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    Today's update focuses on crucial bug fixes and enhancements to improve your strategic warfare experience.

    Smooth Alliance Management: Alliance leaders can once again access member settings on mobile devices without error messages.

    Quality of Life Improvements: We've tackled issues such as missing confirmation popups, tooltips, and non-functioning info buttons to enhance overall gameplay.

    For further details on this update, check our comprehensive changelog.

    Thank you for your ongoing support and dedication. Sharpen your strategies and dominate the battlefield!

    Your Bytro Team


    Celebrate 15 Years of Supremacy 1914 with 15 days of Special Events, Offers, and Gifts!

    Time flies when you're immersed in epic battles and tactical strategies! Can you believe it? Supremacy 1914 is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary this week. As always, we've planned an exciting birthday bash to celebrate this milestone with our dedicated community. Gear up for two weeks packed with event maps, exclusive birthday gifts, and irresistible shop offers.

    Birthday Gift Operation

    Join us in celebrating fifteen years of exhilarating battles and shrewd strategies. As a token of our appreciation for your loyalty and continuous support for Supremacy 1914, we've prepared a special birthday gift just for you. Capture a single province during the birthday celebrations, then head to the operations panel to redeem your gift!.

    Special Shop Offers

    Don't miss out on our fantastic shop offers and limited-time bundles! We've set up great deals to ensure you can find everything your arsenal needs. Make sure to check the shop and benefit from these deals!


    Get ready for a new event map every other day! We've curated a selection of your favourite maps to celebrate in style. Be sure to check out the schedule below; you don't want to miss your favorites!

    • May 27th - June 30th - Rush for Europe - LIVE NOW!
    • May 30th - June 3rd - Gold Rush
    • June 3rd - June 6th - All Countries: All In (x1 speed)
    • June 6th - June 10th - Speed Round

    You can also join the official Supremacy 1914 Discord to stay updated with our event calendar and receive automatic notifications when a new event map starts.

    Event Operation

    If the event maps alone aren't enticing enough, partake in our special Event Operations. Earn progress by completing objectives on any map. Whether you spend the fifteen days on the event maps or regular scenarios, your progress will count. You'll be richly rewarded with unit cards and resource boosters. Stock up on reserves; you never know when you might need that extra firepower!

    A heartfelt thank you to you, General, for being with us on this incredible journey! Seeing our community grow and evolve fills us with pride and excitement for the future. Let's cut the birthday cake and get ready for countless more adventures and memories in the 16th year of Supremacy 1914.

    Your Bytro Team


    We bring you good news from the frontlines of the war effort. Our diligent engineers have been hard at work resolving some critical issues affecting our operations.

    Firstly, a bug that had been causing misattributed kills within your armies has been successfully eliminated. Going forward, each unit will receive due credit for their contributions on the battlefield, with kills correctly counting towards the stats of the unit that dealt the highest damage.

    In addition, a pesky problem in the tutorial has been rectified, ensuring that informative tooltips now appear precisely where intended, providing our new recruits with essential guidance in their strategic endeavors.

    Lastly, a bug affecting the display of event and scenario images on the overview page has been squashed. You'll now be able to view these critical visuals in their full glory, without any unsightly zooming issues.

    With these fixes in place, you can march forward with increased efficiency and precision. Stay vigilant, generals, and continue to lead your forces to victory on all fronts!

    For a closer look at the changes please check out the detailed list of updates and share your feedback with us here on the forums and our Discord server.

    Best of luck General,
    Your Bytro Team


    Don't panic folks, we know it is not Tuesday, but we still have a regular update for Supremacy 1914 today.

    This update brings the unit deployment tutorial, that mobile generals have access to already, to players on Desktop. The tutorial gives new generals an introduction to how to deploy units from their inventory on a map like the Zeppelin.

    Progress was made on the bug-fixing front. Say goodbye to incorrectly applied Patrol damage to buildings. This fix ramps up your armies' patrol damage up to 25% of the armies' actual damage.

    Last but not least we got rid of the double confirmation requested when claiming your daily gifts. Let's face it, one confirmation is more than enough to accept a gift. Other changes include image alignments or Package Details in the shop.

    For a closer look at the changes please check out the detailed list of updates and share your feedback with us here on the forums or on our Discord server.

    Best of luck General,
    Your Bytro Team


    The wait is over! Zeppelins are NOW LIVE in Supremacy 1914! Starting from 9 am UTC today, take command of these mighty airships and revolutionize your strategic approach on the battlefield.

    Remember, Zeppelins target province centers, dealing significant morale damage and wreaking havoc on buildings. With their high range and robust HP pool, they bring an element of surprise to your offensive strategies.

