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    Playing since roughly 2012, and fell in love with 500p maps because tactical awereness was much more rewarded than smaller maps. But today is a special day, as of now I became tactically blind because legacy disappeared.

    Simple is the best, these four words are the reason why Supremacy 1914 was such a successful game and why many veterans fell in love with it. The fact that you could see in one glimpse how your troops were relating to the map was such a powerful thing that it could overclass any other game which focused on the aspect of "visually appealing ".

    Today is the day that Bytro took the final step in following the mass in pursue of even greater profits then ever before, but let me tell you something, today is the day that Bytro messed up, lost all the veteran's support and is forever doomed as a sheep.

    To have some constructive feedback: make your new game as of today as simple as possible, I can't stress enough that simpleness is the key to succes. To put this in practice take any screenshot of legacy (quite rare nowadays) and compare them to any of that new gamemode fodder that's been up lately. Compare it and understand that supremacy 1914 originated from the simplicity to understand what goes on in the map, on large and small scale.

    This was the last game (Supremacy 1914: legacy edition) that was unique to his era, and has been erroneously taken away from those who loved it the most.