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    It's been 2 months since the announcement - any progress?

    I'll be absolutely shocked if a developer actually deigns to reply to this comment.

    Prediction: crickets

    If addressing primary concerns from the player base is not a priority of the Bytro agenda, perhaps we could be informed as to what is far more important so we can get a better understanding of this issue.
    I could get behind an improvement that is earth shattering to allow my stats to lay dormant now for months.

    I have little doubt of your dedication to solve the task at hand Freezy, but this continues to be the biggest thorn in every players side.
    Can we expect a rough time line at some point of when we can start looking for these improvements in reporting? The definition of 'soon' is fairly worn out at this point.

    Quangk, Arabia plays out well for the long game, but is troublesome in the early stages due to both position and limited resources for construction.
    Syria looks to be a fine target, and if you can not gain Right of Way with them, it is your best option for growth. Ottoman Empire however offers all that Arabia lacks to become a powerhouse. Egypt is tempting, but once you take the isthmus area, you are stuck in a war until you have naval support to invade the mainland..... UNLESS you go through that little tiny country in the south of Egypt that is French West Africa...... Just a thought.
    Good luck.

    Rob, it sounds to me as if your former ally is using Gold Marks to reveal all armies and attacking your stealth units while the information is still reliable.
    Countering this is tricky, you can of course do the same and see where he is laying traps for your naval units and adjust as needed.
    Keeping you subs moving all the time at random, but still with purpose, is the best I can offer you for a non GM use compensation to this. Spy reports are only a picture in time, so if you move prior to his arrival, he will atttacka unit that is no longer there.
    Best of luck to you.

    13.1 The Participant is aware that he uses the game together with many other Participants and communicates with different Participants when using the additional services. In order to achieve an enjoyable gaming experience, it is necessary to adhere to the rules of the game. The Participants accept the rules of the game and the ToS as binding. The Participants will follow Bytro Lab’s instructions which will be provided by the game supervisor. Additionally, the Participants will refrain from any conduct which may interfere with the operation of the game and/or the additional services and which may disturb an enjoyable gaming experience.
    Please explain what needs to be spelled out more clearly.
    The rules of chat are derived from the ToS and supported by it.
    Please not the "Player will follow the game supervisors instructions" part. That would be the mods in chat and forums, the Game Operators in a game itself.
    Because every possible contingency is not, and will not be explained in every possible detail and scenario, suffice to say, if a subject infringes upon another players ability to enjoy the game, such as religious discussions or political in nature, we will act accordingly to ensure that it follows these guidelines.
    There are thousands of sights available to find like minded people. This is one of them for folks that wish to enjoy a game. If political. racial, religious or other themes are your gig, then look them up. The internet is your oyster. Find the pearls you seek.

    Note: You may change your in game name and title by clicking on your player profile, top left. It opens new screens for you to do so. If an Smod changes your name, it would be for your account.

    As a player that began with Java, I find that the new format is far friendlier than those of the past. Granted, it has it's issues, and does not compare to the exploits we have become used to using in game, but all new things have room for improvements. Cars. Rockets. Jets. Computers. Brain surgery. Games. Constructive feedback on what NEEDS to happen is far more constructive than simply pining for the days gone by and complaining about where we are.
    And where we are is not necessarily lost, we are simply getting our bearings. What was is no more, but what is can be improved upon requires feedback. Help with that.
    Just another opinion added to the ever increasing pile here.

    Legacy is intended for legacy players, those that have played for more than a few years. It is not available to new players, and is no longer supported by Bytro for updates and such. It is slated to fade away fairly soon. It is intended to help the older players transition over to the new format.
    Personally, I enjoy the new format. And I am a serious legacy folks.

    Once melee units (infantry, subs, armor) engage in fighting, there is no retreat. The battle will continue until one side is victorious. Ranged, may withdraw, provided they are not caught by a melee unit and tied to fighting in melee.