Warriors of Valhalla

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    Name: Warriors of Valhalla

    Founded: 2022

    Leader: Charmer, co-leaders: MR.BEARD, Fletch, TimidCow and MagnumAvalon

    Discord: Access for members only!

    Country: International

    Language: English



    - We are recruiting members who have experience in alliance matches.

    - High activity, in serious alliance matches we usually play 24/7, with alarms at night. But since we can't demand this from everyone, at least during the day you have to be active. (both in discord and in game)

    - High tactical discipline, ability to adapt according to the situation, behave respectfully and contribute to the alliance.


    If you have no experience in alliance matches, we will teach you if you meet the other requirements and have high activity.

    We are preparing a solid team to participate in AT this year, the main task is to give the newcomers the opportunity to participate in alliance matches. If you want to become a part of our community, by playing both for fun and competative games, you're welcome.



    Name: Warriors of Valhalla - Academy.

    Founded: 28.04.2024

    Leader: MR.BEARD and other leaders of Warriors of Valhalla (Charmer, TimidCow, Fletch, MagnumAvalon)

    Discord: Access for members only! We use the same server as the parent alliance.

    Country: International

    Language: English


    All players are welcome in our academy. All that is required is a willingness to learn. Experienced players will teach you tricks, how to play alliance matches and regular games and etc. We will explain everything related to the game. You will find many new friends here. The family of Valhalla welcomes you!


    Since we are growing very fast, soon we will start our first alliance matches for our academy. We are looking for opponents to play with. Tournament rules with no elo for our first alliance match!

    If by September our academy shows significant progress, they will be signed up to participate in the alliance tournament.


    Please, message me if you're interested to join! (chavdar.temnishki in discord)