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    There is no something hard, you can see I got this. All you need - just play game Mexico vs USA. In it only 2 players here you wait for his attack and win. So that way you will get this medal.

    Answer your question about coalition victory: I tried it but it didn't work.

    i have just tried that method now .. it seems like mexico usa is unranked .. i have won without declearing wars but the archivement is still locked

    2) Use ranged units (artillery/ships) from another directions to draw their troops out of the fortresses. Try to use only 1 artillery to fire at the stack in the fortress. This reduces the damage to the buildings in that province, and you can use the 2nd artillery to fire at the fortress right after to lure out the remaining troops. Usually, two shots are enough to lure all the units out. But occasionally, 3 shots are needed, and very rarely, AIs dont get lured out.

    3) After shooting, have the artillery fall back.

    4) When the fortress is vacant, the infantry can capture the province from the other side.

    5) Once you captured the province, the terrain movement penalty will slow down the enemy troops movement, making it easier to hit and run. Also, your artillery will no longer damage the buildings.

    very creative i like that

    how is it possible to unlock the pacifist medal?

    i mean is it even possible to win map with just developing what you have?

    the description says no retirement ,, so how do you reach 1500-1000 points in game without fighting .. letting your allies do the fighting? does that even count for the coaliltion victory? or is there another way to do it?

    i think the problem starts when you have bigger vision on the map

    the less vision you have on map the less lag you will have

    i think developers should serously look into this .. most 500 maps are very laggy mid and end game


    so i was playing in map where i had strong enemy with advanced weapons trying to enlimante me early game

    so i decuided to flee my country i had decent armey i could settle anywhere i want

    so i was superised once he took all my provinces i lost the game and i wasnt able to move my troops .. which i had about 140+ with artliery

    isnt that wrong? why would i lose while i still have some armey i could easliy settle down anywhere i want

    anyways i was also playing in another map where my ally lost in game and i could still offer him provinces while he is enlimanted so i am not sure what does make someone lose in a game .. and could you survived being almost destroyed?

    these called elite ai i think

    avoid fighting them early games is best way to deal with them

    once you have factories then you have big advantge over them


    i think we should have 200 players map here is why

    -i find 500 maps unplayable mid and end games

    -it is time for a new map scenario

    - the jump from 100 players to 500 made it extremly laggy i dont think we can handle that at technological level

    i want to hear others opnions

    i have good pc and i find it extremly laggy to play 500 players maps mid game

    how you think phones are going to handle the 500 handred maps with very limited ram compared to pc

    i have map which i lost on .. it's been over 100 days and the top players on the map have went inactive

    it's hard to trigger retirment in those maps since it is so big

    do you guys find 500 players maps playable?

    have you ever reached end game of 500 players maps?

    it would be nice to add more music

    i really enjoyed the music but it becomes repetitive over time

    can the game add any more music ? or it must not have copyright ?


    i think we all agree fighting ai country at early game is bad idea especially after it managed to build forts on your border so quickly

    but since ai is so predictable once you build factories they become easy target

    but what are the tricks you could use aginst ai players

    for example in the old versions of supermacy giving peace to country you are at war with .. will automatically change relations to peace if you were at war by the next day (it doesnt work anymore)

    and if you set relations with ai share map or right of way .. ai will grant you right of way by the next day (also doesnt work anymore)

    if you bombard through third country by right of way .. ai will try to attack you through the third country if ai doesnt have right of way the ai will declear war on the third country that allowed you to walk through (still active)

    out of date?

    as you see some of these tips are outdated .. they no longer work in the current version .. but how to make peace with ai in the new version?

    also why does ai start giving trade embargo in the current version? is it random? or does the player get punished for opening fire without reason

    why does ai start giving right of way randomaly in the current version?

    do you have more tips and tricks that you know could help us deal with ai?

    where is the suspected cheating agian? moving there troops around the clock?

    what will say next time you fight one of these pretty hardcore goldmarks players?

    i have known people who only sleep 2 hours durning good games and someone just said i am going to sleep now

    then wakes up later and i ask him did you just sleep for 2 hours? he said yeh .. pretty hardcore player.. the more you play the more you see

    this game is very diffcult and slow to learn but i have came across players whatever map they join they seem to turn tables

    most of them pretty heavy gold marks users .. i wouldnt complian about someone who is active around clock .. considering now supermacy is avaliable in phones aswell