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    The New Roleplayers Union


    "Unity and Loyalty Above All"

    We are an Organization dedicated to RP within Supremacy 1914, Call of War and New World Empires, with a long and colorful history of establishing ourselves as a broad group of individuals who support the expansion of these wonderful roleplaying communities.

    Our permanent objective is to aid RP creators in finding players for their games, found the Strongest RP community on all sites where roleplaying is possible, and to bolster both the quality and quantity of RP rounds through the recruitment, education and training of a new and bright generation of players.

    Should you wish to join us, we as the NRPU will always be here to support you in any organized roleplay. Our arms are open to all players, new and old alike in RP.

    We ask of you as an individual for the following:

    1- You must always be willing to learn and be open to new ideas.
    2- You must always follow the rules set on our server.
    3- You must always abide by the #nrpu-codex-immortalis
    4- You must always maintain and uphold respect and differentiate yourselves within all communities.

    Join The Community, Unite The Roleplayers, and Together, we can create many large scale Roleplaying Rounds!

    If you would like to join this RP round, please follow the link below to the discord server and apply

    Roleplay Lore

    Vinland, a name given to the lands explored and briefly settled by norse vikings in north america around the year 1000, particularly referring to newfoundland, where a viking site known as L'Anse aux Meadows was uncovered in the 1960s, and the gulf of St.Lawrence.

    But what if an america, discovered by the Norse was continually colonized for 460 years after its discovery? What would that look like? This round gives you the opportunity to explore such an alternative timeline.

    With the discovery of america by the norwegians, and the chance for untold riches to be found in such a new world, many kingdoms across Europe move to send colonist ships to settle and gain from it, after all.... its free real estate.

    Unfortunately for the vikings, by the end of the Viking age, most European lands had strong central authorities, including trained, standing armies capable of

    mounting effective defenses against Viking attacks.

    Generally, the Vikings were not trained, organized troops. While skilled at arms, their shock tactics were ineffective against trained, professional soldiers supported by the king.

    Their holdings in north america were quickly seized by the French, Scottish and English, who made fine holdings for themselves. Central European Nations, such as the Kingdom of Burgundy and Archduchy of Austria, also moved to capitalize on this great opportunity by establishing their own colonies of New Dijon [Modern New York] and Fredrickstown [Modern Jamestown]. For the Iberians, rather than their historic expansion into the new world coming first, they moved in last with their acquisition of the southern section of north america.

    Following 460 years of continued conflicts with Europeans, the tribes of north america gradually began to put up a more significant and large scale resistance to colonization. With their militarily strongest tribe of the Iroquois, much of the native population that is not enslaved in colonial areas are united in the large Iroquois confederacy, with defenses around the great lakes and parts of canada and america.

    Landswap Map

    Game Base Rules

    =No Gold Usage. Usage automatically removes you from the round.

    =1 Day In Game = 1 Year in RP, Day 1 is 1460

    Unit Names & Restrictions
    Infantry: Infantry = No Limit
    Artillery: Artillery = 1 Per Province
    Cavalry: Cavalry = No Limit
    Armored Cars: Dragoons = No Limit
    Tanks: Knights = 1 Per Province
    Heavy Tanks: King's Guard = 1 Per Country Balloons: Scouts = No Limit
    Submarines: Light Trade Ships = 1 Per Harbor
    Light Cruisers: Galleys = 5 Per Harbor Battleship: Wargalleons = 2 Per Harbor

    Banned Units

    I reserve the right to use Gold to eradicate those who violate the rules, or to penalize players for rulebreaks. Mind you, I have the capacity for lots of Goldmark.

    We will heavily Focus On Finishing Landswap First, meaning no official in character RP before we finish landswapping unless informed otherwise.

    Coalitions are to be “Empire Based” only unless specified otherwise.

    You are allowed to build all buildings Except Aerodromes

    I reserve the right to disband any coalitions not following rules. You may create multiple coalitions if slots are filled for one, just keep the flag and info same for all of them.

    Meatshielding is not allowed. Meatshielding is stacking infantry on naval units to keep them protected.

    A war Will be mandated to end if 5 years pass with no province control change or major battles fought.

    If your capital falls, or 40% of your country is occupied in a war, you will be forced to surrender.

    There is a Mandatory Peace period to be determined between the sides of a war that must be for at least 5 Years.

    The Remainder of the Rules including the War Rules, Expansion Rules, Alliance Rules, and Vassal Rules are on the discord server. Please follow the link given above to apply there if interested in the round.

