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    Warsaw 1701

    Europe is a big mess because of the wars that been caused the last few years. All kingdoms in Europe are struggling to gain power. Especially, the kingdom of Poland tried very hard to succeed that goal, but it's strong neighbors, namely Russia, Prussia and the united kingdom of Austria-Hungary made it very hard for them. Now the kingdom of Poland will try to gain some influence over the newly elected King of Poland, Augustus II. He, however, is not willing to listen to his powerful neighbors. Instead of playing a role of a puppet on a string, he will transform his kingdom into a massive superpower. First he will reinforce army unites in the borders for the highly security of the nation, then he will reform the country by creating Libraries and public museums for the first time. , as well as attempts to reform the Warsaw and to abolish the liberum veto.

    "Now our neighbors will learn that this king and this kingdom is here to stay and we are not willing to betray our own nation."

    "Long live the king Augustus II king of Poland".


    I Apply for Poland and I agree with the rules.