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    Well paragraph one, I could go into all the various methods account sitters use and rant about cheaters, however you have a new generation of players are now playing s1914 which play maps with their phones (Mobil app) these players are like your girlfriends or anyone else under 35 which have nervous break down when they lose sight of their phone, consider these players have their phone set to PING any notifications (reports) from their s1914 maps, and how old players used to set alarm to wake up at 3:30 am to do some planned movements; with modernization of game and using Mobil app the activity level of players has increased in some segments, I would say YES, these players are online playing 24/7.

    Paragraph two you only see opponents /AI movements in general directions, display shows movement to next transition, road or next weigh point if at sea which is within your vision, it is the game mechanic.

    Good Luck , have fun, enjoy games.

    Make s1914 Great Again

    Meant to ask--does this happen a lot?

    Very common in Event or 500 map scenarios, smaller maps you run across few such Gold users, here is link for Alliance Tournament which is planning to have NO GOLD USE rule, you will need to being 4+ members since this Alliance scenario is team of 5 players vs opponent of 5 players when you arrive to server look for AWT discussion or AWT Pre-registration

    unit movement display bug issue happens when toggling to any sub sequential map from the initial session log-in / map. Same tab, or 2nd tab makes no difference .... log out of one map and log into different map, same issue no movement options display for unit > requiring a Refresh then settings clicks to engage Low Graphics display + gold confirmation + silencing music/ sound effects ... This is very annoying…7290664402944/unknown.png

    I have been constant participant of this game for 3 years now, I have been leader of 2 alliances and have achieved Field Marshal rank , I also had privileged position as a Byto volunteer for some time in my service to community, I hope this resume will give me status as an Active Veteran among my peers in this community... Like me or hate me, all know I am consistent in my agenda with my intent being to always to help the community, I would like to see Bytro display receptiveness to constructive criticism. Perhaps this is better under Game Discussion Topic Thread but some of these topics I will mention are missing features, not all...

    I would like to point out some things which I see as positive evolution of this game which I enjoy so much... and also some flaws which I like Bytro to hear and act upon rather than being ignored like what all veteran players are thinking. I feel that with newer faces in Bytro Staff, that perhaps there is hope to 'Make S1914 Great Again' In my time here i see the following>

    We have now moved thru a transition and most are using ReVamp / Ultimate Immersion display including myself, this was a tough transition, Good job Bytro for seeing this thru... latest thing I am looking forward to is the upcoming change to combat mechanics and how this overhaul will be applied to S1914. I am also pleased with Official S1914 Discord server giving community unheard of contact with anyone above Moderator Pay Grade without filing a REPORT. I am happy to see announcement in Discord of TEST map starting and Guinea pigs needed.

    From what I have witnessed , most of Bytro issues revolve around transition to Mobil app while devoting major man hours and resources towards launching Supremacy1/Tesla Wars/IronOrder1919 (what ever is current name)

    While doing bi-monthly updates on s1914 game Bytro stubbornly refuses to modify / update unclear and vague language in rule descriptions which allow cheaters and multi account pushers to thrive in this community, while using NDA /German law to avoid transparency / accountability of seemingly corrupted volunteer staff (those that abuse their power and those that use the power to gain an edge in games) ; is not like someone is asking for Bytro game code or financials. Easy fix to avoid any Appearance of Impropriety, Bytro Volunteers should never be playing maps on server that they work on, ie... when I was volunteer I played Polish, German , Dutch servers, but never on English server.

    Alliances / League play and Role Play including GOLD FREE scenarios should be embraced and promoted , the game should be great with the community base it has, and base will grow if we can interest average newbie to join alliance for more reasons than to avoid the annoying pop-up,

    Same goes for the Frontline Pioneer pop-ups, veterans should be recruited and given Bug Brigade Medal achievement and gold rewards for Beta testing. Why do you have newbie players still learning basics of game as Beta testers for Frontline player maps?

    So much effort put into display and advertising while the veterans (potentially as important as volunteer staff) are getting no support.

    Bytro tactic of proactive damage control , is to seek veterans input when Bytro is removing some feature like legacy or changing combat mechanics, any other time veterans are ignored or silenced when speaking TRUTH about the flaws in this game. This Silencing needs to stop, why have Forum or discord server if you are only allowed to Praise the company and never voice obvious flaws?

    'Make S1914 Great Again'

    The available options on the coalition window are now working. I switched from chrome to firefox. Not sure if that did the trick or the msg I sent to support address I had found.

