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    Just a side note to the recent rule change about trading units... it was allegedly implemented primarily to prevent an Over powerd 'exploit' of trading planes which allowed the attacker to constantly bombard enemy without having to return planes to airfield for refueling...this was done in light of the Bytro policy saying all exploits are allowed since JUNE....

    Also, Just my humble opinion, rule changes basically helped the goal of ' quicker maps' and protecting heavy gold users which are the ones financing the profit margerin for Bytro... you know if you play 500's, longer into maps how they seem to lag and how the gold users do not have as big of advantage or control in late game when other players have powerful economies.

    Balance in the name of protecting us from exploits is what 'urks' me, ... more than anything diplomacy is used by low skill players which NEED a pack to fight one strong player, and all these rule changes eliminated any mercenary possibilities for higher skilled you are forced to have a big country to survive deep into maps. Remembering Bytro is a business seeking profit, we will need to find ways for mechanics and rules that allow Bytro to make profit while keeping the games fun...that is the true balance we need to find or Bytro will never change anything.

    New Change/Updates

    I have seen issues in maps today where units in midst of melee were able to disengage and retreat/ run away from the fight, in past units once engaged in melee fought to the death. This fleeing from Melee took place on a coast line, beach landing. I found screen shots in discord, but not sure if I am allowed to post them here because it is active map... anytime they can be viewed by staff

    Is this new bug or some game mechanic change?

    Agree with Tomi, seems mix messages going on from what STAFF Members Boris and Mr.Dutch are saying, also topic seems to be 500p maps, so in my experience I thought perhaps there were different rules specific only to 500p maps.

    I have not won or been in top 3 in 500 map, however I have won and placed in 100p maps and also got Medals as well as coalition credits. I initiated this thread and over a week ago, asking for clarification because I am in such a position now in a couple 500p maps, and I am hesitant to lose a 500 Medal after carrying others in these maps (I have several coalition wins but have no 500 medals)... presently I am still confused on what is really going on with this issue and why are STAFF members sending mixed signals?

    Am I supposed to rely upon new Moderator (Keji Gima) post 3 hours ago , or Boris and Mr.Dutch whom have served and played this game for years?

    Question about this, Alliance battle maps, we have members in our alliance which do not have High Command, and in past we could not involve them in internal maps because they did not have the 5000 GM to enter the map... Has this issue also been resolved?

    If not could it be possible for someone to pay the 20k GM's entry fee to get other 4 members into these alliance battles?

    FYI...anyone reading , players can get medals in the 1910 Historical map and is similar to Alliance battle maps in as much as you have 2 teams...

    just attempted to find this game and it is showing no Results? might be a map Buddha and I would enjoy playing with the high skill level of the devs...

    Please look into it, or only devs will be playing, my maps are showing over 5 hours still remain before day change

    Kind regards Hastings TNT

    I need definitive answer about Medals in 500p maps

    If you are in a coalition do you get medal and also coalition win, or does the coalition win negate the medal?? I have no problem sharing a coalition win with competent generals in a map, but not if it means I must sacrifice my Medal.

    Please someone from BYTRO Staff give me definitive answer which I can use if I do not receive my medal....

    Thank you , Kind Regards Hastings TNT

    In the past there was a toggle icon that switched from PvP and AI in the player statistics, also within the AI score there was another combat/ranking score for Elite AI...just wondering if Elite AI is now added to combat and statistics same as fighting PvP score... Thankyou Boris

    I concur with 'grifting' aspect on BYTRO's part,

    I was attempting to deploy red spy's (military Sabotage), I have 32 m silver in this map, but when I clicked on red spy, the screen jumped up and Bytro has it so I spent GM's 6x on reveal all armies for the same country in about 2 minutes, basically every 2nd spy I deployed the screen jumped and I was spending gm's...I never use gold for such a thing this is part of Bytro's 'grifting' business plan...they seek to run a well dry and then find a new well to run dry with no care of loyal clients...

    Lightshot Screenshot PKF_ALITTAuS9DU_5sY8pA.png?width=500&height=21

    why would I spend gold 6x to reveal all armies on same country?

