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    i do not think it was even alpha in flanders

    plus do you remember beta test for othe MMOs?- it was taking months or years ( ie closed project Total War Arena - 2015-2019)

    BRUH HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT, i still cry at night when i remember Arena (just managed to get to Tier10 with my romans :( )

    From my personal experience, people are being really harsh at people using GM, calling them names, being rude.
    I understand it, I've also been in games where whales just rule the map.

    Bashing gold users is not the problem, the problem is rude bashing.

    ask your guys to remove all conversations and trades from diplomacy

    if less is loaded every time - this could speed up things

    The game i had issues in, had no trade offers standing in the chat.

    Since the game i have experienced the issue is now over, please keep this topic open if it happens again.

    Dear Supremacy Team,

    I have been experiencing a lot of freezes lately while using the Diplomacy massaging, it has become so bad, i currently am In a game where my coalition refuse to write at all because the game is crashing a lot.

    I am playing on LEGACY mode, playing from both home and work (home PC got 8 gigs of RAM 4GHZ 8 core processor; work is 4GB Ram with Core 2 duo). I am using 2 different browsers, From home its OPERA, maybe its the more RAM i have but it still freezes the browser, at work I am using Mozilla sometimes the PC becomes unusable when I use diplomacy chat.

    If there is anything i can provide to help you, please do ask for it.

    It actually is the default option since several game updates ago, if it isn't for you then you probably changed this view option at some time in the past (toggled it on and off) and the setting was saved for your account. Please spread the awareness then if you encounter more players getting confused with country colors :)

    I will kind sir.

    I'm also a legacy user and I believe the day they remove it, they will also say goodbye to a big part of the players.

    I completely agree with you, the new version is confusing. I don't really care about the new unit images, the zoom, the fancy sea, or any of the new graphics.. It's a strategy game so I just want to have a clear vision of the game situation. In the legacy mode you can see exactly where the troops are, where they are heading and the composition, whereas on the new version you can't.. It's as simple as that I think.

    I can't agree nor I can disagree.

    Its hard to make everyone happy but we as a community must figure a way on how to improve the current suggestion :).

    I am having a blast trying all sorts of browser based strategy games just to figure out what I like and what I dislike

    Dear Supremacy Team,

    I have enjoyed this game very much from the moment first found out about it.
    I understand that your ultimate goal is to move forward with this game and make it better, but and for me its a BIG BUT,

    removing Legacy option for newer maps really discourages me from playing the new additions to the game.

    Best Regards,

    Cpt. Spartan

    Are there plans to introduce Legacy mode to Mobile App, I've really tried to play the mobile app and that was what made me stop the game from winter till now, its just not the simple view and mechanics of the legacy mode (The thing that made me fell in love with this game)