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    Map is an Event map, and names are players s1914 name and possible User ID number for pre registration to play in the event map, same with Chatters maps you might have seen

    I have been forced to download the app to play s1914, the browse will allow some basics on mobile or tablet , but you can not access stock market or newspaper , basically anything under the more tab is not available under browser or pc view when using mobil or tablet is lost and requires installing the app, not a big deal, us dinosaurs must adapt or go extinct, I should probably make a new alternate account with new emails to boost Bytro numbers LOL

    Yea I do not agree with guy about new version being unplayable, but Freezy comment comes with a knowledge that all the 10's of thousands playing do not have option and newbies never knew the simplicity of Legacy, with tactical armies or pin armies display, everyone was forced into this new UI and I would not be surprised if Bytro ultimately eliminates any support for PC version of game and only way to possibly play will be with multiple clicks on mobil / tablet device to do same exact thing you could do with a click and movement of a mouse... evolution , thanks for the years of fun and agony ;)

    some good fix's,

    About this Free Gifts portion fix claims you always get free gifts , for past couple weeks I follow link to this pop up and get sent to purchase gold and some "permanent discount" banner is shown, I have not been able to collect free 250-450 gold with this Free Gift in weeks..

    Does your Bug fix announcement mean that we no longer get daily free gift but rather we now get "permanent discount" on purchase of GM's?

    FYI, Hedone_R I have sent you message on Discord and Inbox 'conversation' here in forum with no response


    Yes allies are supposed to get fort deflection, but I have witness in recent small 10p map that owner of fort showed 50% deflection of damage inside for while my ally showed (--) or (Zero) fort deflection, so I do not know if this might be a new temporary 'Bug' or intended mechanic of Bytro

    Our Alliance "The Valence" is Recruiting Active Players In The Alliance. The Valence Is An International Alliance For English Speaking Players. We Have Decided To Conduct Regular Training Matches And Alliance Challenges once the alliance gets few more members. There Are Currently More Than 23 members in Our alliance and we are looking for players of lvl6 and above. Join Now, You Might Not Get The Opportunity Later!!! ;):):thumbup::saint:

    I have few questions... What criteria do you use to determine activity of players you are recruiting? Does recruitment include becoming officer of your alliance?

    Lvl 6 and above , I looked at your alliance and you have appointed someone as 'Officer within your Clan" , this new "officer created account today 5/9/2023 and is Civilian rank = lvl Zero, will this new officer be one of those that conduct the "Training Matches, and Alliance Challenges" that you mention?

    Good Luck with recruitment, , want to inform you that there is annual Alliance Tournament available usually starts in November....

    I would suggest to plagiarize COW Forum and apply their GAME Manual if one exists to S1914, also I would point out CoW is like a 2x map , many things like Re-fuel times are same in CoW but applied to S1914 being 1x speed tend to make these things tiresome and slow in comparison. , New S1914 Combat Mechanics for Planes supposed to be same as CoW , maybe this link will help? Short Version All units in the patrol radius (the blue circle) will get 25% of the original attack damage every 15 minutes (every patrol tick). The patrolling aircraft will also receive the same % of defence damage every patrol tick (counts for all units in the circle so damage will stack 25% of 1 + 25% of 2.4 etc).…ng-some-in-decent-damage/


    I have enclosed a couple links but also suggest to go back thru each update since new combat system was launched and apply any changes to the Game Manual you will be overhauling.

    Example forts build times are dependent upon morale of province, and starting a map you have 70% morale, as morale climbs you have shortend times for building forts, if no spys etc... affect morale and normal progressions.

    Level 1 = 26hours, 24mins

    Level 2= 23 hours, 47 mins
    Level 3= 22 hours, 27 mins

    Level 4= 21 hours, 49 mins

    Level 5= 21 hours, 49 mins

    Biggest Update I think needs attention is : Balancing changelog for release (February 21st)

    - Reduce the protection of the Fortress
    - - lvl 1 67% → 50%
    - - lvl 2 80% → 60%
    - - lvl 3 86% → 70%
    - - lvl 4 89% → 80%
    - - lvl 5 91% → 90%

    Since this time Fort Invisibility of units was changed to lvl 3 fort

    That is all I have for you, thank you for hard work and updating the Game Manual

    This is a suggestion which has been made many times over the years, maybe some day Bytro will prioritize all of the 'please make game easier' suggestions, in mean time...

    You accomplish this math with travel time of any unit and you move something out to next approximate airfield location to see if it is within the 250km range of a fighter plane.

    example > inf unit moves at 36km per hour so you want airfields within 6.75 hours travel time when measuring distance with inf unit on your own terrain, calculating travel time is more complicated if you have ally or enemy provinces in the middle, so in these cases you take into consideration movement times on different terrains.

    With some experience you can almost 'eyeball' or guestimate the 250km distance, when it is questionable that is when you do measurement of distance using unit movement times... Good luck and have Fun