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    greetings everyone

    i havent played in awhile but i heard about how airplanes got nerfed

    i sent one fighter to patrol around high level fort aginst ai to reveal hidden units

    within just few hours my fighter got destroyed

    the ai has nothing but infantry so i dont know how did they destroy patroling fighter it wasnt even attacking anything

    my question is .. did they nerfe fighters so much to the point they can take damage while patroling from infantry?

    overall i dont find being pacfist is very useful you have very little chance to win big maps through peace only none the less this play style has it's own use if the player knows what he is doing but i dont think it suits me

    greetings everyone

    since last update yeasterday i noticed i cant find gold mark daliy questions with images

    was it removed?

    also i find it very hard to contact support in this game .. there is bot each time i open support and he is not very helpful no bot can ever replace humans

    in other games you are allowed to open tickets and wait for respones from support members .. i think this was also true here in the past but it's been changed

    i think you assume that battle mechanics here is simlilar to paradox games ..where infantry is front line and artliery is in rear .. here the mechanics is diffrent artlieries have much longer range and very vaulernable you must keep them in safe distance otherwise they might get destroyed

    There is no something hard, you can see I got this. All you need - just play game Mexico vs USA. In it only 2 players here you wait for his attack and win. So that way you will get this medal.

    Answer your question about coalition victory: I tried it but it didn't work.

    i have just tried that method now .. it seems like mexico usa is unranked .. i have won without declearing wars but the archivement is still locked

    2) Use ranged units (artillery/ships) from another directions to draw their troops out of the fortresses. Try to use only 1 artillery to fire at the stack in the fortress. This reduces the damage to the buildings in that province, and you can use the 2nd artillery to fire at the fortress right after to lure out the remaining troops. Usually, two shots are enough to lure all the units out. But occasionally, 3 shots are needed, and very rarely, AIs dont get lured out.

    3) After shooting, have the artillery fall back.

    4) When the fortress is vacant, the infantry can capture the province from the other side.

    5) Once you captured the province, the terrain movement penalty will slow down the enemy troops movement, making it easier to hit and run. Also, your artillery will no longer damage the buildings.

    very creative i like that

    how is it possible to unlock the pacifist medal?

    i mean is it even possible to win map with just developing what you have?

    the description says no retirement ,, so how do you reach 1500-1000 points in game without fighting .. letting your allies do the fighting? does that even count for the coaliltion victory? or is there another way to do it?

    i think the problem starts when you have bigger vision on the map

    the less vision you have on map the less lag you will have

    i think developers should serously look into this .. most 500 maps are very laggy mid and end game


    so i was playing in map where i had strong enemy with advanced weapons trying to enlimante me early game

    so i decuided to flee my country i had decent armey i could settle anywhere i want

    so i was superised once he took all my provinces i lost the game and i wasnt able to move my troops .. which i had about 140+ with artliery

    isnt that wrong? why would i lose while i still have some armey i could easliy settle down anywhere i want

    anyways i was also playing in another map where my ally lost in game and i could still offer him provinces while he is enlimanted so i am not sure what does make someone lose in a game .. and could you survived being almost destroyed?