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    A lot of other free games reward players with upgrades, coins, gems, special items, badges and equipment etc.

    I don't know what would work. Just brainstorming.

    Play until day 8 and gain a free Fortress upgrade.

    Play until day 10 and gain a free factory upgrade.

    Play until day 12 and gain 1 free artillery.

    Play until day 20 and gain 1 special unit not available for regular production. e.g. Sapper Unit used to destroy fortresses

    In the scheme of things, these are small but they are some reward for those of us who stick around and play.

    The longer people play, ( don't have any data to back this idea) I guess the greater chance they will purchase GM or click mobile advertising.

    These would not affect the spending of GM or via mobile the watching of ads. People will still do that.

    Maybe these types of rewards could be limited to or customised for selected maps.

    For those who play seriously, the games can be long, so what to do for games that go for months I am not sure.

    Maybe need to stretch out the milestones when rewards appear.

    The useful tips are a nice idea but in reality, there is not enough time to read them. Before you get to finish reading, the game has loaded and the tip is gone. This would be more beneficial as a Daily European content like a popup on the first page when people open up the newspaper each day. These tips, hints and suggestions could be read at the players own pace and always referred back to within that day. The topics could even be linked to a forum page for more in-depth discussion.

    Number 1 Ranked Feild Marshal "gampert forester's" tip of the day!

    Hastings TNT's 5 ways to be a better general!

    Become an Armoured Car professional with Furry1.

    Coalitions, the do's and dont's by ScaredyCat.

    There is a Stock market issue on the latest update. Mobile version.

    Previously within the stock market, you could scroll to different resources and move up and down to see different offers of that REC.

    Now you can scroll up and down only on the first REC screen you see. If you move to another REC screen you are unable to scroll down.


    Thanks for your input and shared ideas. I really do appreciate your thoughts, detailed and lengthy feedback.

    I went back as suggested to review the newspaper, day by day. There were warning signs there I should have picked up earlier. The game had been going 36 days. Day 35 and day 36 there was an influx of railways, factories, and other units which came online just before going to war.



    ARABIA: Official government communiqué, 06:24

    8:03 pm Beirut has a new Railway.

    9:50 pm ARABIA built the new Railgun

    9:53 pm ARABIA built the new Battleship

    9:54 pm ARABIA built the new Battleship

    9:57 pm Jerusalem has a new Railway.

    10:01 pm Beirut has a new Factory.

    10:11 pm Beirut has a new Harbour.

    10:12 pm Brydah has a new Railway.

    10:13 pm Tabuk has a new Factory.

    10:13 pm Fudukwan has a new Railway.

    10:14 pm Fudukwan has a new Factory.

    10:19 pm ARABIA built the new Railgun

    10:19 pm Angora has a new Barracks.

    10:21 pm Sinope has a new Factory.

    10:21 pm Rize has a new Railway.

    10:23 pm Adalia has a new Factory.

    10:28 pm Dimashq has a new Railway.

    10:29 pm ARABIA built the new Battleship

    10:32 pm Nicosia has a new Factory.

    10:34 pm Konich has a new Railway.

    10:38 pm Brusa has a new Harbour.

    10:40 pm Sinope has a new Railway.

    10:43 pm Tabuk has a new Railway.

    10:44 pm Famagusta has a new Factory.

    10:58 pm Angora has a new Harbour.

    11:14 pm An Nabk has a new Fortress.

    11:16 pm Jerusalem has a new Aerodrome.

    11:22 pm ARABIA built the new Battleship

    11:24 pm Brydah has a new Capital.



    ARABIA: Official government communiqué, 13:28

    6:18 am Smyrna has a new Harbour.

    6:18 am ARABIA built the new Battleship

    6:19 am ARABIA built the new Battleship

    6:19 am ARABIA built the new Battleship

    6:20 am ARABIA built the new Battleship

    6:21 am ARABIA built the new Battleship

    6:27 am ARABIA built the new Battleship

    6:28 am ARABIA built the new Battleship

    6:28 am ARABIA built the new Battleship

    There was little I could do. It's a hard lesson and yes I will learn from it even in defeat.