    Narmer, may you have blessed future and enjoy future endeavors, you will be missed and rememberd by any whom remain which had pleasure of interacting with you. I commend you on always being a professional under some trying circumstances. Good Luck

    First time I have seen this Hitchhikers guide to s1914, very nicely explains what many others have attempted to (in part) explain to me ... and really applies and is useful with a little experience...would be so nice if he could give same sort of guide to using planes as he explains HnR with arty units

    IMO...Best way to kill subs is with Planes...also can engage them in melee which is done by simply crossing same path (dot) they are using at sea... if in range of planes use planes to kill sub while you have it engaged, subs have 4 hit points, so you need a battleship (6 hit points) or cruiser (2 hit points) with inf (1 hit point per inf) stack, or other sub , subs are slow movers and cruisers are great for chasing them down....once in melee with a sub something has to die, same as land units locked into melee... once you are in Melee with a sub, your bombers will be able to lock onto target... normally spy reports are what gives you location and you are bombarding sea because sub could have moved since latest report

    Island countries have their advantages for resources because you can build harbors (+25%) in Iron, Wood and OIL which most other countries can only do on Fish and Grain resources, but need early expansion and Navy starting with Island country cruisers are more important than ARTY... then later in map Planes make the difference

    This topic has spiraled outward into irrelevant tangents about Meme's, players are leaving s1914 , some are trying out S1 but that will likely also be arbitrarily changed when someone whines about a bug/ exploit only veteran players knew how to use....and more knee jerk reactions will ruin what was just fine, especially in light of the news that we could use exploits unless they were banned as a bug/exploit...

    multi accounts became unmanageable for Bytro with the mobil launch and really is not anissue for most, because most that are playing reguarly can deal with multi's same as they deal with any other suicide NOOB attacks... Bytro need be aware that the nucleus of regular players keep game going, the new players that are using mobil app will find some other passing fixation.... why push away the veterans when these new mobil users will play a few months then find the new 'candy crush' and not return to S1914...the trade off is that Bytro makes money short term but loses in long term...

    We understand that it is a business and the bottom line is profit , however the community does not like unit and resource trade rules...these rules should be reverted, only pandering to Gold Users with new rules preventing resource and unit trading . I personally have other things I can do to pass my time, I do not appreciate that I spend 3+ months on a map, certain rules in place , and then without any notice all rules are changed in middle of a map in the name of protecting someone that is not invested like I am... should I request reimbursement every penny of GOLD i have used in a map when rules changed without any notification??? I do not like this 'SCAM' business tactic, take my money, then change the rules, only thing left in place is to spend GOLD, this is becoming strictly PAY TO WIN joke of a game. IMHO

    I like the idea of this 500 map, would bring the community of s1914 together, IMO

    Not sure about placing a minimum rank on players involved... some skill is needed especially for players not familiar with dynamics of 500 maps, however the unfamiliar players would be under guidance of their friend pack's experienced players, without micromanaging the team (friend pack) but similar to an alliance battle map where the general makes battle plan and build schedule as well as troop movement for his team...

    Also like the idea of having skilled players from other servers, we need something to bring s1914 community together this is a good idea.

    I like Idea of adding a carrier and to make it make it more realistic need to have a limit on amount of planes which can use carrier at any given time... probably also need to use some fuel limits on the planes which attempt to make it to carrier out at sea but can not land because carrier is at its limit of planes and plane must patrol until another plane takes off from carrier...maybe too much math to keep track of fuel and travel distance of planes using carrier? would be interesting especially to cross seas with planes able to attack from sea

    I am attacking a unit that is embarking, already lost one unit and it is still showing the embarking unit has strength of 1.0 >>>> I was taught that units are 1/3 rd strength while disembark and embarking, I attacked 2 inf units that were in embark time and I have lost one unit, now one remaining unit still states that the unit strength is 1.0, unit strength should be less than 1.0 and I should not have lost one unit while attacking 2 inf units that were embarking I sent a ticket on this, will see what staff says, but this is the strange kind of stuff which has been going on since the latest update about a week ago

    simple way to make it - introduce updates in closed beta version games to see the reaction for full 4 weeks

    I belive Frontline Pioneers are not the best in testing whatever they are testing or in giving feedback- both ways it is clear that you need better test environment

    and some feedback from players and community, not from CMs and Teams as I believe there is huge difference between feedback from both groups( i can tell you how it is done in video games if you are interested , we will talk about payment later ;-)

    I played frontline and got no option to voice my opinion or give feedback for anything other than reporting BUGS in the maps... seems the real purpose of frontline pioneers is to work out bugs in maps because it is forgone conclusion that these changes will be taking place