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    In the 84p map you have a choice of how you want to expand. You can either

    a) Expand slowly but indefinitely building, upgrading and maintaining propaganda offices

    b) Expand fast but deliberately, only conquering select provinces that give you either victory points or resources

    c) Only expand until the expansion penalty is too severe to expand anymore. This is the point where you can either stop your expansion or transition into a)

    d) Expand quickly and indiscriminately, conquering everything in your path. If you have the units to leave behind low morale won't matter except for resource production and even if you leave the provinces open it won't matter if there are no enemies left for the revolted provinces to bolster.

    e) A mix of the above, depending on the situation

    To sum up, you have many options. What will get you killed is, not considering them.

    Ask and ye shall receive!

    i have added the role "Retired Veteran" to the Supremacy 1914 forums. It has to be added to an account manually so if you want former members of your team or people that you know (and deserve) to receive this title please post it here.

    I went ahead and added ranks to the Supremacy 1914 forum.

    Since we didn't have all the translations for the ranks you proposed above I took the regular game level ranks. This means that we "only" have 19 ranks so I grouped the ranks a bit closer together and made it so the highest rank unlocks at 5000 instead of 10000 points.

    Players might have to make a new post to see their rank but in theory it should work.