    Participate in the ongoing Zeppelin Operations from now until May 20, 2024, to acquire these formidable units.

    Featuring in various Operations over the coming weeks, progress can be made on all maps, including special Operations on event maps. Unlock each Zeppelin with a healthy mix of sharp skills and strategic play.

    Fear not, you can keep these aerial leviathans at bay with cost-effective balloons and infantry units. Ready your troops for a skyward onslaught, as Zeppelins deploy on day 10, offering a dynamic twist to your gameplay.

    Join the battlefield, seize control of Zeppelins, and assert dominance across the skies. Let the era of Zeppelins mark your journey to triumph in Supremacy 1914!

    Play wisely, as victory awaits those who rule from above. Onward to triumph, commanders!


    Today's update institutes a market fee, applied to all transactions occurring on the stock market. This fee will constitute 10% of the transaction value, payable in ingame Money regardless of the resource being bought or sold.

    We also revisited the method through which AI market prices are established. To impact the current average price point, a significantly larger quantity of resources will now need to be traded on the market. Optimizing this aspect will effectively reduce the severe price fluctuations formerly experienced in the market and further establish a more steady and reliable trading environment.

    By making these alterations, we aim to discourage market price manipulation that could result in unfair advantages or disrupt the balance of the map. This has been a long-standing request from our veteran community and we believe this solution will enhance the overall game economy and fairness.

    In addition, we have decreased the relative prices of personal market offers, based on the current average price point on the stock market.

    This adjustment will mirror the slowed pace of the market price changes. It also means that the personal offers will adjust slower in price, as they are dependent on each other. To alleviate concern that the market becomes too expensive, we are lowering the relative prices of these personal offers slightly.

    Please note that the above-mentioned changes to the stock market only affect games created after today's update. Games that were created before the update are not affected by the changes.

    Last but not least, we've focused on enhancing gameplay by squashing several significant bugs. We rectified an inconvenience regarding the Delaying March mechanism which was previously operating on in-game time rather than real-time hours, specifically for maps with a speed factor higher than 1.

    Additionally, we've ensured that rewards will be properly displayed in the Advisor Reward pop-up, allowing players to see and claim their rewards successfully.

    For a closer look at the changes please check out the detailed list of updates and share your feedback with us here on the forums and our Discord server.

    Best of luck General,

    Your Bytro Team


    We are thrilled to unveil a new addition to Supremacy 1914 - Zeppelins! These mighty airships will bring a new dimension to your wartime strategies starting from April 12, 2024, at 9 am UTC.

    Zeppelins are not your typical bombers; they are designed to target province centers, inflicting significant morale damage and wreaking havoc on buildings. While they may not be effective against units or air units, their high range and robust HP pool make them a force to be reckoned with.


    To acquire Zeppelins, participate in the upcoming Zeppelin Operations and complete tasks between April 12 to May 20, 2024. These tasks are accessible to all players and provide a chance to earn these formidable airships.

    You will be able to earn the Zeppelin in various Operations over the next few weeks. There will be general Operations for which progress can be made on all maps, as well as special Operations that are only available on certain maps or in event maps. Whether you like to play multiple matches at once, fast events, or normal maps, all players will be able to obtain the Zeppelin.

    To unlock each individual Zeppelin, which will be available for the duration of the Zeppelin event, you'll have to put in a bit of effort and prove your skills on various event maps. Additionally, Zeppelins will be available in the shop for those eager to bolster their arsenal.

    We have carefully crafted Zeppelins to offer a fresh strategic option without disrupting the early game balance. To counter these aerial behemoths, utilize cost-effective balloons that deal air damage, coupled with infantry units for a coordinated takedown.

    Prepare yourselves for the skyward onslaught as Zeppelins deploy on day 10, alongside factory units, injecting a new level of dynamism into your gameplay. Stay vigilant and adapt your tactics to leverage the strengths of these aerial giants.

    Join the upcoming Operations, engage in battles, and seize the opportunity to command Zeppelins in your quest for domination on the battlefield. Brace for the skies to be filled with the thunderous presence of Zeppelins, marking a new era in your strategic endeavors!

    Command wisely, for victory awaits those who compete vigorously to dominate the skies with Zeppelins. Onward to triumph!


    Attention Generals!

    Today we just had a small update including a fix for the annoying bug when ranged units caused greater damage when combined with stormtroopers. From now on, the ranged units will deal normal damage as with all units.

    Your Bytro team


    Exciting news from the front lines! We've completed the migration to a new system for handling player stats in real-time. This means more reliability and up-to-date info for your strategic moves, updates to your profiles, rewards and new future opportunities for tasks in the Operations system!

