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    Here's the issue folks: Players have used this 'surrender' option by submitting a ticket to close alliance matches in order to preserve the K/D ratios that they may enjoy.
    The solution to this is, win the game and stop trying to spare the loss of these ratios.
    The policy is in place. It is there for this reason specifically.
    Choose your opponents wisely and expect to win or loose, but play the game out.

    Perhaps a GM option only would fit into this business model. X amount of GM for X amount of damage at random within the province, similar to a GM spy attack, but in reverse.

    If it is seriously looked into, I would prefer to see it a penalty to destroy your own structures in a razed earth policy. It is then a double loss, both to the recipient once taken, and to the player evacuating it.

    I will consolidate this over the weekend to update these things that we know for mobile. For the suggestions, I will post them in 'missing features'.
    Thanks all.

    I have made inquiries in to this. I can not, nor will I make any promises, but I do think it has great merit to continue to pursue, and I will do what I can in the capacity I have to do so.

    Servers are reported as back in operation. If you still have issues loading your games from the main menu, reload the entire game from your browser and try from there. I will close this thread this evening.
    Thank you all for your patience and you feedback during this.

    I recall those days of the FAQ/Rules being posted upon entering the chat. Narmer, and will inquire to find if they can indeed be resurrected from the dark places they now reside.
    I am less concerned about broken graphics issues than being able to provide information to the community in a real time situation, although it would complete the pictures being painted a bit nicer.

    The first that concerns me is a moderator not responding to address the issues where the rules are being broken. I will try to address this for the future.
    As for the questions. Yeah, I too see the same questions repeated over and over, and in all chat tabs. I can say that Supremacy 1914 has experienced a rush of new players since the pandemic has effected so many world wide, and many of them simply do not know the protocol of the chat. They will learn, but new players will still be arriving to challenge us all.
    I do tip my hat to the community however for their wonderful efforts to help to direct players to the appropriate tabs, answer questions and calm the frayed nerves in the chats.
    Thanks for taking time to talk to us.

    GM distribution is not always automatic at game end, although it posts as such. Please review you account the next day change. If the issue has not resolved, please report this in a bug report so we can take a better look at it and help resolve the issue.