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    So this railgun is moving (i assume) in the Pacific, but for some reasons has chosen to appear in the middle of Spain, and appears to be revealing valuable intel about Spain, but i checked and its not revealing anything in Spain. Also its not on a rail.

    Mmmh very strange, it should be working also on Edge, tried it at home. Maybe some firewall or adblocker??

    My lap just got back from maintenance, everything is deleted. The only thing i downloaded is Discord. So everything should be in place. And it did worked earlier today. But then suddenly, it cant load.

    I cannot load the game on desktop, despite reloading both the game and laptop.
    Im using Microsoft Edge (aka Bing), but google doesnt seems to work too.
    Its definitely not my laptop, since it just got back from a full maintenance a day before.

    I am fairly new to this game and is currently exploring the game's espionage and diplomatic side, and has noticed that you can intercept communications using intel spies. I wish to prevent other players from doing the same to me, nor my allies. So i thought of something that may prevent it (without using counter spies):

    1. Deleting messages.
    2. Only send messenges in coalition communication.
    3. Only send messages in in-game chatrooms.

    These are what i managed to figure out, but i dont know if which one of them will actually work, or if any of them is consider cheating. If you know, please share your knowledge with me.