    As our statistics system was taken offline for a short duration during the upgrade, some statistics may not have been recorded. This means that, although we worked hard to keep this period brief, some minor deviations may be noticed.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused.

    Get ready for a sharper, more responsive battlefield!


    As the seasons change and the year reaches its end, we want to take a moment to wish you all Happy Holidays!

    Wrapping up our achievements of this year, we are happy that 2023 has brought us lots of interesting updates. We introduced many game-changing and balancing features to Supremacy 1914, ran the first-ever super speed round with content creators, added some cool designs to our merch store, and celebrated the game’s 14th anniversary. This was a year of great challenges and new additions to the game that we all love and embrace.

    We would like to thank you for your passion, dedication, and spirited competition that have helped make this year one full of fun and camaraderie. Whether it be your strategic genius in mapping out battle plans, your excellent diplomacy in forming alliances, or your resilience in the face of defeat, you truly continue to make this game an epic battlefield. It's you, the players, who make Supremacy 1914 the engaging and exciting realm it is.

    As a present, we will reward you with your favorite speed map (4x) that you can play during the holiday period. Make sure to keep an eye out for new operations. Santa might have a special gift for you this year!

    Regardless of where in the world you are, or how you choose to celebrate this season, we hope the upcoming days are filled with joy, peace, and lots of victorious battles! Thanks for being a part of Supremacy 1914, and here's to another year of thrilling gameplay and great fights.

    Stay safe, have fun, and keep playing Supremacy 1914!

    Happy Holidays!

    I assume this acquisition will consist of money changing hands with a good helping of gambling mechanics involved?

    Also, this is a little petty I know, but I don't see how this is a "new feature", when it's the basic neccessity that's required to use these cards, which are, in fact, apparently the only actual new feature aside from a new unit that nobody asked for?

    I am not sure what gives the idea that is a possibility, but there won't be gambling involved.

    I understand that an inventory system might not look like a big thing, but it is a crucial feature for the new Operations and rewards in general. It opens a lot of opportunities for the future as well.

    The inventory system is needed for the Operations to work. Rewards you get from the Operations which you unlock by playing the game are stored there.

    Regarding the paused section in the video. The video was taken with a dev account. These accounts are used to QA the game and take screenshots or videos like this, and always have gold and resources for these purposes.

    I understand the concerns you raise, and you bring up valid points. I can tell you that the team spent a lot of time on these features, and keeping the game balanced was and always is a high priority. We are keeping a close eye on game data in the weeks after the release tomorrow, and we are keeping an eye on everyones feedback on their experience, suggestions, and concerns.

    I, therefore, encourage you to share your experience with the feature with us, once it is live, as it would help us a lot.


    The last part of our announcement is dedicated to one more interesting feature - the Inventory System.

    Introduction video:

    The inventory system gives you the opportunity to pull booster and unit cards, keeping them stored in your inventory until you see fit for use. A tap on the icon situated on the top bar will grant you access to all your cards, ready for deployment at your convenience. Rather than being tied to a specific map, your inventory is linked to your account, meaning it's available across all maps.

    Any rewards procured from operations, as well as newly acquired unit cards, will find their place in your inventory. This will boost your game opportunities and introduce new dynamics into your strategy.

    The update of the year is approaching and we can’t wait to see you enjoying all our new features.

    Your Bytro Team


    Get ready for a new unit in Supremacy 1914 - The Stormtroopers

    Introduction video on YouTube:

    We are introducing a new unit that will be available with the upcoming Operations. Stormtroopers are insanely fast offensive units and are quite the force! Give them a target and watch it crumble. When teamed up with Infantry for cover, they can clear out enemy fortifications.


    The Stormtroopers will come with a new deployment mechanic. They can not be produced like a traditional unit, but instead will be deployed via new unit cards. Unit cards will be available as a reward for advancing through Operations. Besides the new unit, participating in Operations will also reward you with other units already existing in Supremacy 1914 and various kinds of reward cards. Those are Booster Cards which will shorten the time of production and construction, and Resource Cards which will grant you additional resources. These cards will all be stored in your inventory and we will talk about them later.


    Watch out for our next update on December 19th and make sure you start completing Operations for getting Stormtroopers and other rewards.

    Your Bytro Team

    This is a rather delicate topic, as you can imagine. Stats are important. We don't want to risk losing anything and do this properly. This means this will not only be a general bug fix, but a change in how the stats are handled compared to the past to make the stats update more reliable. This is why it takes so long.

    We thought we were almost done, only to find some issues during the last test before the release, which put the topic back into development. This is a high-priority issue on our end, and the team is working for quite some time on this.


