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    I saw an older thread where people had proposed and supported ballons being able to see submarines. Here is the historical context of it from the US Navy history website of using tethered balloons on warships to spot submarines, and direct fire against enemy targets.

    I would like to have a feature where you can put a submarine on "patrol" like the airplanes, so you can hunt for enemy ships and embarked troops in a specific area. This is more consistent with the wolf pack orders as they patrolled sea lanes looking for convoys. Say have the patrol radius no bigger than a battleship's gun range.

    I hit the free ads every day, whether I need the GM or not. The speeding up of construction and building is okay as far as I am concerned. However, to maintain the pace of the game maybe have it to where you can only accelerate the building or production by 50%, per day. In reality, you are hiring more workers and having more shifts to complete a project.

    Okay, so here is a confession of one way I have used GMs that should be changed. For combat units, I have used it to boost morale during breaks in combat, which ground units you have to wait until they are disengaged. However, for ships and airplanes, you can do it while on a bombing run, or shelling the coastline. Somehow these units should be restricted from attacking while being "recharged." Either have them wait until they are not in combat, or have a slower regeneration time instead of instant. This way if I have a bomber unit that has taken a lot of damage, I can take them out of combat and recharge them for an hour, or a day, and then get them back to full strength. Kind of how we fix damaged buildings. It will be a higher recharge than the normal day change, but it won't be like fighting the Zombie apocalypse with a unit that never seems to die.