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    There has also been bugs like this in numerous games, where neutral countries are being attacked due to proximity.

    Had this happen in a game recently where an enemy parked his battlship on a neutral battleship, my subs sank both, and paper reflected the neutral country losing troops to me. But we remained at peace.

    Not only the last message. If you want to embrace the fun there are 2 ways we have done it.

    1.) me and allies (usually RL friends) have downloaded an enigma simulator. We send random messages to get the settings the same, then we actually use the newspaper to send messages. It is hilarious b/c you are putting your plans on display but no one is going to break the code. We also included updates to settings to change the code.

    2.) Can send multiple messages broken into fragments.

    Ie. Message is "Let's attack Germany tomorrow at noon"

    Send it in 5 separate messages.

    1.) let's

    2.) attack

    3.) Germany

    4.) tomorrow

    5.) at noon

    chances of spies intercepting all 5 messages is very slim.

    100% this. It would be a downgrade. Having to watch multiple fronts provides more dynamic play. 90% of the people I play as soon as you break their front line, or avoid their mass stack army, their backsides are completely unprotected.

    This has been an issue since the beginning. The only way you could probably do it is punitive. And even then, people would just create new accounts probably to get around it.

    That is part of the great "fix".

    Now instead of using Fighters as scouts like we had for decades. We have to worry about setting them on "Patrol" to pop subs, when all it takes is a few LC moved into the patrol area to make that useless.

    Same with AC or balloons into a fort.