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    insted of complaining about that bug think how to use it against opponents and secure yourself on edges :-)

    Why work around something that can be fixed ? Making it impossible for the vessels of peaceful nations to pass each other at sea without one or other of the Captains taking it upon himself to plunge his country into war totally destroys the 'suspencion of disbelief'...

    That's not the aggresive mode, that's the Fire at Will mode, the default, aggresive mode is even more aggresive

    Whatever, it still makes for a much worse game....

    I'm currently in a Free For All where, thanks to this, an extra unintended war against an (abandoned) AI controlled state is probably going to prevent me from making the top five...

    Not a happy bunny at all...:(

    Another side effect of this seems to be that now all AI controlled units appear to be in aggressive mode.

    This means that it is no longer possible for units to pass through AI neutrals at sea without triggering a war, even if you have them set to RoW :(

    Huge flaw IMHO....


    the guy who was in 2nd place realized he cant catch me and threw a tantrum and donated all of his possesions to a smaller player that was in his sphere of influence ,basically creating a player almost as powerful as me thorugh no merit of his own .

    I take grave exception to this, being the player in question. Believe it or not, it had nothing to do with you at all Edy. As I already told you by PM before you started this moanfest, this was my first - and probably last - Dominion type game. When I joined, I wasn't aware of the 'there can be only one' philosophy behind it. I wasn't enjoying it, there were some new 'Free For All' games (which I've enjoyed in the past) starting up, and I decided to spend my limited game time on one of those rather than continuing with this game.

    Tantrums had nothing at all to do with it.

    Sorry buddy, but my purpose in life isn't to continue playing a game I'm not enjoying just so YOU can get YOUR jollies...

    As the manner of my leaving, I'd been working with the two other players all game. In my book, a good ally doesn't leave his allies in the lurch but ameliorates the impending loss of his support for them as much as he can before he goes. Ever since I started playing Supremacy I've seen this happen: players leaving what they can to others, players leaving what they can to me, and occasionally me leaving what I can to allies.

    If you're not the lucky recipient of this in a game, you just have to adapt to the new political situation as best you can. It's part and parcel of playing Supremacy and not something that can be sensibly legislated against.

    I've also seen many instances of players just dropping from games without letting their allies know and leaving then completely in the lurch. Frankly, I have much less respect for them...

    So, in short, I'd decided to leave the game and chose to leave as a good ally rather than leave my allies in the lurch.

    I make no apology for that.