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    I still don't get why the current counter-cheats wasn't working.

    -trading units/provinces was already limited until day #7

    -we were already limited to 10% of your military units per day and 4 provinces max per game

    why wasn't that satisfactory? Why couldn't you enhance those countermeasures pushing it to 5% per day, a day #14 minimum, and only two province trades max?

    How do I build a harbor which requires 10K wood early in the game if I am from a country with low wood production? How do I build 2 harbors early in the game to match my neighbor makes it apparent he wants to start a naval arms race and I need that second harbor to build ships?

    You nuked a critical element of the game to resolve a minor/non-existent issue that will now have major ramifications for the players.

    I don't know how to give civil feedback other than to say your history of constantly making the dumbest changes possible to fix non-existent problems is killing this game. One of your greatest hits:

    The "corruption" feature. You introduced a pointless feature that makes it harder for a player to produce resources. This was done over the guise of "realism" which is hilarious given that when in the history of gaming when we the customers are thinking up cool new units has anyone ever said "hey rather than an aircraft carrier, you know what will make this game about frustrating administrative bureaucracy?"

    Now that you limited domestic resource production, you are also working to limit trading to acquire resources as well. Hey genius, you know how the entire freaking core of your game revolves around having imbalanced resources per country? Some countries have double oil and no grain whereas others have double grain and no oil? Your only recourse is the stock market. But guess what? The stock market is killed off with these changes. So if you don't have oil, you are shit out of luck when people start building battleships. Or if you have oil and build those ships, too bad ==> food shortage.

    Can you just admit that you are trying to kill independent play? Your goal is to kill independent play which was the backbone of S1914 in the first 6 years of its existence to support the newer coalition feature. Once coalition came out your vision is to have 100% of all players in a coalition. And you are making independent play as miserable, pointless, and impractical as possible in order to achieve that goal.

    Can you also admit that every single time you have had the chance, you have tried to decrease resource availability in an attempt to increase GM spending on resources? I can think of five major examples where you stretched resources even thinner but not one example where you made resources more abundant.

    Another backbone of the game, your great profile/medals/awards/badges system that encourages players to try different strategies, join new games, play all the different maps, use different units, to collect them all? ==> You introduced map limits making half of them impossible to get for no reason.

    At what point do you realize that most of your updates kill the game? And don't even get me started on the two dozen different changes to map creation rules that you introduced after almost a decade of those limits not being in place for god knows what reason. When did joining after day 7 magically become a problem? Or creating world maps by the player become a problem? Or maps not being full suddenly became a problem? Or creating more than one game a month suddenly become a problem? Or hell, why did you kill the highly popular players' tournament that was awesome in the first three years of the game?

    It's as if Bytro specifically asks, what are the best things the vets love about this game just so they can intentionally take it all away. And don't say you guys listen to the players. Remember when you gave us a poll for a new unit and the players voted for calvary, then you guys gave us armored cars instead which was a fast attack unit that was identical to calvary? Then when you offered up the next new unit it was calvary which we no longer wanted because it was fundamentally identical to the same fast attack unit of Armored Cars? And we wanted a new unit that would introduce a new role such as aircraft carriers rather than having another unit that was fundamentally identical to a preexisting unit/role? Bytro literally refused to give us a unit when we wanted it and then gave it to us once we didn't want it. That sums up Bytro rather perfectly.

    When you say "realism" what you really mean is: "How to justify a new feature that makes the game worse, but drives profit." It's a justification for an unpopular change and you treat us all like we are stupid by trying to pitch changes that way.

    Easily 95% of Bytro changes are stupid and this is no exception.

    Trading has been part of the game since its inception, and Bytro decides for no reason to render it redundant. Time and time again Bytro comes out with the dumbest possible solutions to problems that were never problems to begin with.