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    I think that these are just happy or unhappy accidents, or they may not have worked universally in the first place :)

    Regarding the fire controls: We will work on a solution soon that should make everyone happy.

    I'm real glad to hear that. The suspense is killing me.

    freezy I had suggested to implement five levels of fire control, so every player will be happy. Keep the current four levels and add the former aggressive control back (only attacking units of the nation(s) you are already in war).

    This I certainly wouldn't have any beef with either.

    The main question, assuming Bytro really doesn't care at all, is why then, pray tell, why then even mess with this stuff at all when it's working fine? Dear Jesus Christ WHY? Why can this company be bothered to roll out overhauls like this but not to consider any sort of feedback? How on earth does that make sense? If they're that disinterested, just stay the hell away from all this then and we would have been fine. There's so much other stuff they could spend resources on, instead they do this! There's just no rhyme or reason to it whichever way you look at it.

    Yeah I'm certainly not trying to bash any GO's or Mods who seem as frustrated as me. I mean stuff like this here makes it quite obvious what the business model is that the company is following. I guess I just never cease to be baffled by how openly they don't care.

    Well I'm not a professional though, for all you know I am some kid playing this game...

    But anyway, the issue is not really with it not working properly but with the change that was made to what "proper" means here. The way it's now supposed to work is the problem. That's why it's broken - not because of some glitch but by design. And I dislike that vehemently.

    Oh gosh darnit, I honestly forgot this forum about a game set in one of the darkest, most violent eras of humankind yet still requiring child-friendly language doesn't have an autofilter for the f-bomb. That's hilarious. At least someone's still showing up to work here though.

    My point which I now have to reiterate remains the same though. If the bottom line is that if at this point I can not expect anyone at this company to care about my complaints concerning a feature that I spend money on, at least have the freaking decency to tell me that. I'm a consumer here trying to help this game out, for.... feck's sake.

    You got it, mate. There's enough people who don't care about any of this and will still spend uncontrollably. It's a disease but at least it's one that generates tax income I guess.

    Personally I don't feel treated as a customer here at all, GMs or not, also extending to HC support. All community interaction by developers has apparently ceased entirely, there are almost no gameplay rules left that need any actual enforcing, bugs simply do not get fixed anymore, player suggestions are entirely ignored. Any update that comes out is superficial and seems like a "There, we did something" kinda play. This game is a money printer on autopilot for Bytro Labs now and that's about it.

    I've gotten +100% offers quite a few times, including this time. It was a weird structure this time anyway, started at 20%, then 75%, then 100%, 20%, 0%, 20%. It's like watching a kid try to run a lemonade stand. You chuckle and smile but at the end of the day they're just terrible salesmen.

    Well then where am I expected to post my complaint, to their Facebook pages? These forums were supposed to be the touching point between game development and the community. I understand that's apparently not the case anymore. I'd just like to, at the very least, have that confirmed.

    So you're not even going to do me the common decency to pretend like any Devs are reading any of this stuff, huh? If y'all don't really give two craps about what the community thinks, at least be honest about it, for heaven's sake. Then I won't have to waste my time trying to talk to you here. This is pathetic.

    What updates took place? did they fix the lag that happened in the 100 player games? it really made those games unplayable.

    I gotta red-hot secret hint for you, I swear this is the hottest scoop you'll ever hear:

    Check the "News & Updates" section.

    What about making it so buying a certain amount of GM is required in order to play the game, but only a certain amount of GM is allowed per match? This would make it a lot more fair and assure that there's at least some strategy behind GM use. It wouldn't be "person who spends the most money wins" anymore as everyone would have the same amount.

    That is tantamount to the company saying "Please, don't give us anymore money here!" and has been turned down by Bytro many, many times. The underlying assumption here is at all times that: gameplay < immediate revenue

    Simple answer: The single biggest complaint from new players was how slow the game is and they were telling their friends. Ergo, make the tutorial fast to get more players subscribing because those are the numbers they're focusing on. I predict that we'll be getting ads for revenue shortly and the ONLY number they're concerned with is the number of subscribers.

    Not gonna say I wasn't thinking the same.

    It's fairly apparent that the point is to give new players a quicker fix, probably to incline them to spend.

    Maybe there still is a little bit of hope though that Bytro is actually not planning on abandoning all interest in the general player experience of this game that supposedly still means so much to them. And the faster tutorials hurt that experience by misleading new players about the game and causing widespread inactivity in normal games. There's a chance nobody in the company saw it coming quite like that, so I'm trying to point it out. I'm always willing to be surprised...

    So I recently learned that the tutorial games now run at 4x speed. This isn't that great.

    It's the first game that most new players will play and it gives many of them the impression that the speed its at is the standard speed of this game. Then they go on to join normal games, get weirded out by everything going so slow and then leave, leading to a huge inactivity epidemy accross public games.

    I get that the pace of this game isn't for everyone - it was made before mobile gaming was a market and to not be looked at constantly, but occasionally. New players shouldn't be misled about this fundamental aspect of the game. If the tutorial is supposed to teach them the game basics, how much more basic than the passage of time can you get?

    Well considering it already takes weeks for one of those games to fill up and by that time 80% of players have gone inactive again, I think this map has much bigger issues than newbies being newbies. If I had any faith that such an undertaking by the devs was still realistic I'd seriously suggest reworking it entirely, possibly by increasing starting nation size to make it more interesting in the long term and thereby reducing total player count. Right now these maps are massive clusterfucks for about a week and then almost fall asleep entirely as a few remaining players chip away at AIs. Hasn't stopped me from playing them to be honest but I feel like it's certainly the weakest of the maps from a longterm interest point of view which is a shame considering these games can take a year to play out.

    In general only working options in HQ are rally point and HQ chat. Can someone responsible for gold consumer feedback have a look at HQ issues and fixed till 2020? I am not playing nay new maps since over half a year because of that. I do not have time to sit in a game that is why I pay for HQ to help me with that. but now, when it does not work there is no point for me to play at all.

    This is indeed true with BQ being as unreliable as it is, although at least the free ROs also are a nice thing that works fine. Other than that there is an astounding amount of problems with these premium features and it's even more astonishin that apparently the company that's selling them couldn't care much less about that.

    For some reason you felt the need to fiddle around with a feature that was fine and rolled out a change with apparently not much testing. That's okay. That's why I'm here to tell you it's not working well. That's why dozens of other replies are in this topic saying that. So that you guys would know that this wasn't good and isn't appreciated. And because for some reason the community seems to be under the impression that you guys would care about this kind of feedback. Please roll this stuff back!