LOOOTS of ideas, brace yourselves.

  • Morale Boosting Buildings, Statues, Touristic Buildings
    Don't know how you will call this building but for long distance provinces a way to boost morale is needed especially once your a massive empire...
    Wouldn't it be cool to have these structures that will boost morale (e.g. +20 or smth) and possibly increase the population (because of tourists) varying with the level of the building?

    Military Unit Trade

    Trade for Military, Naval and Aerial Units except for Infantry and Cavalry (cus why would you trade off people...), this feature would allow players to interact with the economy better and allow players who do not have good resource production to redeem themselves, obviously this will cost waaaay more than raw materials and will be extremely OP in the beginning. This is why you should make it a feature allowed by day 10 or 15 (you decide idk)

    Bank Loans
    This feature can help with the economical part of the game. If I needed resources but can't pay for it at the moment, wouldn't it be cool to get a loan from the Bank? like a contract, If I don't pay up I use 1-2 provinces or smth else that hurts as collateral and won't be able to do more loans for the rest of the game. But not just with the AI but with players too, its a great way to interact with other players and a good way to gain provinces if they don't pay up. The thing can look like this:

    New Units

    -Heavy Artillery, The next level to the infantry unit, its like a railgun but doesnt need railways and is a tinsie bit faster, and does less damage. This could be produced after building the Factory lvl2
    -Heavy Infantry, the advanced unit of the basic infantry unit everyone loves.. This probably won't be a thing that you get every few hours but listen,
    Workshop lvl2 and Barracks lvl2 is what will be needed for this (or not you decide). Its stronger, more effective, has better defence but will be significantly slower.

    Conditional Names
    or focus names? no? ok well this is what i have in mind. You can't add a rename option for whenever we want because that can go wrong reaaaal quick sadly but what if you made that conditional? For example, If i wanted to make a Roman Empire, I must first have Rome as the Capital, Be in control of France, Spain, Greece, Turkey and parts of North Africa etc. And only then will you be given the option to rebrand yourself, this will be followed by an updated flag (because most players don't know or can't change their flag) but of course this will cost smth but not Goldmarks pleaseeeee.
    Another e.g. Im playing as Cuba in World In Fire (100 players) and I have conquered more than 30 provinces, at that point I should be given an option to either rebrand to the Cuban Empire.

    This feature will be the most time consuming however it will be suuper great for your players and possibly will bring you more, if you want an idea look below:


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  • Do you use Discord/ If not, I would suggest you alter that and sign up. In the official Supremacy 1914 Discord Server is a section specific for ideas and game change suggestions. THERE, I can assure you, ideas submitted are regularly reviewed by the Game Developers.

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  • Those are interesting suggestions, I wish some of the next updates would introduce a way to play tall and almost always the better way to expand your power is to conquer more lands for resources.

    There are some ways such features can be introduced, new and updated buildings, and correct modifiers and incentives to build up your local economy, I am sure that it has been suggested. I am just saying the game can be made even more interesting.