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    Thank you for registering Eotelia, he has made several attempts to register but he does not receive the confirmation email of his registration on the forum.

    Because noone has been emailed yet. Im gonna try to get a reminder email sent out tonight of the match start time. But noone has said anything to me of anyone named if they want to join and cant figure out the forums have them in game mail me.

    Why are people signing up other people?

    As Field Marshal Dan said a couple newer folks were having trouble replying so we will sometime add them upon request, or in Archon's case I already had the forum open at the moment and so I added him to save the trip to the forums

    :love: :) 'Chatter's Invitational Speed round Sign Up' :)

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sign UPs are now Closed!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Hello ladies and gents !

    Launch date : October 6th ETA 8pm EST

    Game number and password will be sent via mailbox to participants on launch day.

    The password will be scrambled after participants all enter.

    If you are having any issue registering on the forum, or making a reply here, please report to SUPPORT !

    --- This is a signup page for the Unranked Colonial Uprising map made for chatters and forum users. ---

    Sign up is on first to reply, first to be added basis.

    > Players will be added by replying in this topic

    > Random country selection

    > The round will be created on ''launch day'' when full/ready to go.

    > 2 days inactivity timer will be applied to this round for active players.

    >This map will be unranked

    >Ai 1 day peace players 2 day peace period

    > The round will be set to 2x speed

    >The map itself has a lvl 3 requirement to join unfortunately we can not change that.

    >Since Colonial Uprising doesnt allow teams, Alliance members will be limited to 5 alliance members in the map.

    > Goldmarks use will not be allowed and will result in removal*

    I'm very pleased to help arrange this active round for the chatter and forum community.

    1) Valkyrie Brynhild

    2) toxic cat1

    3) Marechal Spinola III

    4) -ISCO-

    5) scots65

    6) Valor Star

    7.) American Soup

    8.) LaloKURD

    9) VMFMCP

    10) Sorry Bob

    11) HyPerEZ1

    12) Archon

    13) TimidCow

    14) DF1981

    15) archmagos zaband karsh

    16) Kenn Oath

    17) aminster96

    18) The Octopus

    19) DjAintThirsty

    20) Broney201

    21) Mr. NukeBomb

    22) Brontor87

    23) Elite Union

    24) Premasee

    25) King Guthrum

    26) Jallissa

    27) Zak the conqueror

    28) user41575122 ID69920625

    29)Fallen sinester






    35)Mr Jackson 007


    37)The Great Riz


    39) ..Roronoa..Zoro..












    -------------- map approved ----------


    *gold checks are done on a schedule without need to report

    Be SURE to enable goldmarks confirmation in account settings.. ''mistakes'' will not avoid removals

    What many of yall dont remember there was a time when ships and Airplanes were a seperate Gold purchase option. I am only suggesting Gold for a creation option as I know the extra maps can be a server strain and server space is expensive

    you said about 45k a month for free? with that in mind i think 10k is a good amount personally that way your not dumping all your marks into it and so its still decently cheap to right out buy them. thats just my humble opinion.

    Is that 10k for the creation of the map, or anyone joining? I gave my thoughts on both sides of that.

    Since the addition of the tutorial maps, many players have found that they love the 4x speed of the tutorials. I am wanting to open up a discussion on the possibilities of maybe being able to create a 4x map with our monthly game creation.

    I understand that there could be an issue of server space for doing this, furthermore that is an additional expense. An idea that I have been toying with is maybe like in the older days when Naval and Air packs were only GoldMark options, make the 4x speed be a GoldMark option. Would You as players be willing to spend GoldMarks to create or even to join a 4x non tutorial game? If so How many would be appropriate an appropriate entry fee?

    If you are on PC...HOLD click the right mouse button to select a large area. couple ways to select individual troops. click an army click add army and who ever u want in the army. or you can hold CTRL key and click the units wanted.

    If on Mobile. tap and hold and draw a lasso around the troops wanted. or click individual armies via the add army button.

    Hello ladies and gents !

    ~~~ Friday November 11th Launch day ~~~

    Participants will receive mail on the 9th

    ----------- SIGN UP has been CLOSED ---------

    --- This is the signup page for the 31p The Great War map made for chatters and forum users. ---

    Sign up will be on first to reply, first to be added basis.

    Country selection will be random.

    The round will be launched when full / ready to go.

    Anti-cheat option will be enabled for the round , network players will not be able to take part.

    2 days inactivity timer will be applied to this round for active players.

    *Following feedback from participants, 1 day peace period for players and AI will be added*

    The round will be set to standard speed.

    Staff are free to join and enjoy a game alongside players*

    Game number and password will be sent via mailbox to participants on launch day.

    It is my pleasure to bring this active round to the chatter and forum community.

    Please reply below to add your name to the roster.


    *Miss Brat Handler







    *Kenn Oath




    12.)LORD TANYI



    15.)regelemihai27 *


    17.)South Paw

    18.)James K Polks Cat *




    22.)Lady Thumper










    *Lady Thumper


    This round will be advertised via chatroom until it has been filled or is full enough to be started.

    *staff taking part in this round will be recused from 'working' any support matters related to it, and will take part as players only.

    be aware that even in our own games, staff are obliged to report any rule break they observe into the support system.