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    I tried a few 500 maps on the polish server and ended up simply archiving those maps because it was "Wild Wild West", with hordes of Multi account cheaters Golden Whales and Account Pushing going on, by time a report was responded to you would be devoured by the pick your server carefully...English server at least has some good volunteers doing their duties compared to what you will witness in some other servers.

    Suggest that if you enter other server's with couple committed friends so that if you do get devoured at least you have someone which will give you a sanctuary province.

    My thoughts on the topic of Build queue and S1914 in general, are simple, Bytro is no longer focused on this game which was the original template and very successful in it's time, now all Bytro resources and energies are focused on Supremacy 1 and Call of War...

    Volunteer staff members are not same as PAID staff members, kinda like the 2 kinds of GOLD which exist in S1914... Unless we get a Bytro Team member which is paid real monies from Germany on board with some sort of idea's which will bring additional profit to the company we are spitting into the wind IMO

    S1914 has run its 10 yr life expectancy and has some veteran players within the community that would not want to see drastic changes... so now it seems all resources and innovations will be directed toward the other Bytro games Supremacy 1 and Call of War.

    On topic of Build Queue specifically, I think it is best thing you can invest in with real money in this game, but of course $50 for a year of entertainment might be acceptable for myself while others it might be unacceptable, I doubt Bytro will change the Build Queue mechanics because of the small percentage of players which pay for it.

    Usually stats are updated within a couple days, if you notice stats are not being updated you can take screen shots from the news paper of your kills and send a report, still now with Elite AI counting toward your total stats the log in page will show your score, just might not see some arty or planes you killed if it was against AI or a player gone inactive turned AI

    Maybe chk to see if your stats are being added to AI what you normally see displayed on your log in page is (PvP) ?

    FastFrosty Alliance maps are traditionally different in that it is a team scenario, 5v5 or 4v4 and NO GOLD USE is the gentleman's agreement, basically you have a leader of the battle which co-ordinates the other members on his team, One general leading 5 countries, sharing resources and giving each country their individual and group duties , most also give each country a build schedule and then all resources are disbursed according to what is the Battle plan. there are other nuances as well, when I started I was taught to never attack AI countries, but I have seen alliance battles since which opponents did exactly what I was trained to never do... Anyhow Alliance battle maps are best tool ever for training and teaching newbie or low skilled players to play properly without use of Gold.

    For normal maps it is usually each man for themselves, and you pick your team based solely on how well they are doing in the map or how they can contribute to the coalition...

    The New Roleplayers Union

    "Unity and Loyalty above all."

    We are an alliance dedicated to roleplaying within the Supremacy 1914, Call of War and New World Empires communities, here to establish ourselves as a broad group of individuals who support the expansion of this wonderful roleplaying community.

    Our mission is to help RP creators find the players they need for their games, build a strong RP community on all sites where roleplaying is possible, and to increase the quality of roleplay rounds on all sites.

    We as the NRPU are here to support you in any sort of organized roleplay. We can help with gathering players for your games; Assistance in Roleplay round creation and organization, and training the future generation of roleplayers.
    Our arms are open to all players, new and old alike in Roleplaying.

    In order to join this fine collection of Roleplayers, follow the link:
    For more information contact LightningTurk .

    I made a few other suggestions for HC which were ignored by Bytro...

    Legacy Option for HC, premium currency for sale applied In Map purchased with Silver (3 kind of gold), I forget other suggestions I made but seems fun topic to discuss and nothing I suggested was applied... I am up for any changes that bytro will make to help the community

    Fun suggestion>

    One more topic of confusion conversation for 90% of community to complain about , build queue is primarily for those premium players which value the option; those players which will not invest 10 minutes time to read the game manual likely will not invest real money to have High Command premium membership... not to mention Bytro investing time and coding to give (addtional HC options) to the small percentage of players they already have on the financial hook, funding their enterprise...