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    this is exactly what we need right now , speed rounds are much much more fun than the usual long rounds
    the speed rounds are rare , the ability to set the speed of the match before creating a game would be a great feature

    i started playing this game for more than a month now , i started the Tutorial Great War mode and it was really fun
    i like the speed with the x4 , i can have more fun with that speed and i tried the global war mode and it was really long for me to even notice the updates with the game , i really want to start a game with mode : The Great War speed set to x4
    most of the Tutorial games i join , basically most of the players went AFK after 2 days around day 10 in-game
    if i set a new game for higher rank and x4 speed on Great War mode , it will be much much more fun and entertaining
    Please allow us to set the speed when we create the game that's what i want to say
    "sorry for long post and bad English "