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    This is already a function.

    You can achieve both points 1 and 2, by going to the 'province administration' tab, and selecting multiple provinces, then constructing/enabling/disabling industries in the multi-selected provinces. On PC. I assume the same function exists on the Mobile platform.

    I would like propose to introduce daily Goldmark usage limit.
    Since there is way to get free GMs (ads) some players use them enough to ruin gameplay of their enemies who do not want or can not use GMs. Game loses its competitivenes beacouse of that and becomes much less fair.
    I propose to raise prices for GMs or to introduce daily Goldmark usage limit, for example 5000 GM daily.b78//+

    I agree. I came back to the game this month, as I missed it so much. (I can handle the new interface now, even though I still miss 'Legacy'.) I found that the 'coiner' problem has increased. recently played a game in which, as an estimate, a fellow player must have used the equivalent of £200 in that game alone. (I can afford to put in about £30 per month; I've been working for 20 years) They had joined S1914 in early November - so could not have had time to accumulate that much GM through winning alone. Regardless of the source of people's GM, I believe that there ought to be a limit, perhaps selectable, in some games at least, to how much GM can be spent in-game. Otherwise, the very basis of the game is rendered irrelevant, as strategy and planning become worthless in the face of 'I can just restore the morale of my units' behaviour. No point spending weeks building a military, to have a showdown with an enemy for whom the game's quintessential properties are irrelevant.

    (I hope this translates well into other languages)

    Hi all (who read this).

    I've returned to the game after an absence. Looking to find players to co-operate with. I occasionally put a few £ into the game but I'm not 'a coiner', so I hope to find like-minded players to play with/against so I don't have to spend weeks building a game, to then be smothered by people pouring loadsamoney into their nations.