The hidden truths about Arab Royal Guard

  • Hello ladies and gentlemen. Today I'm gonna talk about who we are.. and what we want...

    The Royal Arab Guard is an army that belongs to the mother alliance "United Arab Kingdom" the last one was founded on the Arabic server in 2016, but the army was created by a Royal order by King Salah Eddine and still working since 2020. by Ministry of Royal Defence and its Ruler mo mo 22.

    Now the new king of UAK is Alighosson2 and under his leadership, more than 90 members, all of them give him a special treat. most of the players in the UAK play as a lone wolf so that's why more than half of that's number isn't fighting with the Royal army.

    The United Kingdom isn't one alliance but they're a lot of alliances that chose to unite and we talking about more than 13 teams, crew and of course alliance. also, they haven't the one leader who controlled everything. yes UAK is Constitutional Monarchy. they have the Ministry of justice which can solve problems between players and they have the Ministry of National Security and its goal is to defend the alliance from any spies and keep the system safe and don't let it go to civil war. Finally Ministry of foreign affairs.the Constitution from 10 pages, but they lower it recently. that shows how the United has one of the most complicated systems in Supremacy 1914.

    Now I'll give you some information about the United:

    1- UAK has fallen into civil war 2 times and one of them ended by being divided into 7 alliances and it was in 2017.

    2- UAK has fallen 3 times and was to fell about 4.

    3- in the Arabic Server in 2017 ISIS alliances unite and they declared war against all of the people, so UAK tried to leads more than 100 soldiers most of them join as a friend and face the terrorists in the map of 75 world in flames 20 vs 20, UAK lost the battle but later won the war and remove the last terrorist alliance by 2018.

    4- The UNITED is the last Arabic alliance from the Arabic Server and right now is the strongest Arab alliance without any opponents.

    5- Kingdom treat itself as a Defender for all Arab players, and of course everyone from Kingdom if anyone insults him or getting backstabbed he can call the army and they'll revenge.

    6- Royal Guard is the biggest formal army in the whole United.

    7- The system in UAK use elections or suggestions to promote the players to higher Positions. and the royal leader"king" one of these positions.

    8- The number of players who are joined to the United all of history is about 250 Players.

    9- United plays in Supremacy 1914 only.

    10- Not all of the players in UAK are Arabs and not all Arabs are Muslims too.

    11- United has one of the strongest information systems in S1914.

    12- The national goal of UAK is to reach number 1 always.

    13- Although we've been fallen many times and started from zero literally, that's doesn't lead us to sadness and we'll keep fighting anywhere, anytime, and forever.


    UAK's Official spokesperson.


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