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    The game was never meant to be played with you glued to the screen. It's meant for you to apply foresight and planning, give orders and then step away from it for hours at a time. That's absolutely normal and pretty much near everybody has played the game like that for over a decade. It's how it was designed to be played. Remember that your opponents are in the same situation and will also need to eat, work, sleep...

    That's why the pace of the (regular) game is so slow. So that checking in every once in a while is how you can play it. Of course we've all been there and felt the pull of an urgent situation in the game, but such a drastic remedy as the one you're suggesting would change the entire fabric of the game. Would construction orders then also be paused during the night? Why should I not be able to give an order during the night that will be executed to completion at some point during the day anyway?

    I think you're sort of approaching the game the wrong way. Yes, high activity can benefit you massively. But it's not the backbone of success by any stretch. People have won games by only checking in every couple of days.

    I have to reiterate that this would just be an extra event added to the rotation. This would not impact regular supremacy game worlds. And when you're at war with someone mid to late game, you need to be on virtually 24/7 to react to any changes. I strongly disagree with you, being active IS the backbone of success in this game. An active player will always beat a semi active player. In this hypothetical game mode, everything gets paused for maybe 5 or 6 hours at night, including construction. I don't see why you would oppose it. If you're not a fan, just don't play in this game mode. Play in the regular game mode. The more game modes this game has, the better it becomes

    hey mate. i'm not sure if that can really be implemented. I'm Australian so when I'm playing in a coalition with some American, or British friends and alliance members. you could say, I get the nightshift to do my thing, and observe the map. i get a small window in my morning and night to communicate any major changes. Tutorial matches are 4 times Speed (4x) . so I would suggest playing the matches that are 1x speed. as it can take hours for units to move from point A to point B. allowing you to peacefully sleep and look at it in the morning, see an invasion, React, and check back in a few hours for more map updates and so forth.

    This game mode wouldn't replace anything though. You can still play your regular supremacy game worlds. This could just be a special game world that gets released a few times a month for people who would be interested in it. This game already has speed worlds for people who want to play quick games, so why can't they add a no night game world for people who want to play this game and be able to actually sleep at night instead of worrying about their game


    I rarely ever play this game because whenever I do, it takes over my life. I'm glued to my monitor constantly checking. This gets especially worse in the mid to late game where I find myself waking up multiple times in the middle of the night to do stuff when I'm at war with someone.

    It's just not sustainable which is why I probably go 6 months between games and I only ever play on the Europe/NA map because playing on any of the bigger maps just takes up way too much of my time. I'd love to play this game more because I really like it, however, it just requires far too much of my time and you need to always be on call.

    I beg for Bytro to release a game mode where the game gets paused in the middle of the night, for example from 11:00PM to 6:00AM.

    I know I speak on behalf of a lot of people who want to play this game, but just can't because it requires so much of a time investment, particularly in the middle of the night.

    There are plenty of other game modes and many different speed servers, so I'm begging Bytro to consider adding this game mode to the mix.

    Having to wait 8 days just to build a factory which takes 3 days, and then to build say artillery which takes another few days makes it so the game is very slow and boring for the first 2 weeks. I don't understand why the devs haven't made this change yet because I'm sure a lot of new players found that they couldn't do anything, so packed up and left the game. There is no reason why we have to wait until Day 8. It strips the excitement from starting a new gameworld because you know you have to wait 2 weeks before the fun can begin. Make factories available on day 4 or 5. Players will still have to wait quite a while, but it makes it less of a pain. Having to wait 1 and half weeks instead of 2 weeks will help the game