The new gold mark thing everyday has a bug

  • Hi I'm Not_Otepxd I'm a sergeant in Supremacy 1914 and as you all know that Bytro added an update that you can now get free gold mark everyday!

    Although there's one bug that I have discovered (Idk if you have experienced this but), sometimes when doing the questions, the screen becomes blurry for some odd reason and when I exited the menu where you would answer the question... I cannot touch anything on my screen because it's blurry. I think because of the thing where if you press any button the background becomes blurry.. I don't know if that's a good explanation but I hope this bug gets fixed.

    The bug happens when you press the start button multiple times and that's how it got blurry. I have to exit out by using alt+F4 just to exit out of the game.

    I hope the support team knows about this.

    Thanks in advance, Not_Otepxd

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