I agree with both these gentlemen lol plus try to play with level 70 or distinguished players and mods who know a lot about the game I learned a way to ignore expansion penalty from Mr dutch when I started playing ;p now I am making my own breakthrough.

    On The Great War map this expansion penalty is ridiculous. I reached -89. I won the game as it had a two week time limit but I had deliberately stopped trying to expand. There were only three active players at the end. I had 170 points. You need 837 points for a solo win in a non time limited game. That is completely unobtainable.

    I get the neighbors penalty but the expansion one is an order of magnitude too high

    I dint see what's the fuss with the expansion penalty lol it might be brutal but if u know how to play then u can combat it easily lol I usually have the largest empire in late game but expansion penalty has nothing on me lol u applied to join. A week ago but I told no because u had less level now u are level 30 I am looking forward to have u in the alliance we operate through discord,

    I don't like I even say I hate the fact they made the 84p maps the new training map lol h

    Noobs will join and go inactive or try to face experience player above level 30 on their first match makes zero sense lol and just makes Flanders useless lol Flanders is meant to be the newbie playground

    Ehhhh activity can be an advantage in game but really if u don't have skill then no amount of activities can save u against pros lol no hnr shit here ^^

    Acorian brother....... We don't have problem with game progression to get to late game we need some extra days lol 15 days is like the starting faze of a sup 1914 map lol the maps are huge it takes sometimes an entire day to move fleets to far off nations lol we don't need faster pace game we need time to move and fight lol even if u add 5 more days it will benefit us greatly and really I have friends in 500 p maps who play maps 200 days old like bro at least give us a 20 + day time to finish the map of such size

    What? U want to have units come for free then? Pontus that's just horrible have u played a strategy game Pontus? There is a thing called logistics which all countries require to do stuff like the us has not gone to war with USSR in cold war and was just build themselves up and by your meaning preparing is farming then we can say the us farmed the entire cold war

    Alright folks the map has ended with my this map I beat the no one score player robner and the No1 player with kills limorus.i got a 454kills to only 3 death on limorus. And I was able to train a newb ji02 guy to push into robner land and get to his captital before he was pushed back which makes it funny even a fraction of my knowledge made a new player push to the no 1 player capital region. Alas this was the first map I bothered to complete. But this is not over yet I will post another coalition map soon this month. If anyone think they can defeat me they can join and try I will love to make my score card bigger

    And pls make the 84 p maps last longer like if there is no big wars in an "84p" map then what is the point of playing such a large time consuming map if u can't get kills on actually active players on the map just because u don't have like a mere 5 days left it really makes me angry so many ai farmers in map edges escaped my wrath lol ;)