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    You know, a lot of answer shutting down new ideas seem to be players who've been around and just don't want the game to change. Not having a retreat option makes the game less dynamic.

    ^^ Not shutting down suggestions, only ask the newbie players to first learn the game mechanics before asking for an "EASY BUTTON", for a 10+ year old game why fix what is NOT broken? When you have been in S1914 a bit longer you come to the realization that with each "FIX from Bytro" you then have 2 more glitches you have to adapt to...

    Should TWTS suggestions be taken seriously ? Bytro would need to send DEV's on mission to create an EASY button for all things S1914 , once you log in to play a map it should run on 'auto-pilot' and everything should be EASY

    To clarify what Edwylm is taking long road to get to > when you have one inf unit or one Tank which is for viewing or visual optics, ONE unit actually Equal 1000 such units, so low condition of a unit you are talking about repairing 1000 mechanical units

    Logical line of thought would be if one factory can build 1000 tanks in 2.5 days then that same factory should be able to repair 1000 tanks in a shorter amount of time than 2.5 days

    As a Missing Feature, sure the 'carrier' is missing and likely will never be found.

    Flower Bouquet labeled as a "HACK" or an "exploit" is only a description > realistic / not realistic, historically accurate / not accurate > Flower Bouquet does currently exist in the game mechanic's and Bytro called it an 'exploit' for years, seeing as it is available and a 'Carrier" for planes is not available...

    IMO, as for this topic > the best focus would be on mastering use of this Flower Exploit which is allowed by Bytro.

    Probably the Battle tick clock you are seeing (each battle tick is 60 minutes, and resets each hour starting over new at 59:59) , would be nice if the screen shot showed the clock you are referencing

    High command , the Offensive Fire Control, seems to have replaced the old Aggressive Fire Control, I am not sure the difference between the 2 fire controls ? However, there were many glitches near end of the Aggressive fire control mode attacking AI and starting FALSE wars with allies you had share maps with but not in same Coalition with...

    Raman02334 I am astonished, is this "Display Tactical Armies" an option on mobile app? looks like new UI you have in screenshot, I been asking for this feature on the New UI since they removed it from the Revamp new UI and this seems to have the option....

    Other question , does this tactical armies option work or is it a dormant option (button) from the very start of the Re-Vamp in early 2019 when it was an option for the new Revamp UI

    They have dormant options (buttons) on certain things, in Bytro, like setting up a map you still had option for Elite AI or Normal AI, but it is simply a Dormant Option (button) now

    Do not believe the rumors, I play Legacy Mode and mostly 500 maps and the time lags you mention are normal part of Legacy Mode however there are always ways to work around the time lag you experience > , ie: share maps and Shared Intel, cause you not only to see all your units and neighbor units close to your borders but also you see all shared map/intel units, this is a reason for the time lag,

    So the work around is to go to diplomacy settings and temporarily turn off shared maps and Shared Intel when you are in middle of doing something which require's split second timing... you can also go to map settings and turn off the indicators that show resources and names of provinces which are also constraining the data and causing time lags; this is way to get job done; while waiting for Bytro to do the Fix

    Good Luck, Have Fun

    As for balancing the game Flower Bouquet it is not a Hack it is using the game mechanics to gain an advantage and is probably in top 3 most unbalancing exploits of the game. Do not underestimate the deadly effect of splitting 100"s of inf units against planes, those planes will start dropping from the sky... and opponents will call you a cheater :)

    They will denounce the exploit of Flower Bouquet while clinging to high activity exploit of Shoot n Scoot ( Hit N Run) claiming that SnS (HnR) is the only honorable exploit, all things in this game which turn the tide of a war to your favor are exploits... gather up a dozen of them , take them out use them like tools in a chest , proper tool for proper job and it is merely matter of completing a given task...

    I agree planes are totally overpowered in this WW1 scenario, in that era of trench warfare it was the artillery units which did the majority of damage; my suggestion above was a tried and true solution using an exploit to deal with planes, not a lot different from splitting off one single inf unit (between planes Battle Tick) from a big stack to avoid the big stack from taking damage from the planes.

