My account stopped working?

  • I cannot log into the game anymore for some reason. I've tried trhough mobile, desktop, and even the steam client doesn't work.

    If I open an anonymous tab, the login page does load, but when I try to login, it just won't load. (see attached image)

    My account doesn't seem to have been banned or deleted (I would expect a "failed to login" message if that was the case), it's just that once I do login with my account, nothing else loads. And if my account did get deleted or banned, I would like to know the reason, and how to appeal it.

    I asked for a friend to check my account, and my user ID is 16152528, my account name is CristianoSousa.

  • yoee79

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  • Its not just your account it is an issue and staff are aware and are working frantically to resolve the issue sorry for any inconvenience and your frustration is being felt by many i am sure there will be a resolution to the matter as soon as possible.