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    Just another comment as i'm forced to use this new mode... This truly is unplayable. I literally can't even click on those enemy stacks(shown below) to see their size, they are too close to my own units - both the ones attacking my province and the ones sitting in their own province.

    I also can barely see any of my precise unit sizes without clicking the stack... It's so unwieldy... I'm just lucky I only have to suffer this a few more days until my game ends.

    EDIT: Added more screenshots.

    It's amazing really. A strategy game where the real work as a general is to figure out where your troops even are.

    Just a few comments.

    1. As have been said many times before me and more eloquently, graphic simplicity. You've clogged it up so much that it's very difficult to micro manage units. A very simple way to do this would be to allow users to enable legacy style pins and units on the new version. It really feels like the new UI wasn't designed with the 500 player map in mind.

    2. The province manager in the new version is really annoying to use once you have a few hundred provinces. You've sacrificed the simple and fantastic Paradox style province manager interface, to add some more superfluous sorting features. There is a reason Paradox in all of its GSG's doesn't try and make their province management screen clunky, because the people who use it aren't there to be pleased by pretty graphics and useless flashy buttons - they are trying to micro manage a lot of different things and need a good overview. At least allow a user to display more than 6 provinces simultaneously on the screen, it's maddening.

    3. Bring back anonymous messages. Moderate it instead of just giving up because of toxic trolls, it adds so much depth and possibility to the diplomatic game.

    4. Why have you made it so difficult to see if a player has left and gone AI? Are you just ashamed of how many players inevitably go this route? In legacy it clearly shows on the diplomacy tab when it has happened.

    5. It's absurd to me that while legacy version doesn't exactly handle the 500 player map better in terms of CPU performance, it certainly doesn't handle it worse than the new version. Isn't half the point of updating systems, to increase performance? It seems to me like you have bottlenecked yourselves if you ever try to make a larger map.

    Hello !

    I have a question that I can't seem to get answered. If you are in 1st place on the 500 player map and win with a coalition, do you still get the gold cross the great war achievement? Or do you only get the standard coalition victory medal?

    Any help would be appreciated!