Ehhhh activity can be an advantage in game but really if u don't have skill then no amount of activities can save u against pros lol no hnr shit here ^^

    Well idk most top alliance don't take new players but I know of a Alliance called BLITZKRIEG international lol they are great guys with experience willing to take new players I was there too when I started if u have an interest I may talk to my friend there if he can allow u

    But u have to be active and contribute as inactive players are kicked simple ;)

    When will we get a bigger map of this game mode?

    If you ever make a hundred people version I have to that the game is a but fast paced and will expect certain units to be locked for a long time.

    And I have a great mechanic which will work very well

    Scince we have neutral roads I advise of reworking trade system as per making that each deal spawns a resource truck on the roads which travels for the other players capital. Benefit of this rule

    1.road blockade make a much more sense and make a key importance in wars as people who control these roads can demand taxes form people in exchange of going through their empire.

    2. Best thing is that it will make trade partners a much more realistic thing as you won't find Africa nation yeeting thousands of RSS to European nations instantly.

    3. This can be a very fun thing as coalition will become more and more tight connection and can be really fun to control a silk road type system.

    4. You can make another rule that if someone takes this resource truck over he gets half the resources in the truck making raiding an actual gameplay strategy

    After playing and winning a round of Flanders I have to say that your theory is very wrong.

    1.i have to say the rush part is a valid point

    2 . Having a large stack of massive hp is absolutely useless if it doesn't do damage lol you can spam ten of thousands of heavy units and conscripts but if I attack you with howitzers and cav you won't live long and I have to say units heal painfully slow in the game and the lower the Hotpoint the lower damage so I can say that if you have won with a stack which has lost like a 400/1000 of heavy flamers and conscripts hp and I have lost with only 0/400 I have gotten the worth of my troops as a next stack of anti heavy troops will kill your stack in moment without taking much better play by the rock paper scissors part of the game.

    3. The truly op thing I have found is the infrastructure spam in this map I have to say if spamming like 4 level 3/4 infrastructure in your empire can make you ridiculous amount of resources and give you enough money to buy anything else as on the endof day 7 I was making 100k+ per day