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    Today there is news:

    "We improved the game"

    What I noticed is:

    All mechanical units now have the label clearly above the unit.

    Together with other units --- well, hard to tell, hard to see...

    Is that the announced change of unit symbols Freezy was talking about?

    perry89. on August 16, 2022/7:36 p.m


    edit on August 17, 2022/9:24p.m

    OK let's see

    the timestamp "yesterday, 7:35pm" is correct

    but it took almost 24 hours to publish/approve.

    I'm a bit confused that the moderator "sonja1976"

    posted a message around 3pm, but my message wasn't approved until 6 hours later.

    Is that normal:

    the delay...

    the 24 hours till approvement...

    or do I something wrong?

    or have I something to pay for service?

    An option to hide the big unit images on the map is already planned, I expect it in the near future (thanks for your patience on that one!)...

    Excuse me, but I'm not sure

    what your understanding of "near future" is

    I suppose:

    After planing

    it is programmed

    then tested

    and finally implemented in the game operation.

    So that we can plan a bit:

    SINCE WHEN do you PLAN to change the big unit images?

    After the feedback from 2018/2019?


    After the feedback from 2021?


    After the feedback of 2022?