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    What else would you want to change / can you think of that would to cool to have regarding espionage ?

    I definitely think couple tweaks could be implemented about Espionage without overhaul of entire system. Automatic TRADE EMBARGO is a solution ...

    #1 When you catch a players spy's destroying your provinces that it should be automatic TRADE EMBARGO against whom ever deployed the spy.

    #2 Gold spy use against your country is NOT posted in the Newspaper > there should be some indicator such as an automatic trade embargo when this happens, this would also be a nice indicator to aware players of whom is using gold against them when they see an airfield/building destroyed and an unexpected trade embargo with a country.

    Now lets say you are in war with a country in one of your 2 borders. In the other side of your country (the other borders) there is an AI, and i decide (for some reason) to take all my units from these borders. My question is; Is there any chance the AI will attack me?

    ANY answer or fact about AI's is welcomed and apreciated

    Yes, AI will often attack unmanned provinces on the AI border if you are suffering low Global Popularity, and good indication is when you make the MOST DREADED NATION list in the newspaper, best to always keep at least one inf unit in a province to have chance to see aggressors moving into your range of view.

    100 /500 and Speed/Event maps are only sponsored by BYTRO

    As a player, you are allowed to create one personal map per month, choices include any of the 31 player or smaller map scenarios, you can create up to 5 of these maps each month if you have HIGH COMMAND

    Seems I get a pop-up for Frontline Pioneers daily as I log in, possibly because I spent a year playing such maps.

    You can rest assured that we are all BETA TESTORS for S1914, there is no benefit to playing Frontline Pionieer maps from my perspective, if Bytro Offered some compensation perhaps I would again be interested in joining such maps.

    One tab says Tesla Wars - My alliance and another says Create Thread - Off-Topic - Supremacy - Forum. Like, one name is Supremacy 1, another is Supremacy, and then there is Tesla Wars. Can we make up our minds and agree on ONE NAME?

    Supremacy 1 has recently been referred to as Tesla Wars, since Bytro opted to co-mingle Supremacy 1 with the s1914 Forum there has been constant confusion with Forum threads/posts.

    Slyx Someone should separate the supremacy 1 and S1914 Forums, you do not have Call Of War, New World Empires or Call Of Nations jammed together in same forum. End this sort of confusion once and for all.

    This is Supremacy 1 thread, anyone that plays Supremacy 1 would know what the fort level is which hides units.

    Couple things which are probably similar is how S1914 Game manual indicates that a Level 2 fort hides units but is actually level 1.5, other thing is that all forts, and factories are shown as level 1 when viewing opponents provinces.

    (Bytro's 'template' for all their games have many similarities)

    Has this been changed? or does the mechanic still operate this way?

    Still operates same way, although I have discovered in time since this thread began that MORALE is huge factor in bonus of provinces being 99% morale get a bonus and you can achieve 12 Victory Points from provinces getting the bonus with high morale , where provinces that do not have such high morale you can only achieve max of 7 VP's per province, so 99% morale is goal with as many provinces as possible ( Forts add 5% morale boost per level)

    what should I build in one-resource provinces on the first days?(1st,2nd,3rd,4th days and so on)

    Only Recruiting offices...

    Normally resources you are producing do not allow you to build anything in all your single resource provinces in the start of a map, as you are building you are also planning to upgrade workshops to factories, if you have a resource you are short of that could definitely be place to make such plans with a single resource province ;)

    The IP address being same with 2 accounts will get you kicked every time , only way to avoid this without Bytro giving you 'Whitelist" account is to create your own personal map and to disable the 'anti-cheat' option when creating your map, you can create one personal map each month, if you are high Command member you can create up to 5 personal maps per month...

    According to ToS you are not allowed to have multiple accounts and the IP address conflict indicates multi account issue... please refer to the Bytro ToS

    ~Terms of Service~

    I see an airplane in the screen shot, no 'vanilla' map would have planes on day one and no province on day one would have such production, are you even talking about S1914, this could be some Supremacy 1 topic?

    Sound like it could be a map that has a Starting Package, where you enter map and already have, Lvl 5 forts, Railroads, harbors, lvl 3 / lvl 4 package with arty, tanks etc... I have seen some maps Arms Race maps which you can start with a Naval package etc...

    Late reply is late but it was the weekend so just to clairfy: the loading issue was server side but it got fixed before 7pm on friday. As you already stated you all could access the games again. Just posting here for the protocol!

    Have been noticing new long lags over all, has Bytro changed servers recently? Servers still lagging and not registering movement /attack orders, when this will be fixed?

    Coal can be used to supplement the other energy resources like Oil and Gas by using your resource slider , most maps are started with setting oil consumption to zero and going red in coal/gas because they are cheaper to purchase on stock market than oil which soon rises in value per unit in comparison

    Hello so i am teatching my brother to play this game and we are playing on the same game and now we recieve the message saying were using multi account. Yes we are in the same network so can we still play or do we have to play on different games?

    Not sure about S!, with S1914 players have option to create personal maps and when creating such a map you can Turn Off the Anti-Cheat option to prevent the auto detect BOT from banning you /you brother from the map due to having same IP Address > for purposes of playing with someone in the same house hold you can not use same IP Address or you will get this same result, perhaps you can get a pass (waiver) from Bytro but it is rare thing, not sure if Bytro does this (White List Waiver) anymore.

    As Raman stated Filing a Report is only way to find out, worse that can happen is Bytro says 'NO" never hurts to ask.

    Not familiar enough with S1 to give concrete answer; I wonder does S1 have High Command feature?

    With S1914 High Command gives you fire control option of Aggressive Fire Control which will start WAR with any unit crossing its path, so positioning ships at weigh points on the water will prevent any other units from crossing the weigh point and there by creating a Naval Blockade.