    Alliance membership / application is what my previous post was in reference to, it is commonly interchangeable words using alliance and coalition.

    Sounds like you are talking about in-game coalition, there is a cool down period of 3 days when you leave a coalition and 1 day when you are kicked from a coalition. (Cool down before you can join /start new coalition)

    Players can apply to join a coalition if openings are available to join, limits to coalition are 3 p for small maps , 5 p for 100 maps and 7 p for 500 maps... I suspect someone wanted to join your coalition and you were already at your limit for the map you were playing is reason application button was not available.

    Victory Points> Each Building Type = 0.5 point work shop level 1 is same value as Factory Level 4 ... You only need 1 Hit Point of a building type in order to get credit for the building Type being completed , so 6 hours of airfield cancel build, move to barracks 6 hours build, cancel build, 12 hours other things like harbor, railroad, this will get you quick boost in VP's

    you have these following building types>

    #1 workshop
    #2 fort
    #3 barrack
    #4 airfield
    #5 harbor
    #6 railroad

    #7 capital

    Each province other than capital province has max of 6 points which can be increased with a BONUS 6 points for 99%
    Therefore maximum = 12 points for these provinces with high morale...

    This should help you to maximize your Victory Points.

    NOTE: Average morale and the 6 point morale for provinces above 99% morale are way more relevant for DE points than buildings.

    I honestly have to question your statement of there being a history of his rulings being overturned, as the overturn would have had to pass by either me or another colleague, both of which I can not recall. I'm not gonna die on the hill of "we'd never make mistakes", as everyone ist just a human in the end, but ultimately, if a ruling turns out to be overthrown by multiple others having a different opinion, that just shows you how hard it is to set a single rule to fit all cases.

    I prefer to private message you on this matter than to risk being banned from Forum for speaking negatively of Bytro, I already have 4 points against me for a post a year ago DrLepreachuan issued that ban... trust me , I was part of map in which one of my guys was banned, unbanned by Ki-Ros and later banned again by different Bytro Team member on an Account Pushing ruling (for unfair trades of resources / provinces within his own coalition). Never have gotten straight answer on this incident, anyhow prefer to pursue topic in private message as I have been down this road before and I will likely get banned for speaking here.

    There are criteria, we do obviously not grant everyone who kindly asks admin rights or the role of GO.

    GO's are instructed to follow guidelines but in the end should also use their own judgement as veteran players to make a call.

    In the case above Ki-Ros is indeed a paid employee so I can guarantee there is no benefit for him in removing people from a map for his own benefit, as he will not be present in that game round with a personal account.

    I would ask that community is given more clarity on this Account Pushing rule, I feel it is vague in comparison to many other rules S1914 has in place, relying upon volunteer discretionary enforcement is great if enforcement is consistent, however I have witnessed myself several times inconsistent enforcement of this particular rule.

    I agree with Slyx and have complete faith in Ki-Ros ruling having zero personal benefit, after all he has only played one match according to his service record... which would be direct contradiction to his being an experienced veteran player in this S1914 game. In addition there is a history which I have witnessed that Ki-Ros rulings for account Pushing were over ruled by other Paid employees. So I am generally skeptical of Ki-Ros rulings, experience and judgement.

    Bytro staff making these discretionary decisions and enforcements in most cases are volunteers (Game Operators), however I think your case the Ki-Ros respondent is actually a vetted and paid employee of Bytro , so you have no argument volunteer vs Paid employee.

    Also just to make sure, you didn't by any chance mix up offensive and aggressive fire control ? The later will cause your units to also bombard neutral units within range.

    The cruisers which were attacking neutral units were only set for Offensive Fire control, however other Cruisers in entire different area of map were in fact set to Aggressive fire control, falty cruisers which attacked were near to Spain, other cruisers which had Aggressive Fire control setting were near to Suez / Hajez area.

    I am familiar with the difference in Offensive and Aggressive fire control mechanics

    Please tell me you're joking and just trolling us because this is a MAJOR problem. I use Offensive fire a LOT and if I now have to worry about units going rogue and attacking ALLIES it completely negates one of the prime reasons to buy High Command.

    I am not joking it happened in a 100p event Capital Rush map which is one player wins map, in this map after cruisers killed off last enemy inf unit, they then started attacking an ally I had share maps with which had inf units in the area, is possible that it is because it is event map and Solo Winner scenario I am not sure what excuse will be , but it is Common Bug not first time I witness this... just re-emergence of same old bug since recent update

    Rally point and Fire control are both issues with High Command, only thing seems to work with consistency is Build Queue and shared intel