    As I see it this kind of build and the resources needed can only be achieved via GM. Am I wrong?

    My own airforce was destroyed, outnumbered. With no air cover, I was just getting bombed and hammered by railguns.

    Retreating behind the railgun fire, my heavy tanks were outnumbered 2: 8 and lacked enough Artillery support. There was no way to advance and the fortresses I built were just taken and used against me.

    My battleships were outnumbered 3:12 and sunk. I had 3 subs but they were spotted attacking and were destroyed by artillery on the coast. So you can understand my frustration. I had a lot more infantry but not enough mechanical units to absorb or counter this kind of build.

    If my allies had have been close, yes I agree flanking and support would have been a great option. Yet they were in other regions and not able to support at all. Even I have retreated, I am followed and hammered by his airforce and he just instant builds railways so railguns can follow. There is no time to rebuild, all factories have been captured and are now being used by him.

    I will have to do some reading, have no idea what a split attack is and how to defend against an air attack when you have no air force. It will be a learning opportunity for sure. I can see from your description of other game experiences all players are having to deal with this same issue. My issue kind of fails in comparison LoL. So will just have to find a way of combatting and accepting the overuse of GM by some players, you are right it is a part of the dynamics of the game that will not go away.

    Again thank you for the shared advice. Well, I am still in the game. Limping, bleeding badly and bandaged. Will see how I go, how our coalition goes.

    Yeah Wilshire I could have done the same. To buy a lot of GM Is just something I cannot cash in and do. So that might brand me as not important but it is what it is.

    Thanks, yes the business side I do get and understand, I know the developers have to put a roof over their heads. They have to fund further developments of this great game so I am not complaining about that. Finding revenue is important I do know.

    I could join another game and drop out like so many here do. But no, I invest my time, my thinking and enjoy building a team and working with others to take our small nations to fame and fortune :))

    Anyway, I am probably barking up the wrong tree with little effect. Please feel free to remove this thread.

    I jumped into a Tutorial game, the last spot. Oh Rumania ...great. From day 1 it's war and the newbies flex their extra unit muscle and artillery.

    The advantage to newbies I can understand. I don't mind the extra challenge to see if I can survive. I did. With some new coalition members, we managed to do OK for ourselves and we could reach 50% of the target VP with some coordinated teamwork.

    But that all comes to nothing today as a nearby nation, which has not made a single resource purchase via the stock market. This player has built 12 Lv4 factories, 8 Heavy Tanks, 9 Battleships, 4 bombers, 8 fighters and 2 railguns. The only way to build that is via spending GM. So basically the player just bought everything.

    All the effort our team put together is ruined because some player has more GM spending power. Not his gameplay, not via teamwork or by creating a coalition and working together. This so-called game is unbalanced and favoured towards those who spend GM, that's not a game. It's business.

    There is no fair gameplay or enjoyment when players are just steamrolled by massive GM spending players.

    Just brainstorming, but there needs to be a divided gameplay system started where there are games for players that have a limit to the amount of GM they can spend in a game. For example, people can join games for those who want to use GM earnt via viewing Advertising (or GM games won) and games in which players can use the GM they purchased from GM packages (or GM from games won.)

    I have no problem with the developers trying to monetize their product and understand their need for players to transact more GM. My humble opinion, there should be a confirmation notice and some visual indication that any action the player will take will cost GM.

    Great to see the Confirmation of Gold Spending slide on the mobile App. I didn't know about this, as I have been caught out in the past accidentally hitting buttons.

    For PC users, (I use both) there should be a notification as well.

    I would agree with the above. I play on both Mobile and PC. The mobile is good but the trades, messaging, especially the typing interface to read what is being typed is so small and cumbersome to not only to use but it's a pain in the bum the font is so small to read.

    About the quality of games, so many players dropping out is it dragging down the total gaming experience. Totally agree, where are the quality rounds and decent game with human players who battle to the end?

    Last game I played all the players dropped out 9/10. I stayed, of course, I won, but then was penalised and not awarded medals because of no real players. LoL