    Attention Generals!

    In this update, we implemented several balancing changes that are based on your discord feedback. This time we concentrated on hit chances. The one for Fortresses was increased and the ones for Workshops and Recruiting offices were reduced. At the same time, we reverted the scouting feature of balloons from the last update and lowered the concealing threshold for Fortresses.

    In addition to that, we made several adjustments to alliances and maps. The Middle East map is now available to players with a minimum rank of 3 instead of 10, so it is now more players can join. We also fixed a bug with alliance ranking that confused you about which alliance has a growing or a shrinking trend.

    Finally, we added more sorting options for the provinces on mobile devices to make it easier for you to do province management and fixed search bugs that occurred with some languages.

    For a complete overview of all changes, please check our detailed list of updates and share your feedback with us here on forum and our Discord server.

    Best of luck General,
    Your Bytro Team


    Jingle bells, Generals!

    As the holidays are coming and warming up our lives with joy, we would like to take some time to say how much we love bringing the very joy of gaming to all of you. This year was exceptionally special to Supremacy 1914. We hit some records and introduced important changes to your beloved strategy game:

    • We prepared a great deal of game mechanics updates. We revised all the difficulties and confusing situations for players and will make the game easier to understand and play very soon.
    • This year Supremacy 1914 hit 10,000,000 registered players.
    • Supremacy 1914 became available in Czech and Japanese; Indonesian was introduced on Beta.
    • The new map "Crossroads of History" was introduced featuring the events of the late WW1 period, and "Shattered America" was added as a new tutorial map.
    • We launched the official Supremacy 1914 Merch store! Gear up with quality products with official Supremacy 1914 designs.
    • Tons of bugs were fixed to improve your game experience.

    We would like to say thank you to all of you who have been with us through all these years writing the story of Supremacy 1914: from new players to hardcore RPs, from chat stars to helpful moderators, from careful planners to raging combatants - and to all who help to develop and operate the game.

    2023 is promising more heated battles and new challenges. We once again want to wish you wonderful holidays and hope you have a good time with your loved ones. Don't forget to join our Holiday events.
    And from 12 AM CET on December 24th until 12 AM CET on December 26th a small holiday present is waiting for you in the mobile app!
    Just download the app on your mobile device, and log in with your existing account. Tap on the "Daily Gift" icon displayed in the top left corner of your display and have fun with it.

    The battlefields are waiting for you, Generals!

    Your Bytro team


    Attention, General!

    Today's update removes the obsolete "Extra units" filter from the game filters, adds a recruitment timer to the Province Info panel, and implements reworked versions of the units, buildings, armies, and province details.

    Several bugs have been fixed with this release as well. Naval units no longer use different icons and display one hit point as health when split off from a stack. Inactive coalition members no longer lower their relations with their coalition members.

    These are just the highlights of today's release. For a complete overview of all changes, please check our detailed list of updates and share your feedback with us here on the forums and on our Discord server.

    Best of luck General,

    Your Bytro Team

    Can't get into legacy mode now.

    It seems to work on our accounts. Can you check your account settings? At the bottom right you should see a button to allow joining in legacy. You might need to click that again. If that doesn't work. Please reach out to our support team from within the game, so we can check what is going on.


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    Attention, General!

    Today’s update brings new improvements to the Home Screen interface. We decided to make it more user-friendly and provided you with the most valuable information and options right on the first screen.

    A new feature was added to the maps: scorch marks are now displayed on the locations where ranged attacks occured. This will mark waged battles and display the damages to the territory

    Last but not least we optimized game performance and addressed FPS drops when hovering over elements on the map.

    For a complete overview of this update, please check our detailed Release Notes and share your feedback with us here on forum and our Discord server.

    Best of luck General,
    Your Bytro Team


    Attention, General!

    Supremacy 1914 is available in Japanese now!

    Supremacy 1914 is now completely translated into Japanese. To change the language, click on the cogwheel in the top right on desktop, or check the Account setting in the "More" menu in the bottom right on the mobile app. Also, in light of the continuous influx of large amounts of new users and recent server problems, we've decided to reduce the amount of creatable maps per user per month. This should have a significant impact on server load and contribute to overall stability.

    Those of you who don’t want to join alliances can now close the recurring pop-up and it will not show up again. Just click the newly added ‘don’t show again’ button.

    And finally, apart from several bug fixes, we also decided to mute ambient sounds and background music in the main menu when playing on desktop

    For a complete overview of this update, please check our detailed Release Notes and share your feedback with us here on the forum and our Discord server.

    Best of luck General,
    Your Bytro Team