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    Attention Generals!

    While we keep working tirelessly on Supremacy 1: The Great War to get it ready for its world wide launch, we would like to take the time to thank you all for your amazing help on this journey. Your feedback and the personal gaming experiences that you shared with us during the last couple of weeks helped us tremendously!

    We are not able to thank each and every single founding member of the Supremacy 1 community, but we feel some names need to be dropped here as representatives for all the players who took the time to let us know what they love and what they dislike in their Supremacy 1: The Great War gaming experience.






    Golden Frieeza

    Hastings TNT


    Keji Gima


    Lord Dragos











    We continue working on Supremacy 1: The Great War and your feedback is still extremely valuable for us. So if you have something that you wouldn’t want to miss in the game, if you noticed something we should do differently, or if you figured out that something is missing completely head to the forums, Twitter or Facebook and let us know!

    Your Bytro Team

    Attention iOS Generals!

    We received reports that the shop on the iOS app is not available in app version 0.36. A fix of the issue will be available with app version 0.37 in a few hours. In case you need to use the shop urgently, you can login to your account using your internet browser.

    In case you are using iOS but do not experience this issue, please wait with updating your game until version 0.37 is available on the App Store.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Your Bytro Team

    Hey j10211647  
    Thank you for bringing this up. We already adjusted the cool downs for the Rush for Europe map (6x speed), but missed to do the same for the other speed maps.

    With our next release (end of October) future events cool downs for leaving or getting kicked will be as follow:

    6x Speed:
    Leaving a coalition = 24 real life hours
    Getting kicked from a coalition = 8 real life hours

    4x Speed:
    Leaving a coalition = 36 real life hours

    Getting kicked from a coalition = 12 real life hours

    2x Speed:

    Leaving a coalition = 48 real life hours

    Getting kicked from a coalition = 16 real life hours

    Popularity is still a topic in the office. Something that helps to avoid getting overwhelmed by morale issues is to not rush through another country. Rather assimilated enemy provinces slowly. Since Moral also has a major impact on the productivity of your provinces, you are at risk to start a negative chain reaction if your country grows too quickly and/or gets too big. Also keep in mind, that you can move your capital to a more centered province. That might help you as well.

    Thanks, it would be good to give such information in the unit description that it is able to bypass the enemy unit, without detection

    We tested the spy behaviour and couldn't verify the issue you described.
    What might have happend there is that the enemy had a scout in the stack in the province in question. In that case the spy was visible to the stack and the stack would have attacked the spy.

    Another possibility is that the spy was spoted by an enemy scout. Scouts have a slightly bigger view range then spies, meaning it is possible that the spy was spotted without you even notecing. However, even in that case the spy would just walk through enemy lines, unless the other player is actively attacking the spotted spy.

    I might be able to share some insights on those "empty" provinces....

    Urban provinces being "empty" has game design related reasons. Although you can make the argument that there is a big amount of citizens living in these provinces, hence they should produce a decent ammount of tax revenue. However, the urban provinces are located at strategic points on the maps and are connected with the road system. Wich make them quite valueble already, as you can produce troops here and move them very fast to whereever you need them. On top of that they are the provinces that give Victory Points. In order to balance out the high value of these provinces it was decided to have them not produce anything.

    Thanks for the feedback _Pontus_ I shared your impressions with the team. If there is more you guys would like to share with us, we are always eager to hear from your game experiences and feedback.

    Great to hear! I pass on the Maastricht issue and we will see what we can do there.

    I have a terrible time distinguishing where a unit stands exactly.

    I am in a game where 2 players have multiple armies in and around Ypre.

    It is simply impossible to see where my artillery or Panzerzug are standing.

    Hey _Pontus_,

    thanks for your feedback we noticed this issue as well and are working on a solution.


    Attention, Generals!

    Today’s release brings a lot of bug fixes for Supremacy 1914. Members of High Command can challenge other alliances again, province names no longer overlap with capital names and low priced offers on the stock market are now pushed to the market correctly.

    For details see the complete list of changes below:

    Bug fixes:

    • We resolved an issue that prevented members of the High Command to challenge another alliance when they had already reached their monthly game creation limit.
    • We resolved an issue that caused province names to overlap the name of capitals when using a low zoom level.
    • We resolved an issue that prevented creating an offer on the stock market when entering an amount of 3 money or lower as the price for the offer.
    • We resolved an issue that caused the password-reset-link in emails on mobile to redirect to the games website instead of the page to change the user’s password.

    We hope you like these fixes and wish you best of luck on the battlefield.

    Your Bytro Team


    Attention, Generals!

    Today’s release brings our first major balancing update and a lot of bug fixes for Supremacy 1: The Great War.

    Over the last couple of weeks we heavily tested Supremacy 1: The Great War and monitored closely how you guys play the game. While doing so we noticed several things we wanted to address.

    We saw that the first few days of a game round felt pretty good and intense as there is a lot to do to get things going. While the early game was pretty much where we wanted it to be in terms of gameplay and excitement, we noticed that in the mid-game it loses speed and tension.

    This is what we are addressing with today’s balancing changes. We want to adjust the pacing and progression of the game. We want that the feel of natural growth continues after the early game and provide a great gaming experience throughout the entire game round. At the same time we wanted to give high level units, super weapons and research strategy more meaning. We are confident that today’s update will bring Supremacy 1: The Great War a big step closer to this goal.

    For details of how we want to achieve all that and what bugs we fixed see the complete list of changes below:


    • Units become available earlier in the game.
      • Day 6 units become available on day 5.
      • Day 10 units become available on day 8.
    • We increased the power of high level units.
      • Second highest level ~+20%
      • Highest level ~+50%
    • We increased the costs of units by ~+20%.
    • We adjusted and reduced the costs of buildings by ~-50%.
    • We decreased the time costs of research tasks by a certain margin between 10% (early-game tasks) and 30% (late-game tasks).
    • We reduced the distance limit to the capital and the morale factors.
      • The maximum expansion factor is reached earlier.
      • The maximum capital distance is reached earlier.
    • We reduced morale penalties.
      • The penalty for distance to the capital was reduced.
      • The penalty for territorial expansion was reduced.
    • We adjusted the pricing of unit health boosts. While boosting health of units that currently have a low level of health is rather cheap, costs increase with higher health levels of units.
    • We adjusted the pricing of building speedups. Speeding up building levels 1-3 becomes cheaper, speeding up the construction of buildings level 4 and 5 becomes more expensive.
    • We increased the attack range of units by 10-30%
    • We reduced the vision range by -25%


    • Converted balloons don't merge with unit stacks anymore.

    Bug fixes:

    • We resolved an issue that caused the tutorial to trigger again after it was completed already.
    • We resolved an issue that prevented images to be displayed in the newspaper in articles for finished buildings.
    • We resolved an issue that caused the wrong image to be displayed in the army bar of Armored Cars.
    • We resolved an issue that caused the title of news articles on the game website being displayed incorrectly.
    • We resolved an issue that caused units and buildings to temporarily disappear in the production menu when it was researched or built.

    We hope you like the update and wish you best of luck on the battlefield.

    Your Bytro Team