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    Diplomacy can be made much more robust. this is a change that should be much less of a task on the development side than some other changes that are needed (since there is already existing code infrastructure that can just be built on in this area). The things I think need to be added are:

    1. Allow diplomatic interaction with AIs. Right now there is next to no ability to interact diplomatically with AIs, but there should be. This would be an easy change. One major issue is that if you are at war with an AI (or with a player who turns AI), you basically have no way to end the war without killing them completely which isn't always beneficial.

    2. Allow more than one trade at a time. This could be offering payment, provinces, and more in exchange for other things. Rather than having to create a series of trades, you can include it all in one trade offer.

    3. Allow vassalization. Doing this could allow for newer players to gain experience without being immediately bulldozed by other players. It could provide the overlord with at least partial victory points for "owning" the provinces of the vassal as well as parts of the vassal's tax and resource production. On the flip side the vassal could gain the benefit that anyone who declares war on them automatically declares war on the overlord, they could be awarded a smaller portion of the victory pot if their overlord wins. Perhaps they could also get some economic boosts or build speed boosts based on the development level of the overlord. The vassal might also need to lose the right to perform certain diplomatic actions (like declaring war). Vassals could also count towards the limit of coalition membership to avoid artificially bypassing the member limit for coalitions.

    4. Allow players to grant control of particular armies to their allies. This could definitely open the door to plenty of exploits, but it can also make alliances more valuable and provide an obvious value to those who are trustworthy allies.

    5. Allow for recurring trades. This could mainly be a way to create a system for paying tribute. It should allow players to set a number of times that a particular item in a trade would occur.

    6. Trade Agreement. Create a trade agreement ability. This would require you to open trade with each nation in order to be able to trade with them. In addition to allowing specific resource trades on the stock market between you and that player, having open trade would also give your economy a boost by providing additional income from trade which is relative to the economy size and/or population size of the other nation. That is: the bigger your economy, the bigger the boost other people get from having an open trade agreement with you (and vice-versa).

    7. Remove territory trade limit. In order to discourage large-scale territory transfers, you could add in a nationwide morale penalty for giving away territory.

    I think vassalage is a great idea. Should be part of a diplomacy overhaul IMO. But vassalage could be a way to give a resource boost to the overlord and also a partial victory point reward. There should be a reward for the vassalized player as well. such as a portion of the victory pot if their overlord wins. Perhaps they also get a boost to their economic efficiency as well?

    I like this. I have been wishing for the ability to destroy infrastructure. I think it would make sense for destruction of each building to take time, but it shouldn't be long.

    I think this is a good suggestion. In trench warfare, you wouldn't have your retreat cut off so much as it would be difficult to advance and making progress was slow. but retreating would be much easier.

    I can see that for proper balance of the game it would be useful to make retreat difficult. like perhaps it takes an hour for a retreat to be attempted and there is a higher chance of casualties. If the opposing forces are faster than yours it would also make sense to disable retreat in that instance.

    Creating a way to surround the enemy to cut off retreat might be useful as well.

    Spies can be very useful in S1914 but aren't very realistic. I think they need to be completely overhauled/redesigned. A shortlist of the changes I think are needed:

    1. Experience Gain: A ubiquitous 50% success rate is kind of dumb/lazy. Spies should be able to improve and gain experience and have a success chance based on this (and other factors as mentioned here).

    2. Country-level Deployment: Spies should not be deployed at the province level; they should be deployed by country.

    3. Update Available Spy Actions: Once deployed spies should have a list of available actions such as:

    • building a spy network (this would serve to improve spy success chances in general in this nation)
    • monitoring communications/diplomacy
    • sabotaging infrastructure in certain provinces (this is already doable)
    • revealing armies (number of revealed armies should be based on success chance and skill of the spy)
    • counter-espionage in own and in allied nations. This way you could assist your allied with espionage
    • Disrupt unit orders. Assign your spy to disrupt/change the orders your enemy is giving to their troops
    • create disinformation: you should be able to have your spies feed disinformation to foreign spies
    • Assassinate foreign leaders: this is part of another change I want that adds in faction characters such as army commanders, governors, government ministers, etc. but that's for another post.
    • Recruit foreign officials (again dependent on adding in characters to the game)

    4. Make spies named characters with stats and traits (part of my recommendation to add in a variety of characters to the game.

    I am a relatively new user on S1914, but one of the most irksome aspects of the game so far is that you are restricted to moving on roads. For land units having roads makes sense of course and having them give a speed boost to units and an economic boost makes sense. However, not being able to move off of the roads is ridiculous. It is supremely unrealistic, it removes some important elements of strategy, and it is incredibly annoying as well. You should be able to more your units anywhere you want and just get a speed bonus from moving on the roads.

    Now as to navies . . . WHY IN THE WORLD are there invisible roads crisscrossing the ocean???? This makes no sense, greatly handicaps navies, and did I mention makes no sense?

    Anyway, this has been my rant about roads in Supremacy1914. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk. :)