    Bytro will not introduce any new mechanical units to S1914, they have already stated that "all exploits are allowed" over a year mastering use of these exploits is the answer, IMO

    Amphibious landings against aircraft is when you use the Flower Bouquet, essentaially spliting so many units that the planes are forced to target each individual unit split... and with the new Banner View / UI it is impossible to see the different units and target individual units... best planes can then hope for is to do 'splash damage" during the amphibious landing...

    here is link explaining this flower exploit > How to greatly Increase Defense - Flower Defense

    I'm in a game on my mobile. Everyone in the game seems to have gone AFK no one is playing. I really can't be bothered to play through it so can someone tell me how to leave?

    If everyone in your game has gone AFK you will get a notice in the newspaper for the possibility for retirement of the game which must be agreed upon from remaining 3 or less players...I will attach a screen shot from one of my maps

    YOu lose points when someone else is using economic spys against you, you should see some spy activity posted in the maps Newspaper, (ie. certain amount of silver was stolen by robbers etc... is indication of economic spys)

    Basically if you are losing points it has to be economic spys or you are still expanding and have provinces with low morale other players might have all Lvl 4 factories where you have lvl 2 factories...or perhaps the fluctuation was because another country which was below you in points had buildings completed and they jumped ahead of you

    Math is straight forward... if you have 50% of map and average 80% morale you have enough for solo win, you need 75% of map for coalition win. Here is a link to a Discord Server which has all the info you need about these math questions > ...for now this is a link from the BOSS about this topic > Question about victory conditions

    Good Luck Have Fun

    One reason I do not like New UI (Ultimate Immersion) playing on a computer is that when I have several maps going I can not open multiple tabs from my log in page for the different maps; with the New UI my log in page is replaced by any given map that I open to play and then I have to re-open a new tab and wait for the log in process again ( Some 500 maps can take a long time to Open with New UI Graphics and it is not because of my video card on my 8 core 32 gb ram pc)

    I would like to see Bytro run a Test of what is most popular if everyone had option to use legacy mode maybe it is more popular than new UI, I have also many times suggested that Legacy Mode and creating personal 4x speed maps be options you can have when you buy High Command brain'r IMO > to create more profit and get the new wave of players to purchase High Command.

    I have attached a screen shot of multiple tabs from one log in, which is not possible without 3 log in's on new UI

    Note: This server is not acknowledged, endorsed or connected in anyway with bytro.


    Fair WARNING, I am familiar with Hielke for a couple years (personally I think he is a fair person and good guy in general) all should know in advance that his server is tightly censored and you are not allowed FREE SPEECH, they will MUTE or BAN you if you speak against or fail to coddle and accommodate the current liberal 'Cancel Culture' of BLM and ANTIFA

    Sorry LostRealist . I do feel your pain, I have also been caught in the wheel and running in place and always have been given a polite deaf ear from those in power, some really do care about this game and go to lengths to teach players the nuances , some volunteers are amazing giving yrs of their lives to the community and to the team without much appreciation... it is so sad that this is the result, I feel blessed to have had a glimpse behind the curtain and to see it for what it is within 2 yrs and that I did not spend 10 yrs on this pay2win dynamic... now I am content to play small maps, if I enter a big map I know to join with trusted friends and go whale hunting , even a huge whale spending millions can not defend against a coordinated attack from several veterans on several fronts

    Good Luck try to have some fun

    Guys if you were around a year ago or before the Thread was created you know that this Monetization Thread was made to stop the need for Banning players from the Forum for stating the obvious about the 'Pay 2 Win" nature of the game... IMO Bytro is willing to make any changes which will increase revenue and profit, many suggestions from players are already available and players simply do not know how to micro manage their own countries, units, etc...

    In the real world business professionals simply 'Smile and say Sorry", when they really mean to leave the building and you have nothing coming... no-one from Bytro Team is allowed or would jeopardize a real paying job to accommodate some gamer by saying " Yes, S1914 is Pay 2 win" however we all know at a certain point your either increase your skill level, learn new strategies and tactic's to fight the heavy gold users, or you join the club and buy premium currency (GOLD)...

    Worst thing Bytro does IMO, is to implement new rules changes which affect maps that are 3-4 months already in progress, and for those 500 maps where I already dumped 150k GM fighting against some noob gold spammer which got his 1000% bonus on his first purchase of GOLD and was able to instantly materialize planes and burn down 100 provinces with the gold he purchased for pennies on the dollar...well it is all part of the business plan , and if I am really upset I can go find a new game, Candy Crush or something LOL ;)

    Good luck and have fun, we all here for entertainment