9. Goldmark & Premium Account


Goldmark is the premium currency in Supremacy 1914 which can be obtained by completing the turorial, by winning game rounds and by purchasing it via the in-game shop or the Mobile Shop. You can play very succesfully without Goldmark, but employing it strategically may be the deciding factor for a victory. Goldmark can be put to different uses: it allows you to speed up recruitment and construction, influence the morale of own or enemy troops and provinces, or purchase other resources.


82af8da70ef3a86ed901c112f1feb321.pngPropaganda Campaign

Run a propaganda campaign to mobilize supporters of your political course in this province. Morale will improve by 10%.

Costs: 500 5b6bc6c91d1788b888c80a025ad038ed.png

0c9139cc2a16498adba11ce7b7de6b92.pngConstruction Speedup

Improves construction speed of the current building drastically. Workers will work extra shifts to finish the building earlier. Them remaining construction time will be reduced by 12 hours.

Costs: 850 5b6bc6c91d1788b888c80a025ad038ed.png

d841cc259017802d5f5e5bd682f71256.pngProduction Speedup

Improves production speed of the current production drastically. Workers will work extra shifts to finish production earlier. Them remaining production time will be reduced by 12 hours.

Costs: 850 5b6bc6c91d1788b888c80a025ad038ed.png

d06625cc90e8d0034628f774748d9187.pngArmy Reinforcements

Sends reinforcements to improve the morale and condition of each unit in the target army by up to 10%.

Costs: 50 5b6bc6c91d1788b888c80a025ad038ed.png


On the Stock Market you can buy any resource at a fixed exchange rate of 0.4.

Costs: 2,000 5b6bc6c91d1788b888c80a025ad038ed.png for 5,000 [resources]


Goldmark can be used to trigger Instant Espionage Actions. For these actions you do not have to recruit spies and the spy reports will immediately be displayed.

The following instant actions are available:

d06625cc90e8d0034628f774748d9187.pngReveal Armies

Reveals armies in and around the selected province.

Cost: 1,950 5b6bc6c91d1788b888c80a025ad038ed.png

8baf8777503d99a2d5afc631899ff957.pngCountry Information

Discloses the player's resources, diplomatic relations spy positions and factory productions.

Cost: 1,950 5b6bc6c91d1788b888c80a025ad038ed.png

01c972952a0e0c872607cca02b3da668.pngDecrease Morale

Decreases morale in the selected province by 10%.

Cost: 3,950 5b6bc6c91d1788b888c80a025ad038ed.png

3118216c143a05f2058359453b4f824e.pngDisrupt Economy

Destroys parts of today's resource production of this province.

Cost: 3,950 5b6bc6c91d1788b888c80a025ad038ed.png

3ff9c7f3f57cc762e76450674146a68b.pngSabotage Building

Damage a building in this province, but never the capital.

Cost: 3,950 5b6bc6c91d1788b888c80a025ad038ed.png

e8817d5ac9c31ed88981d3bab06561a5.pngReveal Country's Armies

Reveals a momentary snapshot of all armies belonging to a country.

Cost: 7,950 5b6bc6c91d1788b888c80a025ad038ed.png


Some game options are so-called gold features, which add additional customization options and strategic variety to your games rounds. If either combination of gold features is selected (one or many), the creation will subtract 5,000 Goldmark from your account. The same amount will be subtracted from all players who are joining this game round. Joining and creating gold feature rounds is free for Premium Account owners (premium account, see Chapter 8 "Goldmark and Premium").

Option Description
f337e5aa56fa4fcd8999c110aa5746e8.png Anonymous Round

If the game is set to be an Anonymous Round it will not be visible which character in the game is played by which user until the game ends.
232fd38dc9f9ffe2682ce9317e22cbbe.png20a6d1bb8d42bc9ecb9c214d4043707f.png Team-Mode

You can choose whether players are supposed to play individually or as teams. Choose "No Teams" if you want all players to play individually. Choose "Free Teams" to decide on the composition of your teams yourselves and to choose the number of teams playing in the game. Choose "Scenario Teams" for teams with a preset historic situation depending on the chosen map. Betrayal among team members is not possible, because they cannot attack each other. Members of the same team always have at least right of way.

04f21720b9d7f4223e462cb2b65b49c3.pngf28c2227557641c716c7d5bcde211d28.png1fdee7f449fefefbb06609f40f76f7e1.png Victory Conditions

Here you can decide how the gold round should end. In the standard mode, a game ends when the first player has reached 50% of all available points in the game, i.e. 1,000 points. "Domination" means, the game ends when the first player has reached 75% of all available points, i.e. 1,500 points. The "Supremacy" mode only ends if one player conquers the complete map. That way he/she will earn 100% of all available points, i.e. 2,000 points.



You can acquire 1, 6 or 12 months of Premium Account. You will find these options in the Premium Account tab in the shop. As a Premium Account owner you can use certain functions, which are not available to other players, including better possibilities of co-operation with other players and more control over your units and production.


  • no entry fee for Gold rounds
  • special "Honored Member of the High Command" medal
  • general mobilization (auto-built recruitment offices in each province)
  • rally points
  • build queue
  • advanced fire control
  • special diplomatic relation: shared intelligence
  • image upload option in the newspaper
  • create 1 own games per month


As a Premium account owner you can join Gold rounds without paying the entry fee of 5,000 GM.


Each member of 12 months or more will receive a special "Honored Member of the High Command" medal that will be displayed in your achievements.


At game start, each of your provinces will be equipped with a Recruitment Office which automatically recruits Infatry units at a given interval.


Using rally points you can command units to move to a designated location right after being recruited.


The build queue allows you to plan you construction and production in advance and to optimize the consumption of resources. Instead of immediately starting a production or construction you can add it to the global build queue. You can check all queued processes in the Province Administration. The costs of a production/construction order will not be paid before the construction begins, so you can plan ahead of time. Use the build queue list to check whether certain resources are missing.


Units normally decide on their own whether or not to attack enemies with ranged or melee attacks in Supremacy 1914. The Advanced Fire Control feature can be used to fine-tune army commands.


Hold Fire

Prevents the automatic fire, so that only explicitly granted attacking orders are running.


Return Fire

Only when hostile units are attacking you.

9a4ef730dd47db0b6ce2ab11d8604066.pngFire at will

The default setting. Enemies are automatically attacked, provided that the army has no other commands.



All enemies in range are under attack. Even marching orders are interrupted.


92c91dafded15e42ef2122c40e5193a6.pngShared Intelligence is a diplomatic state reserved for player with a Premium. It works exactly like Shared Map, but with the additional benefit of sharing the map your player shares with other players.


As a Premium Account owner you can spice up your newspaper articles by attaching images.


Normal players cannot create own games, but with a Premium Account you can create 1 own game per month!