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    In almost each game I've played, the number of active players was just a small fraction of the total number.

    In one of these games, I faced IAs only, and this was pretty boring.

    In the current game I'm playing, 90% are lv 1 the rest is low level or inactive.

    I have seen high level players with no wins, and low level players with high number of participation in games..

    So, let's split the problem:

    - Inactive players: this is the most annoying problem. All advantages to just participate on a game as inactive player should be removed. Gold given away just for participating is a dramatic mistake, IMHO. Also, there is a too high number of open games at the same time, of the same tipe. Maybe, cueing them could be a good idea.

    - I would be great if there were games available for a limited set of levels, for instance:

    .Beginners: lvls 1-3

    .Intermediate: lvls 4-12

    .Experts: lvls 13+

    Changing unit type on the run is not veterancy, it's magic, and it would be a different game, I suppose.
    Veterancy is something that always happens in real life, and including it in a game makes perfectly sense.

    A 900 soldiers unit is reintegrated with 100 new people, learning from the veterans, why should 900 remain 900?

    I definitely like the idea.

    Since my first game, it was clear to me that this was a missing poing that most of the games I know have.

    It would be a very interesting and fun dynamic, adding empathy for your most experienced units and depth to all strategies.

    It would alsso add a lot of realism, since in the real battles, few trained veteran units may have a big impact on the field.

    Please do it.