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    So I just made a new tutorial on some of the tactics I've learned since I started making videos. Took me a long time to make it (I wasn't even sure if I was going to at first) but I finally did. If you guys have any comments on it or recommendations it will be greatly appreciated!

    Great video! Wished it existed when I first started the game.

    The idea that lemming could be a counter for flower is interesting and new to me. But how does it work? Why would lemming be a good counter for flower? I will surely try this out when i have the chance

    It could be that they stationed troops at all your provinces, and that you left your provinces (almost) empty. So all it takes is for them to declare war, and all your provinces will be captured by them immediately. When a player has no provinces left, all his units will immediately disappear.

    So I dont think this is a glitch...

    Thanks for the nice and clear illustrations.

    This also reminds me of a question I have had about game mechanics for some time that I think is somewhat related to the distribution of splash damage.

    Question: What happens to damage that a stack receives when the damage is not sufficient to kill another unit?

    To illustrate:

    - Let's say there is a stack of a single infantry (1 HP).

    - This stack receives 0.75 damage (let's say due to flowering).

    What happens then?
    a) The stack has a certain probability of dying (e.g., 75% chance? I don't care too much about the exact percentage though)

    b) The stack will take the 0.75 damage, and remain at 0.25 HP (even though it may not be displayed in-game).

    c) The 0.75 damage will be 'lost'. The single infantry would not suffer any damage, and will never die if it contains to receive 0.75 damage per round.

    d) Other outcomes?

    *I am asking this question here because I thought this may be relevant to flowering.. But if you think this is not suitable, feel free to remove and I will repost my question as a standalone thread elsewhere.

    maybe you find AI difficult because it behaves differently from the past and you still don't understand its behavior. But if you play a little more with this new AI, you will find that it is fairly predictable.

    What I usually do with AIs is:

    1) For some provinces which I can access from two directions, I will send a small number of infantry from one direction (see screenshot).

    2) Use ranged units (artillery/ships) from another directions to draw their troops out of the fortresses. Try to use only 1 artillery to fire at the stack in the fortress. This reduces the damage to the buildings in that province, and you can use the 2nd artillery to fire at the fortress right after to lure out the remaining troops. Usually, two shots are enough to lure all the units out. But occasionally, 3 shots are needed, and very rarely, AIs dont get lured out.

    3) After shooting, have the artillery fall back.

    4) When the fortress is vacant, the infantry can capture the province from the other side.

    5) Once you captured the province, the terrain movement penalty will slow down the enemy troops movement, making it easier to hit and run. Also, your artillery will no longer damage the buildings.

    Obviously, this is just a rough guide, some changes are needed depending on situation.

    how is it possible to unlock the pacifist medal?

    i mean is it even possible to win map with just developing what you have?

    the description says no retirement ,, so how do you reach 1500-1000 points in game without fighting .. letting your allies do the fighting? does that even count for the coaliltion victory? or is there another way to do it?

    It says without STARTING a war, not without BEING in a war.

    Having said that, I don't have this medal yet. Its not easy, but possible I guess.

    Articles about trade embargoes have been removed from the Daily European to make sure that you do not miss any essential information in the newspaper.

    Maybe just to give my feedback.

    I personally find trade embargo news in the DE to be quite useful. It is something I actively monitor. What I do is that I will filter the DE by "Myself", and if I see a neighbouring AI country trade embargoed me, this is a clear signal that this country may declare war on me in the near future. I will therefore have to reposition my troops.

    To a lesser extent, it can sometimes also be useful to know if one of my enemies received new trade embargo.

    Of course, with this change, I can still check for trade embargoes by other means, but it was nice previously where all the important pieces of information are in the newspaper.

    In game

    - Its funny that 1soldier has same upkeep like 1bomber or 1battleship... I think so here will be better make some differences.

    - Could be ggod idea to make from oil something like fuel, when oil is gone, tanks, ships, planes will stop in place where they are.

    In this game, 1 infantry represents 1 *infantry brigade* and 1 bomber represents *1 bomber brigade*. So i think it makes sense that both brigades consume similar level of resources. Some fine tuning could be possible (like slightly different level of oil consumption), but the current set-up seems plausible to me.

    Your point about oil shortage: there is a game mechanics in place that takes this into account (though in a somewhat different way as you suggested). See the point about' Mobilisation' in this page ([INDEX] Frequently Asked Questions).

    My thoughts:

    1) My sense is that this game is intentionally designed to make it difficult to achieve solo wins on big maps (like 500p map). This capital morale penalty is one such game mechanic. Another is the 'corruption' mechanic. I see this as a good thing because it makes teamwork more important.

    2) I think the map is okay the way it is right now. Your point about America having a hard time expanding is true. But this is a 2-sided coin: it is also hard for people to invade America.. So there are pros and cons to this. America is not necessarily disadvantaged by the lack of direct air connection to Africa. .

