Province upgrades: Resource buildings.

  • I am new to the game: but not the style of the game.

    I believe there should be additional buildings for your provinces.




    Fish Farms


    You get the point.

    These need to be added into the game so you can get additional resources out of your lands.

    If one of your provinces has a wood icon on it; then build a lumberYard to get a bonus out of it. Or if you do not need the wood bonus but need more food; build a farm on it.

    Fish Farms can only be added via coastal water of course.

    But this will bring in more rewards for big wars that are fought. Just my opinion.

  • There are several province upgrades that have positive effects on production regardless of the resource being produced. I don't see how more would be needed. This isn't Farmville, it's a war game at the end of the day.

    • A railway increases production (and tax income) with 33% (and morale with 10%).
    • A harbour increases production (and tax income) with 25% (and morale with 10%).
    • A factory increases production of resources in a province with 8% per factory level (and morale with 2.5% per level).
    • These upgrades will count the most in provinces with double resources, as they have a double standard output as well.
    • Lastly, resource production is also directly correlated with the province morale, which can suffer greatly under negative overall resource production after those resources have hit 0!

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