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    Hi guys, first of all, thank you for the feedback again. Of course we read and observe all the feedback, our CMs even already compiled a list with all different opinions for the team to look at, and we will certainly discuss all of that. If you keep your posts civil and constructive we will always take note of them, like our moderators have already explained. If threads keep civil staff is also more inclined to participate in them.

    The reasons behind the update were already stated in the news. To close loopholes, make it harder for "cheaters" and make it harder for all kinds of players to circumvent our intended map balancing. The last point is actually one of the most important reasons. We already expected that not all players will like such changes. Player opinion is always helpful but as this was for the most part a change to enforce balancing we will in this case focus more on observing statistics and data to determine the right course of action. And believe us we have no intend to deliberately tank this game, quite the opposite. Given the climate in this thread there is not much else to say on this topic from my perspective.

    As for any combat related change: We are not aware of doing any changes in the way combat is calculated. If there were any changes these have to be side products of other changes, and they were not deliberate. Though we did not see any proof of such reports yet, and without having proof or clear reproduction steps we also can't do much. So if you feel that combat was changed, feel free to collaborate with others to create a clear list of what exactly changed (before & after comparison), including example results and steps how to reproduce them. This also means looking at results of multiple battles, not just one single tick which can just be lucky or unlucky. Then please hand this over to our support staff, which will then hand it over to our QA for review. Thank you!

    Thank you for taking the time to answer our concerns. I really appreciate that.

    I mean a quick survey of what players would like or would you want something with a simple post of we heard you so we're adding in the updates as follows. Just listen to someone who plays the game enough to struggle in it when they suddenly take a core feature out. I mean when it dropped I was confused like what's wrong. The core feature I had been using all game was suddenly gone. I had no preparation no warning. I would have hoarded resources.

    ...and then I stop reading. But don't worry: I'll compensate you with this image, which I think it reflected "sharply" my thought about your point of view:

    E4xrN0k.jpgI agree with golden frieza. If your speaking as mod that is out of line. Mods moderate without being rude unless there is trouble. If your a player that's different. However in both cases respectful discourse is preferred.

    It's always the anime character that has an issue with me isn't it <X

    Cry all you want, Tork Bad, RPU man bad. I've been the same since 2011. Nothing has changed before you and nothing will change after you, but if you have any solutions that are on topic, feel free to write them here buddy :P. MAGA.

    so basically Lemme get this straight.

    The rpu was reduced to 50 people can barely get maps now. You have broken the rpu server 3 times. Multiple veterans have quit and nothing has changed or will change. Look at this update and everyone talking about how to change it yet nothing will happen sure.

    Thinking more, I logged into a game today and bought out the oil. Normally I would ask a neighbor to trade but I can't trade. This is going to be a rising demand I know because in my day It tool me a whole year to realize you could sell on the market. So now I have to go start a war to get oil. This led me to realize what about the games with no coalitions? What will they do? Start a unfeasible war or starve? Is that really strategy. To have simple game mechanics force you to act early?

    It might be a good idea at this point. I mean I would have liked the heads up for a few games. I mean this last update on the en server, the announcement is in Dutch. Like seriously I can't read it. I know it's dutch thanks to a friend. No offense to the dutch I just don't speak y'all's language and much as I find foreign languages interesting I would like important info to be readable. I mean the only English version Available here on the English server is the first post of this thread.

    It's simple, Jeck: games aren't made for you having an easy playing, neither for the newbie (we can be considerated with their first steps, though) nor the expert. If you don't like challenges, that's fine, but spare me from that "standard".

    Greetings. :*

    isn't the new people what bytro is trying to pull in? Like they want poor guys to get hurt by ai and gm spam thinking the tiny amount they get for new acct will actually last then be urged to buy more because they refuse to lose to ai. I mean ngl it's smart money wise until your old guard starts dropping. Also bytro I don't appreciate being pushed to s1 by you wrecking this game. I have a long history here. If you wanted that you could put them in the same website or have slapped a new name and features and called it a revitalization. Furthermore the name kinda seems like a fishy attempt to barely squeak by copyright law. It's akin to making a strategy game and calling it supremacist 1915. Just saying it's technically legal but breaks the spirit of why that law exists. You want to leech bf1 playerbase but um they are playing one of the best fps made, if they come here from there thinking hey it's similar they in for a shock. Also nobody likes to play when all the enemies are killed by ai. Leave the noob trouncing to us old guard.

    First of all I feel a day or two more reasonable given that most websites function like that.

    My only other complaint is cutting off the rest of the game. Some of us do both rp and competitive. Much as I love rp some days I wanna just play a good ol round. But yeah Bytro I have played mostly on s1914 because I have been here for so long. I have a history in my stats, those stats make each war a attempt to improve them and give a sense of achievement from game to game. I agree with Momo on bringing tombola back. I know I logged in every morning to spin it, Now I only login every morning if I'm at war. I stay active but I think the tombola would solve half the nation's going inactive in games.

    The removal of trade means you can't buy off another country. I once held off 3 powers bigger than me by buying 2 off then repelling the 3rd. The one would break the agreement and I would repeat. I lasted 2 weeks against 3 powers more than double my size thanks trading. Irl this was something called negotiating and bribery. For a desperate country to survive playing off the greed of his fellows is a skilled move. In irl history generals have been paid to kill thier leaders or to stand by when they are needed. These men are disgusting but they have and do exist. You want us to use the world market but for a nation that has been wounded in war that may not be viable. It's also less realistic, useful and please keep it. I must simply point out that the us trades with China , England etc etc the wto more regulates it. There is no giant Bazaar where nation's buy things. Instead they say yo China my boi I need some cheap colorful toys. Then China says my man I'll do it for the pork or whatever. I find late games trading is better as my neighbor may give me much needed fish for iron because market prices are rising. He pays less and I get what I actually need.

    The update isn't that great tbh. If you are wanting to diversify and improve gameplay then I would suggest adding in more unit types. There are lots of fun ones you could try such as flame thrower a, Strom troopers, scout infantry ,heavy artillery, Elite soldiers , even soldiers carrying anti tank rifles or even snipers. Perhaps even make the forts look more like trenches. Historically some nation's traded with thier enemies so to say it's good and realistic to restrict trade to this degree is untrue. I understand that bytro needs money but pissing off the playerbase time after time is not the best way. I would suggest even the idea of making a unit that requires a small amount of hm to make but has a medium value in strength. I personally do not spend gm as 10k vanishes extremely fast. I'm not paying large sums for 1 Arty. But if there was a unit that wasn't to op but was stronger than average I'd say that is a good way to get money. I know some wouldn't like it because ftp but bytro needs money at some point and I think this is a fair way. I've been on bytro for over five years now. Now on the rp front we hear the reason we can't make maps is server strain etc. Therefore I suggest a certain number of slots be made for rpers to request a game. (Of the locked sizes) if the slots are full try again later. These rules while not as popular I believe give us both something we want. Rpers can have a game and you can limit server consumption. Now for bugs. I have not seen bugs but I hear of them all the time, I would suggest actually patching any known bugs as that is simple maintenance. I suggest Making gold more viable to those who will spend money but not lots of money. For example there may be some who would spend three bucks here and there for a few small units, but won't spend a hundred to win a game.

    Hello hello manchu here by the power if xevli. I would like to thank xevlis tech support for my ability to post this. Anyway manchu will rise on the wings of a angel of war and crush you all. 🎉 This us the day we have waited for our lord and savior jesus turk has returned. Lol.