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    This is about the live version (not beta). I posted this in Discord, but I think it got lost and buried in off-topic discussion. So I want to post this potential bug again.

    As i understand it, a stack will gain a small morale boost after killing enemy stacks. But it seems that this morale boost is gone? Here is an example: (morale remains unchanged after killing enemy stack).

    Is this a bug or an intended change?

    This has implications for combat tactics (e.g., lemmings). So if its this an intended change, I would suggest that it be mentioned in the change log.

    Stacks will merge if all 3 conditions below are fulfiled:

    1) The stacks are very close to each other

    2) The stacks are headed to the same destination (approximately)
    3) The stacks travel at the same speed (or are not moving).

    So if you want to prevent your troops from merging, you just have to send them to different destinations.

    Following this change, when a player in the coalition who turned AI subsequently become active again, this player's relation to the coalition members remains at right of way.

    This leads to the situation where coalition members don't have shared maps with each other.

    I am wondering if it makes sense to programme it such that shared maps will be given to coalition mates automatically?

    I am a fellow player, just to share my experience:

    "It says if I speed it up that it will cut my time in half but it never did that once. Most of the time not even close. I am not sure what the formula is but it should be easy to take the amount of time it takes and divide by 2. This gives half."

    - It says it increases speed by 50%, not reduce time by 50%.

    - If it takes a car 1hr to travel 100km at 100km/h, increasing the speed by 50% to 150km/h doesn't not mean that the car can travel 100km in 0.5 hr.

    "I also found that things are not updating correctly and I saw one result from a battle but then a little while later a different result will show up. it was weird I saw that at least four times where I lost armies almost to one troop left and then boom they are back to almost full. it usually happened when I arrived at a location to attack troops and the troops had a question mark and the question mark never went away. there were times I lost all my troops to a province that the question mark never went away so I never saw how many troops I was attacking. I am not sure if it is supposed to do that. I figured once I engage it would show this seemed reasonable."

    - Fortresses at level 1.5 and above hide the troop information (thats why you see a '?').

    "I also notice that the stats are not updating properly or quickly. I am not sure how quick they are supposed to update but when my game ended it gave me one set up stats while the stats in the awards area, the place that shows my medals, never updated with the same stats."

    - This is a problem.. It is slow to update. The developers are working on it, but not sure how long it will take for it to be fixed.

    "Here is another question I have. I won 1st place in the game but I was in a coalition and the coalition took first place. I did get that reward. My individual score was the highest and well over the 1000 for solo win. Are we not able to win in both categories?"

    - Once you join a coalition, you are not eligible for individual win.


    I have encountered this bug with spy reports a few times over the last few months.

    On PC (I am using Mac + safari browser), my spy report is completely empty.

    - I deployed ~300 spies, so it cannot be that the spies all did nothing

    - The spy report is working properly on mobile. So this is a PC version issue.

    I have tried the following to no avail:

    - Refresh browser

    - Using private browser

    - Changing to Chrome

    i suggest you dont rely too much on this figure to judge an opponent's military power.
    As mentioned, it is largely made up by the number of infantry, and in mid to late game, infantry doesn't play that big a role in determining battlefield success. It is more about mechanical units and tactics. Having a kill-to-death ratio of 5 and above is very common

    it could also be that due to lag, the oil was already sold out at that price when your purchase order went through.
    If this happens, tThe money would end up 'stuck' in a 'buy order' at the specified price. Worth a check.

    there shouldn't be an effect. On normal maps, troop production is determined by (i) barracks, (ii) whether province is double or single resource, and (iii) province morale.

    Maybe you tend to station troops when you just captured the province (low morale). And when morale is higher, you moved them away. So you mistakenly attribute the faster recruitment speed to troops being garrison instead of province morale?

    "I could see my enemies all armies positions and count, same happened, one of the enemies could see mine. In some games I had spikes on some parts of armies and movements without share of map."

    • This could be due to intel from espionage (spies)

    "Shown travel times do not match with actual travel time."

    • Sometimes, indicated travel times are not updated to take into account newly capture provinces, railway etc..

    "At some spots on map when arty ordered to attack, its just do not attack."

    • I sometimes experience this as well, don't know how to solve it.

    "When enemy are in my arty range, arty do not open fire and enemy could get into melee range without 0 shots from my arty, same I could do to enemy"

    • Maybe the artillery is set to 'return fire' or lower firing mode?

    "Bomber attacking to moving target ( ship ), bomber gets to old position and sharp turn like 110 degree and adds 15 minutes to airplanes travel time."

    • This happens when the target has a substantial change in position since the bomber took off.

    "Submarine got stack in the middle of North America and could not move it."

    • I have seen this happened before too.. Don't know how to solve it.