies got detected..

    in the end it costed so much i could have easily build 1500+ artilery that would have been much much more helpfull

    its possible in all games..

    If you declaired war it is easier (esp if you are not on the list of most notorious countries.. if you are nope wont happen)

    if they declear war because you are on that list...

    best way to get them to accept peace is GET OF THE LIST FIRST and set your status to ceasefire.. very single time they attacked you.. back to ceasefire.. eventualy so will they then you can go to peace

    How ever.. as long as you are on the list or very close to beeing on it (no way to know for players lol) its going to be very very rare for it to happen

    have seen it happen though more then once

    thats not correct.. unless your moral is alot lower at day 20 in the same province..

    if you build railroads, factories, harbors you producting, at the same moral will be a lot higher.

    Do keep in mind though that the further you are from your capital the lower the production will get due to corruption etc..

    Ive been around for sometime and use legacy only lol. Yet its true lots of old players are gone or only online every now and then for just one game or so.

    Havent played a lot my self either the past 2 years or so though im still here and still playing..

    Still like the game. Besides the diffrences between legacy and not.. its the player that wins not the diffrence in versions

    Good players will still win as easy in either version.

    Legacy does not have much advantages besides, to me, nicer view and offcourse beeing used to it

    lol a good tactic? not really more like a last effort if all other fail and you lost your landbased units..

    though bombing his homecities so nothing remain standing and moral is very low is a good tactic..

    no buildings to enhance production.. no new units and hardly any production at all because of the moral will cripple them

    share map with an AI is possible yes not very common but it can happen.

    the biggest problem with increasing your global liking by trade is you do not know who you trade with..

    if you trade with an AI and want right of way or better with that same AI it will help (if im correct its been a long time since i ever looked at the formulas lol) yet you dont know if you trade with that AI.. esp on large maps (100 and 500) the odds are very very much against you. morlikely to trade with a not so liked player then with an AI that you want to like you

    a long time a go the status you set with an AI was important too.. so the highest possible status with an AI would give you rightofway faster.. do not think that still works though..

    hmm your navy will gain points for you.. lowermoral in a city means less points from that city esp if theres not a building left standing

    Besides the fact you kill all units within range there for making your opponent weaker.

    Sure you need land units esp because most maps navy alone does not reach every city. Yet if moral gets to low the city might even become yours

    And the effect of bombing a city.. depends on firepower and time.. more fire power means less time till moral reaches 0% and less fire power means more time.. one cruiser... naa wont get it to 0% yet low enough to cause serious trouble

    10 battleships? less then 24 hours and the moral will have dropped way below the safe 34% moral

    ok global popularity at 40% is bad so the AI might have changed its settings and your autofire mode for art acted on that change..

    one thing you really have to keep in mind when using autofiremode...this can happen easily if your popularity is bad..

    even AI change their settings from war do ceasefire and peace.. just takes time

    how much time? all depends on things like your popularity (if you are in the top 5 list of most evil countries forget about it it might never happen)