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    Ranking Game 2 will be created shortly


    - Map = Europe 1914

    - Pasword protected, will be sent to players. IF you do not find the pasword, contact "MacDouwe" asap!

    - country selection = random

    - no coalitions = of course people can "ally", but game will only end if standard non-coalition victory conditions are met

    - game will start immediatly after game has been created, NOT when full

    - 2 day peace period for Players & AI

    Ranking Info:

    - all players start at 500.

    - all players invest a standard amount of points to start a game

    - the higher you end, the more points you win back (see info picture g2)

    - tip: in game one, the player who was ganged up on first, managed to end in 5th place by holding on to 1 icelandic province, securing him a lesser point loss then when he would have ended last

    Players <=> Current Ranking

    - malskaer <=> 494

    - macdouwe <=> 515

    - Icarusgr <=> new (500)

    - PeshMeten <=> new (500)

    - bobokil <=> new (500)

    - CubeWarEmp2 <=> new (500)

    - Steveman6789 <=> new (500)

    - King_Max <=> new (500)

    - Demonaire <=> new (500)

    - Average13Joe <=> new (500)

    nah, it is a wargame, so wht iswrong with backstabbing?

    IF you backstab someone in a ranking, you can already predict what will happen next ranking game with the backstabber? :p Or maybe not. That is the fun part about a ranking ;)

    Nah, let's just say none of the players in the game were amused with the manner he used to ensure beign the first to be defeated.

    Technically he did nothing wrong. Practically: if everyone justifiedly dislikes it, then you did something bloody annoying = unsportmanship behaviour.

    because Scotland is officially a region of the UK?

    <=> Liechtenstein is an independent nation

    <=> American Samoa is officially consider themselves self-governing = dispute situation

    <=> South Sandwhich Islands: same situation as American Samoa

    <=> Falkland Islands= again, disputed territory

    Scotland is technically not a disputed territory :p despite the elections to be or not to be independant :p

    I would sum it up as: Scotland isn't allowed as an independent nation in the Olympic games either :p


    being part of a global company, we fixed this in a very userfriendly manner:

    every single person can adjust this in their own personal settings :p

    because there are more standard formats on this planet.

    For example:

    I select format dd/mm/yyyy => i will see that

    mikemike charlie selects dd/MONTH/yyyy => he will see that

    RoteKatze select mm/dd/yy => he will see that

    And also when we send eachother messages, if it is a system generated date, everyone only sees their personal preferred format

    Same for time: hh/mm/ss <=> hh/mm <=> hours as AM/PM or just 0-24 or ...

    IT is only difficult if you aim at implementing ALL of the above in one HUGE overhaul.

    But in a step by step approach? one step at a time.

    And after every step you can still decide it is not interesting enough to take the next step

    Of course it is more fun if it is exactly the same as 'real life', but not important enough?

    Do not fix what isn't broken?

    It doesn't changes how players implement strategy, because players build their strategy on the available maps.

    If the maps change, players would still build their strategy on the available maps.

    Bit late but still :)

    The mobile version is working pretty ok.

    Jsut one thing that I really miss in it: the "pin army" mode.

    Is there any news regarding this matter?

    - is it in the planning to be implemented?

    - if it is, when can we expect it?

    the other army modes are already really bad on a computerscreen, but on a phone or a tablet they are a disastour, pin mode would look so muc hbetter :p