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    is the AI OP or game algorithm broken?

    after bombarding and clearing the enemy force from the base.

    i move in to occupy the empty base with lvl III garrison.

    enemy force is also moving in, 12inf N direction and 7,5,12,1,1 inf from NE direction separately.

    my force consist of 11arty+46inf, 2 armor veh, 1 Heavy tank, 15 inf, and 30 inf.

    i move my "arty force" in (offensive mode) separately, and it starts bombarding the 12inf enemy,

    i move in my 2 armor veh, 1 Heavy tank, 15 inf, 30 inf. separately to take the base,

    before i left the game , my 2 armor is in contact with 7inf in garrison, (enemy got to the base first)

    when i return to the game (20-30mins more or less??),

    my arty force (11arty+46inf) is bombarding the consolidated enemy force of 20 inf in garrison,

    and i LOST 2 armor veh , 1 heavy tank, 8inf (of 15inf), 25inf (of 30inf),

    my remaining 8inf (of 15inf), and 25inf (of 30inf), is still attacking, separately.

    what is this? why is this?

    i directed my arty force to attack (not move in) the 20inf enemy, the enemy was killed faster,

    is arty confused when enemy is consolidated?


    why is my 8inf (of 15inf), and 25inf (of 30inf), still attacking separately?? while the enemy is already consolidated.

    was my 2 armor veh , 1 heavy tank did not consolidate?

    since i started playing this, i have not seen my unit get full HPs,

    everytime i move it decreases,

    even when i capture a an empty city and base my unit there their HP will start decreasing. (i assume to match the city morale)

    they say you can regenerate HP on high morale city, but per my observation, it will only regenerate when that city is 100 morale (********),

    Profanity removed ~ FMD

    how does this wok?

    my unit seems to be not regenerating on newly captured city,

    - why is regeneration is sooooooo ssllllooooooowwww?

    - does regeneration have to do with morale of the city?

    - does the army/unit have to be in/on the city to regenerate?

    why is AI units move very fast? without penalties to their HPs?

    i have 4 arty bombarding and 127 inf + 3 Heavy tank moving for attack, normal speed,

    im attacking a lvl V fort with 1 AI inf defender and 3 AI units moving very past to reinforce it, AI moving fast with out HP penalty.

    it catches up, reinforced the fort, after a 30-40 min battle i lost 4 inf and the hp of my tank was reduced along with my infantry.

    why is this?


    barracks is only for speeding recruitment and unlocking Cav.

    Q: Scenario - recruitment office disable

    1. is the barrack recruitment still on going?

    2. at what speed?

    3. is the recruitment speed of the barracks tied to recruitment office?

    What is the purpose of the Barracks,

    what effect does it do?

    building info is very limited.

    increase training speed? by how much?

    what RSS it consuming?

    (all building need this, i can't see what RSS each building is using?, it only show on city info)

    does it need the recruitment office ?

    does this affect the unit production?