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    More feed back from a veteran and expierenced player as being an ex GO.

    Like Hastings said. Instead of wasting time in putting resources to make a province list that can be moved around (much wow) U should turn to your core problems of this new UI compared to legacy. Simplify tactical armies display. This complaint has been going on from the first MINUTE that the new UI has been launched and this by basicly ALL veteran players but it simply gets ignored or gets pushed back because moving a province list seems top priority... And there are much more problems wich were all discussed in the forum thread where the total removal of legacy was announced that need to happen aswell. Legacy has been removed so there is basicly no more excuse about "having to split resources over 2 game modes" as there is only one now. Start improving core problems. Thanks

    Everything stated there should be focussed on before sending more useless updates into this game making it more unplayable.

    Fools. No point in complaining. Removing this outdated mode just improves the game even more, you guys just have to adapt. Legacy took too many resources for 5%. You guys should be happy Bytro is attempting to improve the game by cutting off this obsolete mode. My desktop from 2010 can handle it, yours should too.

    Fools? I think you are the one trolling. If your desktop from 2010 can handle the new UI then you have never been in a 500p map, owning 1000+ provinces and more then 10.000+ units to move around. Lets see how your desktop handles that. I bet it explodes as my freshly new build desktop from 1 year back cant handle it.

    And when I look at your profile you dont have any medals for 500p maps so no, you have never been in a late stage of a big map before. + your account was created in 20 november 2020 so you have never played the Legacy mode. You are not really in a position to say things that you are saying right now.

    Dont forget that even for the ones that had the choice, that was hard to find. It took me a good week before i wondered "gee, what will this botton next to the huge PLAY one do?" If all players were given the choice, and the choice had been clear play-legacy mode / play-compatibility mode, and not just PLAY / mistery button, that suppossed 5% would be funny to see...

    Hard to find? It was right next to the play button and if you hovered your mouse on it, it said "Legacy mode". So not really a mistery button and not really hidden.

    And the ones who had a choice means those are the ones who already played it before the new UI was even released so they all knew wich button to select to play Legacy mode.

    Legacy mode took the same amount of resources as the main U.I, and only 5% of players used it. It improves the game by putting resources in other things to make supremacy greater, faster.

    As said before by myself and other veteran players. The only reason this happened is because new players had no choice but to use the new U.I

    If new players had the choice between the new UI or Legacy mode then Legacy would not be dying out. Legacy mode has been discontinued from support for like a year now and in my eyes the new UI still has to many problems and has not improved that much in that time span. So I'm hoping that progress will be made now that legacy is out of the window. If not then I will lose hope aswell and simply quit the game after years of playing

    If you have any other concrete aspects of how and what to simplify, I'll glady relay feedback to the rest of the team.

    Big changes require time and effort but that doesn't mean they're completely out of the question if they promise to improve the game.

    If I would have to get my list out of things I'd would like to see changed.

    - Better performance of maps. Like I mentioned before, 500p maps are unplayable when they go mid-late game stage. You guys introduced the low graphic mode but even then I keep crashing on big maps in mid-late stage of those games. I'm sure more players have this problem aswell.

    - Simplified army labels so you can have a better overview of your armies and your enemy his armies. Things are now cluttered when more armies/squads are in the same place or close to each other. Such as labels even covering the province point so you cant even see if that fort you are fighting against is being destroyed or not to give an example.

    Maybe implement a legacy kind of label together with the current 3D models?

    - Like Sphragis said before, pins would be a nice option. Simular to the pin option you had in Legacy.

    - Better colours for countries, more clear borders (atm there is a bug with borders not being shown correctly aswell).

    - More user friendly diplomacy menu: In my expierence, newer players are having a hard time telling when a player is being taken over by the AI or not. The current diplomacy menu shows you when a country is a player or a computer. But it does not give a different symbol when a player went inactive. It will still show as a "player" and when you hover your mouse on that icon it says "player" even when they are taken over by the AI. The only option now to find out if players are taken over by the computer due to inactivity is to locate the country on your map, and zoom out to see wich icon pops up. A silhouet of a guy or the silhouet of a guy with some kind of briefcase or barrel behind it. (these 2 icons are also not clear in my opinion for new players)

    - Water waypoints visibility needs to be adjusted

    - Unit models need to be adjusted: They take up lot of space together with the labels making it even more cluttered. If its not possible to remove it, maybe shrink the size of them or make them somewhat transparant so you can see the walking paths/province points and buildings trough the unit models?

    With Legacy mode you had a nice view on your map. Simple and tight. Good overview on your troops even when lots of troops were bunched up in 1 place. Now with the current army labels and army images you cant see shit when 3-4 armies are in the same place.

    Besides this, also performance wise the new version is poor. 500p maps are now unplayable especially on your mobile phone. Sure I do not have the newest and greatest phone (Iphone 7). But to me its not normal that when I hit only 200 regions in a 500p map, the app already crashes because it cant handle such big maps. On legacy you did not have that problem. Now with legacy removed you could basicly just remove 500p maps from the game in general. They are not playable in the new version. especially on your phone.

    About legacy mode being less used, its pretty simple.... Its Bytro their own damn fault. You disabled legacy mode for newer players so they did not even had the chance of picking legacy mode or the newer version. You simply forced all new players into the new version. So dont come up with the bullshit excuse that "The main reason for the removal is that Legacy is outdated and only used by a fraction of the player base" because I'm pretty sure if you would offer it to all the new players, a good portion of them would go for Legacy mode and it would not be "underplayed".

    It would not surprise me that this was set up by Bytro in advance so they could have this excuse to remove legacy and put all their effort, resources and time into the new version that has failed so far when it comes to being user friendly

    But hey... It looks good tough! An animated 3D sea! Now thats rly something everybody was waiting on :o

    If you want the ultimate example of the new version being not user friendly.. Here is 1 screenshot of my 1 infantry traveling on my land. Me being Florida on a 500p map. The walking paths are white. But so are my regions. You cant even see where your troops are going unless you switch the option of showing country relations on and off... aka not user friendly.