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    point is that since introduction of HNR focus was on activity vs GMs as activity is generating more GMs than skilled players and causes less tickets and tensions on maps. This is why we do not have any mechanics to protect our troops during afk against HNR.

    Hit and Run or Shoot and Scoot or whatever you want to call it was never "introduced", its a side effect of the server tick(update) rate and has been a thing since I started playing back in 2010.

    I dunno the exact numbers or steps, but lets say the server runs a check on every army in every game (This is waaay simplified):

    Does it have an artillery unit in it?
    If Yes, is there an enemy army in range?
    If Yes, has it been more than an hour since the last shot?
    If yes, pew pew time.

    For sake of ease, let's pretend there are only 100,000 armies in the current games so its doing this query 100,000 times a minute.

    Now, the server does this lets say every minute, so you have a window of a minute to run in, manually shoot, and run away.

    If you want to reduce the shoot and scoot window down to 30 seconds, you have to double the server update rate from every 60 seconds to 30 seconds. That'll be 100,000 queries every 30 seconds now, so 200,000 every minute. Effectively doubling it.

    Do it again, lets say we want only 15 seconds, thats 100,000 queries every 15 seconds, or 400,000 every minute.

    An update every 7.5 seconds, which is still enough time for someone to shoot and scoot somewhat reliably more often than not, thats 100,000 queries every 7.5 seconds, 800,000 a minute.

    And if we want to bring it down to 3.75 seconds which would likely be where you reach the point where shoot and scoot starts to fail more than it succeeds, you have to again keep doubling the update rate and at this point it'll be 1,600,000 queries a minute, from the initial 100,000.

    That is an increase of x16. And it sounds easy to implement, and it is relatively easy to implement, but it basically means you have to increase your server costs by 16 times to keep up with the increased cpu calculations for all these additional queries which is incredibly expensive to say the least. The costs of throwing money at the problem of Shoot and Scoot would probably outstrip the entire gross revenue of S1914 on its own.

    I do concede that not everything about the new UI is perfect, but for the most part its heading in the right direction.

    For me personally, the new UI does use more of my system resources to run, but it uses more system resources to run and feel faster and smoother. Nothing is wrong with a game that is able to use more of the available CPU/GPU power to run better. (on the 500p old UI, I get a choppy/laggy experience when scrolling the map or zooming in or out despite having a decent PC, which is entirely non existent on the new UI).

    I've had little experience with it myself but with large numbers of armies in close proximity it turns into something of a clown fiesta where you can't really tell what army is standing where without basically going through and clicking on armies one by one to get their true location. An option in the settings to replace the unit graphics with a simple pin could help mitigate it and allow basic viewing to remain more comprehensible for longer though obviously, if there are a hundred units in a single province there is only so much simplifying it can do.

    The one I personally notice far more regularly is when the UI is zoomed out to its maximum, especially with as many things as can be hidden, hidden. The old UI objectively holds its ground and looks and works far better than the newer UI. It may be an oversight or I may be missing it, but I don't think I could find a way to hide unknown size/composition armies at the edge of my line of sight on the new UI. Obviously, as you get later into the game and more players are taken out, the map starts to declutter itself but it frankly looks terrible and is entirely unusable at higher zooms earlier on in games.

    Assuming its an oversight, the ability to hide unknown armies as an additional option, and perhaps a toggle all just for convenience in combination with an option to hide the player/capital names at all zoom levels would go a long way to viewing a nice overview of the map.

    5PbHvMa.png yw6vf0a.png

    Every time they discontinue support for an outdated and obsolete UI, everyone comes in droves to complain in the forums denying change and progression. Frankly, if Bytro listened to the complaints we'd be stuck with the game looking and feeling like the early 2000s. Here is a pic of what you younglings are missing out on f111EJn.jpg

    I do think there are some annoying issues with the new UI, a personal pet peeve of mine for example is the inability to hide with an option the capital/leader names but you're dreaming if you think the future is in the past.

    Yes, after bothering to make a new, separate account in these new forums due to it not being automatically connected with my Bytro account like the old forums, I now make my one and only post I plan to ever make in these forums to indicate that yes I am not a fake person who doesn't exist, but am in fact just someone who prefers to use a more modern and non-obsolete form of communications.

    As stated in the OP, I, November Terra, userID 156720 if you want to double check, am to be playing as the Union of Britain which is to start of as England.