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    From my knowledge, the only disadvantage of surprise attack is that it lowers your reputation to a greater extent. Lower reputation can, in turn, affect AI countries' diplomatic status towards you (embargo, war).


    - Against AIs, I do surprise attack most of the time. I feel that in most situations, my reputation is going to be terrible anyway after invading a few AIs. So the benefit of declaring war is pretty minimal in the long run.

    - Against humans, I always do surprise attack. The element of surprise is very important in battle.

    HnR is activity based exploit, I do not have much experience with this exploit since past 2 yrs I am not as active on maps, without HnR those which return each hour to move forward fire and retreat will be lost, other exploits that do not all require activity to advance in this game will need to be mastered.

    I have suspicion this is a way to eliminate account sitters from the game and that everyone will now have benefit of offensive fire control which was previously a perk only enjoyed by High Command members, however I am only guessing as I have not tested the nuance of this change/fix. I look forward to testing this change on the battlefield, and wonder if the misfire or 1 arty unit preventing 6 other units from firing will also be eliminated...

    My interpretation of the update description is that this change is not the same as offensive mode. But I have very little experience with High command (only got high command for free for a very short duration when I first started the game), so please correct me if I am wrong..

    In offensive mode, a moving stack will stop moving and fire back when an enemy comes into range ('even if the execution of other orders has to be deferred'). I don't think this recent change involve stopping movement. In fact, i think this change may make offensive mode even more powerful because there may no longer be a delay before a stack on offensive mode fires.

    My thoughts on this update:

    1) Personally, I don't mind the change in path indicators. I kind of like the arrows actually.

    2) I think the change in range units mechanics that eliminates HnR is nice. It emphasizes the strategic aspects of this game.

    3) Not sure if this is a bug or an intended change: I noticed that the red marker indicating that a unit is being targeted is now gone. For example, my units being targeted by an enemy bomber used to have a red marker on in. Now, there is no such marker. I hope this is not permanently removed. Without this marker, players will have less time to respond to bomber threats (because we sometimes can see the red marker before the bomber comes into visible range), making bomber more powerful in this game.

    This is how it has been for some time now. I think the change occured quite some time ago. And it can also fire more than 2 shots.

    This is also how other ranged units (ships, railguns) work now.

    Edit to add: I feel that it can sometimes be a bad tactic to send single infantry to feed enemy artillery stacks. This is because the enemy stack will gain ~1-2% morale for each single-infantry stack they kill. How detrimental it is depends a lot on the composition of the enemy stack. If they have 1000 infantry in the artillery stack, then it is very detrimental. If the stack is mostly artillery and has little infantry, then the effect of this is negligible.


    I started noticing a potential bug with revolt chances today.

    In the past, approximately 33% province morale is needed to prevent revolt. Now, it seems that revolt chances is shown as 0% even if the morale is low and has no troop garrison. For example:

    - Province morale = 25%

    - Garrison strength = 0.0 (no troop there)

    - Chances of an uprising = 0%

    Not sure if this is a display bug, a bug with the formula, or unannounced game change

    Hey SC you may have gotten the idea that Legacy still exists or has the potential of returning. It does not. It apparently stayed in existence a long time past it was profitable to maintain it. Regrettably you can't have infinite backwards compatibility.

    With that being said, as has been told to the people that keeping bring up legacy, if there are features it had that you heard about and interest you, they can be requested. The game has developers who continue to work on S1914 in an effort to continually improve and make it more fun for the vast majority of players. :)

    Hmm, I understand that it is going to get phrased out eventually. But I have read that it is still going to be around for "several months" ([S1914] Release Notes - 2021-06-22).

    My point is that having a better understanding how legacy works will still level the playing field between new and legacy players to some extent for the next few months.

    I would like to suggest a new feature that allows users to choose to stop receiving/hide communications from a particular user. This includes the option to block the following:

    - In-round messages

    - Newspaper article written by that user (

    - Message (the one that is outside of game rounds)

    Sometimes, I am just sick of reading the rubbish messages from specific user(s). Maybe this could even reduce the workload of game operators by reducing the number of reports concerning abusive language. I, for one, would rather block a user sending me abusive message than to take the effort to submit a report and wait 2 days.

    Thanks for consideration.

    is it possible to allow new users to use legacy for a week or weekend?

    I would really like to try out legacy, at least for a few days. From reading this read, I realised that the difference between legacy and the revamp is not just about appearance. It seems that there are some differences in functions that can affect gameplay. More specifically, from what some others have written, legacy mode can confer some advantages. As an example, someone said something about a green circle ["in legacy mode there was a circle around the cities (the green one)"].

    If new players like me can try out legacy for at least a short duration, then at least we can understand what we are up against when fighting players on legacy mode. For example, I will at least know that legacy player will see a mysterious green circle so I can try take that into consideration when making decisions. This can at least level the playing field to some extent..

    Mobilization is only a factor at start of map, day 1 = 50%, day 2 = 70%, day 3 = 90% and by day 4 = 100% so long as resource requirements are meet, mostly Grain and Oil will affect this...This is my understanding and much testing on this was conducted by Boris DE and Petruzz, is possible Petruzz has info on his s 1914 discord server >

    Yea, but he could have resource shortage, leading to reduced mobilisation. This could potentially explain the difference in attack damage. If so, there is no need to do anymore extensive testing..

    I am quite curious and want to understand this difference in damage. If this is real (not due to display bug) and not due to reduced mobilisation (due to resource shortage), then it means that there are some important aspects of the game that I don't know about. The damage difference is huge!

    I am not sure how to check mobilisation on the web-browser, but apparently, reduced mobilisation is visible on the phone app. See the screenshot at the following link:…lisation_10_mean_and_how/

    Will you be able to check if you have reduced mobilisation? I think mobilisation changes with the day-change, so the screenshot of attack damage and mobilisation needs to be from the same day.

    I know the game operators don't discuss individual cases on forums.

    But out of curiosity, are you saying that you:

    1) Played together with a friend (both using the same VPN; thus the same IP address), and

    2) You "backstabbed" this friend in the first four days to "gain land quick"?

    If so, this sort of gameplay seems quite unfair (sounds like 'pushing' even if not multi-ing) and likely against the rules (Forbidden Actions).

    I presume you are referring to the mesopotamia map. Its a unique map with unique rules and requires unique strategy. I dont think this is a 'weak spot'. It's clearly stated upfront as part of the rules. Maybe you should read it before you start...

    1. Only one player can win.
    2. No retirement or coalitions available.
    3. Starting provinces cannot be trespassed.
    4. Starting provinces cannot revolt.
    5. Spy actions on starting provinces disabled.
    6. Units and buildings in starting provinces are invulnerable.
    7. Trading units or provinces deactivated.

    Our morale is the same, 66%.

    Then the only other explanation I can think of is that your mobility is lower.

    See the part about mobility in this post: supplements

    If you look at the formula in the bottom-left panel of the graph (damage% = mobility% * (45 * morale% + 55), you will see that mobility also affects damage. Maybe you have oil shortage that reduced mobility?


    I have the recurring problem, that the troops travel the segments of the map from one extreme to the other, when they arrive at the intersection of the provinces and even when they change from one province to another, they return they lose time, deviate from their path, and even they stamp with other armies unexpectedly.

    I have been experiencing this same problem since some time back. I am still experiencing this on a daily basis.