Negative Goldmark & Account Frozen

  • To Support staff,

    I've already sent in a support ticket for this and it's went unanswered.

    Apparently I exploited the game by obtaining gold more than once for email confirmation, which wasn't really my fault and hardly a bug exploit. I didn't set out to try and exploit this bug I just confirmed my email more than once and I was given gold.

    Anyway I didnt spend most of it and this gold was removed from my account which is fair enough.

    However, I now have significantly negative goldmark and as a result everything in the game is frozen.

    Literally I cannot do anything. Moving troops, constructing buildings, etc. Nothing works.

    Please reset my gold back to 0. I am in the middle of multiple wars and being frozen is making me lose provinces. I've put many hours in to the game and it's a shame to see this happen.

    I acknowledge my error and will report any bugs that appear in the future, even if they are accidentally uncovered.

    If my gold isn't reset back to 0, I literally have no other choice but to quit the game as there is no way to perform any in game actions, and im not willing to spend the $40 something dollars on goldmark to reset it to 0, nor do I want to make a new account.

    Appreciate your help in this matter.

    IGN: G L 0 R Y

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