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    Most gamers are already familiar with 'DISCORD' and this is what many competitive s1914 players are using, call it unsportsmanlike if you wish, prior to this discord app, players were using facebook or skype, 3rd party communication is way players use to not only prevent messages from being intercepted by spys but also way community uses to communicate without Bytro itself monitoring your communications

    Reason one player gets RoW with AI nations is because he has High Global popularity,

    1. Ways to manipulate Global popularity and by extension AI
    2. Go to diplomacy tab and set relations with all AI to RoW , Share Maps or Shared Intel
    3. Some Positive Influences/Manipulations> RoW/Share Maps to AI or most Popular nations Trade Embargo Most Dreaded Nations Trade Embargo nations which AI are giving Trade Embargo to Always Declare War before Attacking Several Share Maps , do lots of trades on stock market, buying and selling 1 unit trades are enough, need large number /quantity of daily transactions, Numbers of trades rather than quantity of resources is factor
    4. Some Negative Influences/Manipulations> Having high military % (Large Military) Surprise Attacks Attacking anyone on Newspapers Most Popular List, large armies also will decrease Popularity

    Reason AI goes to war when you kick him from your coalition is diplomacy switches from Share maps to Peace

    I would like to make a confession, as much as I disliked the previous Report / Ticket process which usually resulted in predefined responses from (GO's) Game Operators, I dislike the new BOT reporting system even more.

    We are told to use CHROME Browser for this game, while filing a report you must use some alternative browser, Chrome does not work for me I must use Brave to get to BOT Drop Down.


    Here is the standard process when utilizing the BOT Reporting system>

    It starts off ok. Asking how it can help you today.

    Then asks your name?

    It is the same user name I logged into your game with!!!

    Then it asks for your e-mail!

    Why do you want to know my e-mail? Do you not have that information when I enter a support ticket..

    Then it asks you to choose an option.

    Then it decides that option for you if you take to long and then says they will be InTouch.


    Reaching out to staff on various Discord servers or using global chat always gets same response from staff, "FILE A REPORT". I would appreciate some insight from staff on how community is supposed to proceed when we have only this BOT for 'submission of reports', also would community members please give their input.

    There is a clear problem when we file a report and getting ZERO feedback, no acknowledgment that report was received of, no way to appeal decisions. Just auto responses, generic replies, and closed tickets. I see the good Bytro is striving for, to automate and streamline everything, but specific issues like this, needs a pair of eyes to investigate. Not a bot.

    Please give a "Thumbs up" if you like to have more interactive process with feed back, when filing a Report/Ticket.

    Kind Regards,

    Hastings TNT

    May 28, 2021

    As for a tactical army display, please keep in mind that we can't just furiously tap on our keyboards and magically make code appear that works right away and represents the image of tactical army labels we have in our heads, but we have to work out all the details, code them and test them. This requires the game designers to come up with the best solution for the labels, the art team to design the visuals, the developers to code it, quality assurance to test it. Only then can we release new content. It takes time and we already have stuff on our plates.

    The Community has been waiting for over a year now (May 28, 2021 -July 2, 2022), when you originally made this comment about Tactical Armies Display, recently veterans have been getting notification that Legacy display will again be removed as of July 31, 2022, what is status on implementation, for Legacy style Tactical Armies for UI display?

    The community request for tactical army display for about 3 years now, still ignored or swept under rug, or denied... when Re-Vamp was originally launched we did have tactical army display option and it was removed shorty after launch in favor of the huge tank, arty, cav, ship plane icons.

    Time for coloring our logical requests for code which already existed and was removed as some sort of magical act is not accurate or honest, the community still wants tactical army display and your message over a year ago, about a change which started 2 years prior with launch of UI / Re-vamp and now 3 1/2 years later we are still holding our breath for the 'magic act' please give some common sense , straight response which you are known for.

    I think the community has been very patient and reasonable about one predominant request waiting 3 1/2 years. Please give community tactical army display option.

    Kind Regards , Hastings TNT

    I would refute the concept that any planes swimming can detect subs, fighters must be patrolling in air to detect subs I have not tested this but would say it is not possible if fighter is "swimming on water"

    All units heal at day change > organic units (Infantry and Calvary) have morale healing at 1/7th (14.28%) the difference in current morale and province morale, they must be in home province > Mechanical units have condition and heal at 1/7th (14.28%) the difference in current condition and 100%, only planes must be in home province to heal.

    Only thing you might want to do with mechanical units is to have them resting 'not engaged in combat' at day change to ensure they are not taking damage and can heal the stated 14.28%, ships do not have to be in a harbor to heal, this is mis-information.

    Slyx Can someone please update S1914 Game Manual many changes / increases in cost of things including but not limited to Nerfs / Buffs of units in this update which needs edited / updated in Game Manual...

    Instant Espionage Actions Increases

    - Reveal local armies: 750 → 1950
    - Country information: 750 →
    - Decrease morale: 2000 →
    - Sabotage Building: 2000 →
    - Disrupt Economy: 2000 →
    - Reveal all armies: 1750 →

    A complete overview of all changes please check the detailed Release Notes and feel free to leave your feedback here on the forums or on our Discord.

    Can you please have similar "pop up" that displays Game Manual when player log in?

    We have huge amount of new players from the tik/tok and Insta Gram advertisements which Bytro has done and all these new players using Mobil App can not copy paste link like pc players can.

    Thank you to Bytro for the FREE gold option added to PC version > for those which do not know click on gold marks and you get have option in top right corner called Earn Premium Currency


    Share maps is what is required to move Planes and use airfields from another country

    RoW (Right of Way) is what is required for land units to move across another country territory,

    Default for Coalition is Share maps

    Suggest Bytro Fix the 15 minute wait time between lvl 1 workshop and lvl 2 workshop , I queue both workshops and barracks at start of a game and barracks started when the lvl 1 workshop was completed bypassing the lvl 2 workshop due to this new Update from Bytro

    I was told this was something to do with maps start also being new day, anyhow now we have 24 hours of 50% mobility , and build queue jumping order of builds

    appreciate some response