Losing Units everyday even though I shouldnt be getting attacked.

  • Hello, I'm having a serious issue. I'll try my best to explain as best as I can.

    If I have uploaded something which I should not have, please mask it or let me know so I can make the necessary changes. I'm new here. :)

    Problem :

    I'm playing a dominion map (ID=6547681) with the rules as follows :

    In one of my provinces : Zahwah, I had a level 2 fortress and 90%+ morale.

    On 2nd January, Poland whom I had previous conquered their territory and was suppressed to stay in the starting province launched a counter-attack on me on Zahwah, which I had defended with my troops.

    During that time, I had 35 infantries, railguns in north, east and west, I had some 3 artilleries as well and around 11 bombers up in the north in radius to attack.

    As of today, I lost all the infantries and artillery, but you can still see the railguns, while bombers are still there.

    After that I believe he stopped attacking. By this time, I had dropped down to half a level fortress and province having 35% morale. But this weird thing started to happen.

    Whenever I would click on the units stacked in Zahwah province, the casualities numbers kept increasing day by day.

    Case 1 : Rumania sending units to attack me?

    So I would move more troops from other provinces to further fortify Zahwah so I could defend off future attacks, and each time I did this, I would re-upgrade my Fortress to level 1 again.

    But those units decrease from say 25 numbers to 9 within a matter of hours, and my casualities kept increasing even though I was not being attacked. (It felt like the units that I was fortifying were turning into casuality numbers for no reason).

    Every single time, My fortress would also drop down to half a level and the newspaper would say "Fortress in Zahwah has been damaged".

    I wasn't being attacked so it didn't make sense how I was losing units. This kept on happening . As of today, I would have lost 200+ units for no reason.

    I checked the newspaper everytime the casualities increased and in the section where it says "War with Rumania", my casualities figures increase by 30-40K each time while his remained same.

    Even if he did launch an attack overnight, this would be impossible since I have railguns, bombers and artilleries in radius which would have at least dealt 1 unit damage at most, especially since I had superior military.

    So him attacking me would be out of question, or so I thought.

    Case 2 : Insufficient resources?

    I thought insufficient resources could have been the problem, even though I had +ve wheat production per hour and although I had negative 220/hr fish, I had around 12K in stock so I should be good.

    I thought maybe I should buy some wheat in stock (since infantries consume wheat), thats probably what is causing the problem, so I bought them - but still to no avail. My casuality numbers started to increase

    Case 3 : Spying on my province to reduce morale?

    I thought that province was beng spied upon. I knew spies can reduce morale, but I didn't know think they could flat out obliterate armies. So suspecting that, I have placed 2 counter-spies since 2 days but nothing found yet.

    Case 4 : Goldmarking to reduce morale?

    I thought he was Gming my province to reduce morale, so I spent around 2550 Goldmarks to increase province morale (850X3) by 30% (3X10%). So Zahwah's province morale had increase to 65%. But weird thing is, the morale is trending to rise to 73%, but it ended up decreasing instead to 55%.

    But it decreased gradually (i.e. to 60% and then to 55%). So had he dropped it by 10% using GMing, it should have directly come down to 55% but I noticed it at 60%, so I don't believe he used GM to drop the morale.

    Case 5 : Possible Bug?

    So as of now, I let my entire units die in that province and when I checked the message it says it was destroyed by artilleries and railguns. Now I don't see any artilleries.

    And This should not be possible since he cannot attack from his starting province, which I believe he is able to do.

    So I'm starting to suspect that it could be a bug which is being exploited.

    Would someone be able to look into this issue? If it is possible to see day-by-day or logs. I don't want to continuosly lose army with a railgun and artilleries and me not be able to do anything about it.

  • Edit : I thought it was right for me to make this a seperate post to avoid confusion and deviation from the main topic on hand.

    As I was writing the previous post, I lost the units (1 artillery and 2 units) that were present in Zahwah (which was there in my previous picture).

    -- Again for no reason.

    Please help !!!

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  • Your enemy is attacking you from their safe zone using artilleries and railgun. You can infer this from the red cooldown circles on their units in your first screenshot.

    The rules did not say that players cannot attack from their starting provinces.

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