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    We are looking for some new members!! This alliance founded by James Livingston and run by GeneralFFL, as former members of Chatters Barracks, would like to invite you to join us, should you take interest.

    Requirements: Fluent in English, active on the game, rank of Warrant Officer or higher in game, preferred you have Discord as that is where most of our organization, planning, and events are.

    We are very involved with our players and have built a discord community where tips are shared not only on Supremacy but on a host of other games. Whether interested or not we welcome you to join our server at " " here you can get to know us better and make a decision.

    We farm good players and are very competitive looking to make runs at events such as the big AT making a name for ourselves.

    We have alliance helps from big names in the game. We have received info, tips, help, and material from the following >> Hastings TNT >> Maastricht >> LordWolf and a host of other notable and great players.
    Join us and the Immortal Agents!! You can make an application after looking us up on the Alliance tab of the Supremacy 1914 homescreen.
    This is your mission should you choose to accept.
    Good luck


    this has been proposed so many times they are either silently working on it or its just not gonna happen many MANY players agree but bytro has to make money somehow you do have the ability to create a locked map and only invite those you know wont spend

    7 subs should I believe one shot a BB. Of course there's RNG but you have to be prepared for this stuff. 10 subs or at least 5 bombers by now, and this wouldn't be a problem so it's not that BB's cant be touched its that you have to have a defensive plan against them.

    I am the co-leader of the Immortal Agents we have a protocal and standards for entrance if you contact me in game @GeneralFFL or on discord @WarWinds#9361 sry for the bold type not sure what happened but yeah contact me we can talk and see if your a fit if not theres other options I can reccommend

    certain buildings----Harbours, Railroads, Factories-----Increase the resource production of a province other increase the morale(Forts, capitol repositioning) very important to get your economy stable as it allows for easier expansion and higher morale early in the game they also allow for the building of certain mechs that are very needed i did do some math with WARMONGER and we found that harbours do a greater resource increase for dbl resource provinces and RRs greater for singles hope this is the answer you needed ;)

    You keep trashing the system, and mods you'll regret it. My advice is find one(MOD), post something on their wall, have a level headed chat or dm one in game/discord. No reason to post constant threads with claims that everyone else has to read. Let's be nice. The mods who run this deal are hard working and also moderate other games/discord/in game chat. They are busy, It must be recognized they do other things other then revolve around you. They do also have real lives so do this without attitude, address the root problem, not expend energy on publicly complaining. BTW I've never experianced more then a 24 hour delay on the approval of my posts and they wont trash your threads/comments if they are appropriate themselves.