    3) I agree that the lag in late game for 500p map is a problem..

    I have the same experience as Furry. All the reports I made about inappropriate langauge in newspaper had led to removal of the articles. I have not personally observed any bans yet, but i think the warning seems to work in stopping inappropriate language..

    I suggest you keep reporting those articles

    A possible explanation is that you have turned inactive and the move/attack commands are sent by the AI.

    You can still turn AI even if you log in everyday. You need to make some kind of actions (e.g., moving your troops) to prevent turning AI. You can check if this explanation applies for you by looking at the newspaper - whether there is a newspaper article about 'Coup de tat' for your country.

    Regarding your first point about countering artillery by sending in single infantry to draw the fire, I think this tactic is much less effective now because:

    1) Your artillery stack gets a morale boost from killing single infantry (usually 1-2%).

    2) Your artillery stack can fire again after killing the 1 infantry (if you have sufficient artilleries in your stack).

    What this means is that this single-infantry tactic is only effective when you have very few artilleries in your stack. When you have more artilleries and more infantry in your stack, this tactic is not effective and may even backfire.

    In other words, I suggest you counter this tactic by (i) putting more artilleries in your stack (so it can fire multiple shots), and (ii) put a lot of infantry in the stack (so that you will benefit more from the morale gain from killing the infantry).

    I am not against your suggestion of having different 'fire only' mode, but i will personally not use it even if it is available. This mode is too easy to counter. For example, if an enemy stack is using 'fire only on arty' mode, I will send my infantry to attack that stack, and then move my artillery to bombard.

    For your 2nd point, I think the developers are already working on something to fix this, so I won't comment here..

    I have witnessed Bytro reduce the inactivity period from 5 days down to 2 days, so Bytro is also protecting these players K/D ratios, especially in 500 maps where you have huge armies, Bytro can fix this by simply returning to the prior 5 days inactivity standard.

    While on this topic another deceptive statistic with overall experience of players since Bytro made all AI Elite, these players are achieving high military rank with 80% of their score being fighting against AI

    Regarding inactivity period, I feel that a 2 day period is the lesser evil here (vs. 4 or 5 day period). When the inactivity period was 4/5 days, it is so easy to improve K/D ratio by bombarding those static troops standing there doing nothing. I would think that a shorter inactivity period results in the KDR being a better reflection of a player's skills and ability. Furthermore, in the past when inactivity period is longer and I want to preserve my KDR, I would just send my troops out of range of the enemy (e.g.. out to sea or far inland).

    As for the deceptive statistics, I personally see military rank as a poor indicator of a player's skills and ability. I don't infer that a player is a good player simply because he has high military rank. I am under the impression that most players with some experience rely on KDR more than rank.. But it would be cool if the rank system could be reworked to make military rank a more meaningful indicator (I have no suggestions though).

    Complicated. Many people goes AFK because of... "anything". You can't punish them for that since Bytro doesn't want to people are logged in constantly.

    However, an "equidistant" solution could be achieved by protecting the statistics from those who went AFK but, on the other hand, allow active players to improve their own by conquering the former countries of those AFK players.

    But going inactive here means being AFK for 2 days straight. Even if Bytro doesn't want people to log in constantly, they would still want players to log in at least once every 1-2 days right? I think if we want KDR to be a good indicator of skills and ability, then dropping the KDR of players who don't log in for 2 days straight seems like the right thing to do..

    Maybe the rules/definitions are clear to the GOs, but before this recent discussion, it certainly was not clear for me. I speculate that it is also unclear for many players...

    So I feel that it would be beneficial to revise the wording of the rules on pushing to make it clearer and more concrete.

    Interesting.. thanks for the discussion.

    From what I see:

    • I think we can all agree that in Walrus's case (in post #11), player A had clear intention to help player B right before quitting.
    • But I think there is no evidence indicating that player A joined the game with the sole intention of helping Player B.

    If this constitute account pushing, does this then means that:

    • 1) In future games, if my coalition-mates decides to quit halfway through the game (e.g., work commitement, health reasons, family members died) and send all his troops towards a competitor (who we may or may not be at war with), I am not supposed to capture his empty provinces?
    • 2) (Variation of the #1) Does it matter if capturing of the empty provinces is delayed by 2 days till he turns AI? (and assuming the recruitment center is disabled for easy capture)
    • 3) In future games, if I have to quit the game halfway for personal reasons, I am not supposed to help my coalition by giving away land, resources, and sending my troops to attack the competitors?

    If the above scenarios are not considered pushing, what is the distinguishing characteristics from the scenario described by Walrus?

    I don't disagree with the rules, I just want to better understand it so I can adhere to them.

    EDIT: to clarify that I am referring to Walrus's scenario in post #11 (i only saw post #17 after I made this post)