God Rush 4* speed maps -feedback

  • Hello

    Great idea

    Should be supported and developed but in general is unplayable

    1. change of coalitions every 42 h is ridiculous

    2. possibility to change coalitions after last day has changed and everyone knows scores - abused by friendpacks and wolfpacks

    3.lags up to 25 seconds - unacceptable

    4.issues caused by lags: wrong orders carried out, wrong diplomatic relations choose, wrong market offer made, wrong split of units - horrendous

    5.all those friendpacks ,multis ,sitter accounts active 25h/day - unwanted.

    OFC number 3 is the most important. There is not real reasons to play this even once more if you cannot fix that. If I am lagging on fibre and browser version using desktop then I have no idea how to play it. I would suggest dedicating additional server to host that event.

    Thank you


  • - adding to that once more my spies did not worked as I bought them, placed them in provinces and lag caused them not to be in a provinces despite what was shown to me after refresh. maybe it is a way to encourage people to use gold spies but I guess it is not a way to please players