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    The 35 MB refer to the hard disk space

    and in fact hardly play a role

    (although the 35 MB represents the download size;

    the installed occupancy is higher).

    But one thing to consider with every app is the RAM.

    It's also pretty reasonable to assume

    that not everyone owns a mobile device

    that is high-end or has more than 2 GB of memory

    The more apps / programs, the slower the phone; an old but still valid IT wisdom.

    This is one of the reasons why I only played supremacy in the browser on my mobile phone.

    Just, wow South Paw.

    Yes, as a Customer, I dared to respond to a posting from a game designer.

    I don't know, how much influence a game designer has to open something

    in this company.

    But in general I don't care, because I believe in the right of free speech -

    no matter, which position a person has who I respond to.

    And furthermore your interpretation of my posting

    is not my interpretation of the posting.

    I have to say that the Coke analogy doesn't apply here. The Coca Cola company probably immediately saw in their market data how worse the adoption rates and revenues of the new coke were, and they had to react to them. The situation is exactly the opposite to S1914. S1914's main metrics all improved since we launched the revamp mode and made it the default 2 years ago. Before we launched the revamp mode there were even talks in the company to let S1914 slowly fade out because it was performing worse and worse and didn't meet today's standards anymore. But we decided to give it one more big shot and thus the Revamp was born. The metrics improved after we launched it. If we hadn't done that the game would have died already. Would you have prefered that? I know not everyone is a fan of the new graphics but perhaps it is better than no game at all, right? I can tell you that nowadays with the Revamp S1914 has the best metrics since its inception a decade ago. Most amount of active players, highest revenues. So it was all worth it. And this is not only coming from new users who leave the game after some days, I really have to disagree with the notion that this is our new playerbase. We still have alot of die-hard players and that is backed by metrics, the average account age is actually quite old for our user base. Plus, as I told earlier in this thread, since we deactivated the legacy mode last week we barely see any change in S1914's metrics.

    So yeah, while Coca Cola saw in their data that they made the wrong move and had to react, we are not seeing this in our data - to the contrary. We are making the game ready for the future and our data supports that. We have to constantly improve to stay relevant in today's gaming market. As I said earlier, we also try to incorporate your feedback where we can and you can indeed expect some improvements in the next weeks. I hope you hang in there and continue to provide us with feedback.

    oh, then congratulation for your move into the furture.

    The "metric" etc seems quite optimal.

    So, no need to do anything for the old legacy player, at all.

    Certainly, they will join revamp as soon as they understand

    the intentions for the relaunch.

    Spare your working time for the user who like the new UI

    and want to become a die-hard player in this environement.

    Go on and enjoy your success.

    Bytro had 3 years to respond to the suggestions from the community

    and to change some features.

    Nothing happened.

    Now, it's a game for people, who like

    3D-ships as big as Sardinien and watch ads

    for some Goldmark.

    It's over.

    Get used to it.