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    As a player that began with Java, I find that the new format is far friendlier than those of the past. Granted, it has it's issues, and does not compare to the exploits we have become used to using in game, but all new things have room for improvements. Cars. Rockets. Jets. Computers. Brain surgery. Games. Constructive feedback on what NEEDS to happen is far more constructive than simply pining for the days gone by and complaining about where we are.
    And where we are is not necessarily lost, we are simply getting our bearings. What was is no more, but what is can be improved upon requires feedback. Help with that.
    Just another opinion added to the ever increasing pile here.

    Legacy is intended for legacy players, those that have played for more than a few years. It is not available to new players, and is no longer supported by Bytro for updates and such. It is slated to fade away fairly soon. It is intended to help the older players transition over to the new format.
    Personally, I enjoy the new format. And I am a serious legacy folks.

    Once melee units (infantry, subs, armor) engage in fighting, there is no retreat. The battle will continue until one side is victorious. Ranged, may withdraw, provided they are not caught by a melee unit and tied to fighting in melee.

    Archive only really applies to threads that have become stagnant for a significant period of time or is not productive to the collective welfare of the community. Where there is recent activity that contributes to the base of knowledge the thread attempts to share, it remains open and accessible to all that wish to either glean knowledge, contribute to it or debate it.
    As this is a thread that seems to have a regular activity, I do not see it going away anytime soon folks.

    Furry, always a pleasure to see you around these parts. We, the old timers, have been through quite a lot since the Java days, and we still hang around. The format changes. The game upgrades. But the dynamics are the same.
    I have seen a lot of work going on with the new UI and I find myself playing it now in equal measure to the time I spend on Legacy.
    The improvements will continue to come too.
    And it is because you folks here have taken the time to try and improve on the improvement of a game we love.
    Now, go do, that voo-doo, that you do, so well!

    What about me? Do I count? Can I reply and post because I have more than a few?
    The quantity of post is not the issue here nor the content, and this is not the place to air grievances in regards to something that you may or may not like.
    This is about Legacy and improvements.
    As was stated by Slyx, please keep it to the issues dealing with Legacy.
    If you wish to start a new thread on the issue, please feel free to do so provided that it remains within the rules and guidelines contained within the ToS.

    I must say, I am both astounded and pleased that those who are or where die harders are at least trying to let time and Bytro prevail. Provided that they get good feedback and patience, as Buddha pointed out in CoW layout, the possibilities are there. I hope for the communities sake, so is the patience.
    I would miss seeing the familiar personalities in games, chat and the forums.
    Be part of the solution or you are part of the problem I was always told.
    Furry, as always, you bring a smile to my face. No horses... too funny. Well done old friend.

    Ic3, nothing in life is apples to apples for a comparison, not even apples.
    The point I try to make, is that the game remains. Graphics, controls and features change as the player base changes to support their expectations because things in life and technology advance or digress.
    I played 'PONG' when it was first introduced. I would not waste the time now to do so, but back in the day, it was amazing.
    My expectations have changed drastically from those early days, and simple is not always best, especially when compared to the success of the CoW franchise. You build on success at the expense of established norms at times.
    This is one of those times. Legacy, like Java, will be a memory that will rival my recollections of "PONG' as time marches on.

    Fun in it's time. But that time has passed.

    OMG. You so rock. I may actually appear in some of the old forum discussions, before I did a name change way back when that is..... again, thanks for the info Helgraf.
    DoGeeseSeeGod among others. Bet Rage and Godi are still listed in there.....

    And tournaments. *sigh* Some good times, along with the old Player League.

    Indeed. I did not know such archival photos actually existed anymore. A fine tribute to a award winning game back in the day, and thanks for a fine blast from the past Helgraf.
    And, as you can see, the differences are in stark contrast to the Legacy now mourned. Change is inevitable. Life gives few choices, but at least they are choices we get to make: Accept it. Change it if within our power to do so. Get out if the cost is too high.
    Again, I enjoy it more than enough to try and relearn a system yet again, knowing that the premise of the game itself provides the same months of enjoyment as it did in the Java years.
    Thanks again for the trip down memory lane.

    An interesting read so far.
    There are a few in here that will recall Java. It went away and the players grabbed their pitchforks and things became a bit 'interesting' for a while.
    The player base recovered as they adapted to the changes.
    Now, Legacy is gone, as Java has long ago.
    And yet again, the pitchforks come out and the discussions are interesting.
    I note a few things about this. First, the loyalty of those that play this game. Not to simply kick some rear, not to be smug. We play to have fun. To teach. To learn.
    The game is the same as when it was Java. The format changes. So do cars. Phones. Heck, even kids change as time goes by. And we adapt to these changes and still find enjoyment with the changes.
    This will be a growing pain. No doubt. But, constructive feedback is what will improve upon the issues. Same as when we went to HTLM from Java, and from Legacy to what is here now.
    I for one, will still find enjoyment in the game. It remains intact from a strategic point of view. Just different seats and transmission to deal with is all.
    I would ask the vets to find the issues. Report them and be patient to allow for corrections and improvements. We have been here a long time. I for one, intend to be here for a long time yet to come.

    It has been noticed that logging in from a STEAM account can cause delays and/or no log in at all at times. If this happens, a direct log in to the game from the server you use (GOOGLE/Firefox, etc...) to the actual websight may well reduce the issues with this. The STEAM account name created will apply to the direct server log in as well, no need to select a new name.