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    every time you take a province from an enemy. that province receives between 20 and 30 building damage. That is why provinces with fewer buildings seem to be wiped out, whereas large developed provinces seem to take only a small amount of damage.

    A lvl 2 fort has 45 hp total, where as a lvl 5 fort has 150 total hps.

    So if you attack a province with a lvl 1 fort, 2 workshops and a RO there is a combined 40hp worth of buildings there. If you are attacking a premium player you cannot damage a RO so 35 building hps.

    If there is any defenders, you deal normal damage first ( to the units AND to the buildings). then you win the province and do 25 building damage +/-20% RNG (hence the 20-30 damage).

    If your army does 5 building damage together (which 17 infantry or more does) you can easily wipe out all buildings on a province.


    I stopped expanding almost a month before the game ended. Every single province I had (800+) were at 98% morale or more. I was not at war with anyone for that last month.

    There were no spy activities in my lands leading up to the end of the game (the last month). Everyone was on friendly terms, all AI were dead at that point, and everyone just wanted out of the game. So one member on the "enemy's Team" was selected and 5 of the winning coalitions members declared war on him to lower his morale enough while we gained building points. This was in Canada, and I owned Africa and SA. Nothing revolted to me, I checked the game after it ended to see what my lowest morale province was.

    I was well over 1 million production OVER the 2nd place guy. iirc, I had something like 3.3 million production and he had 2.1 million production.

    I took screen shots of everything, and posted them in our channel for that game on discord. Unfortunately my Alliance Leader went on a purge of archived games, and started at the most recent instead of the oldest. So those screen shots were lost.

    Just really upsetting that I had the support of 12 other players in a game that took 150 days to complete, working towards that goal to get the ribbon only to never have it gifted. I am attempting it again in my most recent 500p match, up to 550 provinces, and am the highest production by 200k. Still a long way to go as Im in 8 wars still, morale is stable at an average of 84% (obviously there are really low provinces) and the leading coalitions VP is only at 890. But as I finish up with Canada (I own Scandinavia, GB, France, Iceland, Greenland, half of canada, and pushing west)...

    I didnt think anything of the time to gift it, as I completed Pacifist a bit before that, and it took almost 3 weeks to get rewarded to me. Played a Usa v Mexico, and just never attacked, forcing mexico to attack me.

    Is there really no way for me to open a ticket for ribbon issues? I am on attempt number 6 on the ingame support. Hoped that someone would look here and give me at least a little advise. This is extremely upsetting that I played over 100 days, spent a decent amount of GM to make sure I did everything I needed to do to win that ribbon and never received it.

    Where am I to turn to if I keep getting the run around.

    Wondering If anyone has any help to get this resolved. The ingame support keeps sending me in circles.

    Basically asking for the press 1, press 2 option, then saying a tech is busy and will get back to me. Then in 2 days they say sorry they couldnt reach out to me, did I fix the problem myself. No? rinse and repeat.

    How do i get out of this loop to have someone look at my game/account

    I have been going through the ingame support trying to get help, or an answer to why I have failed to receive the Economist Ribbon.

    The game number was 5499416

    I was in the winning coalition, and also had the most Victory Points at the end of the match.

    I had around 800 provinces and they were ALL 98% morale or above.

    My production was top, and 1 million above the 2nd highest producer.

    I had well over 500 province upgrades, it was closer to 5000. Basically every province had a lvl 5 fortress, Harbor (if it could), Railway, and at least a lvl 2 factory.

    Am I missing something did I not do what the ribbon said I was supposed to do?