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    How does one report a problem within the game when the problem is that you cannot GET INTO the game. ?

    Please give me step-by-step instructions regarding that...

    I had 2 games that would not load for 3 days last week

    I cost me a potential win in one game since I was in the lead, then out for 3 days, and then SOL

    When sorting the Diplomacy Screen by Adjacent Neighbors, we only get our own province.

    Is this an unintended glitch? Or, is there a reason for this?

    I am the Leader of an Alliance.

    I set up a game for a challenge.

    When messaging the members that I wanted on my team, after the 2nd message, I received a message that "That action is not allowed", and I am being prevented from sending any more messages.

    I should be able to send out 4 messages, shouldn't I?

    I am a Major General, yet, when I position here, it says that I am a Sergeant. Why is this?

    We have 2 alliances who wish to engage in some 5-on-5 matches against each other.

    How do we set this up.

    There used to be an icon for this on the Alliance page, but no more...


    Overwhelming Force

    Overwhelming Force has lost many members to attrition and real-life pressures.

    We have many new members and wish to "test-drive" our lineup.

    We are accepting challenges for 5-on-5 matches.

    Message me


    Leader, Overwhelming Force (OWF)

    In 1982, back in the days of dial-up, I created a website called BUSHIDO BBS, and on that site I created a game known as "Battle for North America" or BNA. It was a geopolitical game, very similar to Supremacy1914, except that it was essentially play-by-mail (or in this case, message). Being dial-up, only one player could be on at a time, players messaged me as to their move for that turn, I calculated the results, including battles using a 10-sided-die to determine odds, and posted the results the next morning, We had up to 30 players from all over the USA (some of whom I later learned were hacking their way in through other's phone numbers). The game ran until July of 1987 when outside circumstances forced me to take it down. I did investigate several times in the interim the feasibility of automating the game to run on a www. website, but other things always seemed to take priority...BUSHIDO BBS may have been the forerunner of games such as Supremacy....

    Alliances used to be able to challenge each other

    I cannot find a mechanism to do so these days....

    Please explain how....

    I keep responding to an invitation to join, I look for games and find none, then I am dropped for non-participation.

    I play regular Supremacy games, but have yet to find a FLP game

    Am I the only one?