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    Hey OuterRim,

    Morale is calculated by an algorithm that is unfortunately too complicated to explain here but the premise as you explained it, holds true. Positive and negative influnces have an impact on the calculation, they just don't translate one to one.

    The expansion penalty does indeed rise based on the amount of provinces you own, as Cycle9 pointed out. What people most likely mean by "expanding slowly" is to build propaganda offices before conquering further provinces which slows down your advance.

    Hey OuterRim, what you might not be aware of (correct me if I'm wrong) is that when the timer runs out the person with the most victory points wins, no matter if they reached the 1000 point limit or not. So it's not a race against the clock but against your fellow players, which is what the game is about anyway.

    In the 84p map you have a choice of how you want to expand. You can either

    a) Expand slowly but indefinitely building, upgrading and maintaining propaganda offices

    b) Expand fast but deliberately, only conquering select provinces that give you either victory points or resources

    c) Only expand until the expansion penalty is too severe to expand anymore. This is the point where you can either stop your expansion or transition into a)

    d) Expand quickly and indiscriminately, conquering everything in your path. If you have the units to leave behind low morale won't matter except for resource production and even if you leave the provinces open it won't matter if there are no enemies left for the revolted provinces to bolster.

    e) A mix of the above, depending on the situation

    To sum up, you have many options. What will get you killed is, not considering them.