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    As long as the coalition leader stays active in the game round he won't be removed from the leader position.

    If the coalition leader has lost all provinces and units he/she will become inactive in two to five days (depends on the game setting).


    you can really trust me. My provided information is correct and has been verified by Bytro.

    I'll test and assure that medals of the first three places are correctly awarded to the players.

    If someone (ACTIVE) doesn't get a medal (being one of the three leading players) he/she should write a ticket and I'll check the case (use the subject. "Please assign this ticket to").

    The elite AI stats are added to the player versus AI-stats not to the player versus player stats ;)

    You can calculate the elite AI stats quite easily by checking the points you've received by killing elite AI units.

    Only the destruction of elite AI units gives you stats-points.

    You'll get a coalition victory on the counter.

    The first three players get the medal for winning a 500 player map (independent of the coalition membership).

    If you play the team mode scenario on the 500 player map (250 vs. 250) all active members of the winning team will get the alliance victory medal but the leading players won't get an extra medal.


    I can confirm that there's a problem regarding the movement of some units.

    I already got some screens showing that a unit must have been advanced at a speed far beyond the normal possible movement speed.

    I also got some reports on Skype of trustworthy users stating the same problem.

    My appeal: Could you be so kind to capture the screen as soon as you start a ranged attack and watch the unit movement. If the attacked unit is moved towards your attacking unit at a speed beyond normal, could you take an other screen?


    this is a known calculation problem happening quite often in all three versions of the game.

    Even if you enter the numbers in the dialogue field - this may happen.

    Normally the number of moved units differs by +/- 1.

    The problem is that the number of units isn't calculated in integer and the type conversion causes these differences.

    The individual offers are only available for the player who got it. So your friend has an individual steel offer at 3.5 and this offer is only available for him (these offers aren't related to an other country - accepting these doesn't give money to an other country) . If you place an order at 5.9 it will be available for everyone (AI and human players) you've at least peace as relation.

    Any nation has three individual stock market offers of every resource (created at the start of the game).

    As soon as you've bought these offers the prices for all offers will be the same (but if an other player applies a trade embargo or you have war with an other nation the offers of this nation won't be available).


    press the CTRL-key and circle with the mouse pointer around the desired area.

    Alternatively you can also press the CTRL-key and click on every wanted province.