    Tbh I would love new units to shake up the battlefield a little.

    In that case, Supremacy 1 is the perfect option for you 8)

    It has dynamic unit types, new maps and great new opportunities for RP! :love:8o

    But just remember in 2 years, they will come up with another iteration of it and take those away, so be sure to use your time wisely ;)

    Thank you Ed. Im actually curious what you think about the new update though man.

    @Momo Kawashima

    Oh my god I didnt think I would ever find something to agree with @Demonaire on, but I guess you learn something new every day. His messages arent even worth reading through :D

    Salty Message 1: Sir, We Didn't penetrate their armor!

    Salty Message 2: We didn't even scratch them!


    so basically Lemme get this straight.

    The rpu was reduced to 50 people can barely get maps now. you have broken the rpu server 3 times. Multiple veterans have quit and nothing has changed or will change. Look at this update and everyone talking about how to change it yet nothing will happen sure.

    Dont worry, Im on my way out too, Ill leave you all to deal with this mess since its become a "blame one another rather than work together to come up with a solution" at this point :rolleyes:

    I'd appreciate not being @'ed again. It gets on my nerves when you bother me for something that originally had nothing to do with me.

    Edit: This actually amazes me, how even in the worst of situations, rp groups are blamed for causing something that developers did. Amazing the level of PC fake news is allowed to thrive these days.

    For whatever reason, players and staff members who have never themselves attempted to try a Roleplaying round seem to act as if they have any idea of what one actually entails, which I personally find hilarious :D

    Forgotten_Marshal is entirely correct with his statements. Over my time here being a creator within the S1914 Roleplaying community, I have also spent an exorbitant amount of money for Goldmark and other premium currency in order to provide more effective administration within my rounds. (probably 20-25% of what Marshal has.)

    just as a clarification, Gold is used within RP rounds by the Admins in order to more quickly create historical borders (improve morale in provinces to create the american borders faster with less rebelling provinces), provide balance for nations, penalize rulebreakers (ex: you build a fort that you weren't allowed to, we spybomb it down), or in certain cases, entirely wipe out players that choose to go rogue within the round. It is our way of establishing effective control and administration over something that is naturally incredibly difficult to create.

    Adding elite AI has no effect on the types of rounds we create, so its more or less a null point. However, The removal of unit trading and resource trading unless in coalitions, as many of you have already stated, is something that disrupts the game diplomacy and economy massively, and is essentially railroading us into only choosing certain paths of expansion. Bad enough for the regular players, but for those who do RP, it does the following:

    -Nations are no longer able to communicate with one another and trade resources to establish a sense of realism and diplomacy within the round proper, causing more aggressive plays contributing to the death of the rp more quickly.

    -Following large scale wars, players cannot contribute to their nation's economy by selling off units and gaining some revenue in the form of resources or money, cutting off another aspect of actual IRL diplomacy (countries sell military equipment, get used to it.)

    -Finally, nations that have been in large scale wars cannot be replenished after losing significant portions of their army, cutting off another aspect of RP and actual irl diplomacy. (condottieri within the medieval ages, volunteer soldiers or mercenary brigades in the Spanish civil war, etc.)

    My solution has always been for whatever updates are created for main games, for unranked rounds to not include the arbitrary changes in order for our aspect of the community to continue to exist, as we do provide a benefit if properly supported.

    A solution for this situation seems rather obvious, I, as well as other RP creators would be delighted to simply pay bytro directly for a private map to be created for us, along with specifications that we desire.

    Something like this:

    =I am allowed creative freedom to administer to my liking (ie remove rulebreakers from the round).

    =Where staff will respond to requests in a punctual manner (like within 12 hours), or the creation of a staff position for this sort of thing.

    =Where unit trades, resource trades, or trades in general are allowed to happen.

    =Where the map borders could be created for us or some sort of speedier border setup could be made for us.

    My criticism is constructive, we are rightfully upset, but we are not a community that would hesitate to pay money for something if we were given appropriate options instead of simply forced to oblige to mandatory and arbitrary updates. I personally would not hesitate to spend 1000+ per year if i am given something to spend it on.


    For a long while ive been watching updates on multiple bytro and its partner platforms, Supremacy 1914, Call of War, Conflict of Nations, and New World Empires.

    Its been a constant theme where every single time you choose to create a new game, you purposely attempt some sort of pathetic joke updates on your old games in order to encourage a larger influx of new players onto the new one.

    This is no different to a Apple or Samsung purposely choosing to slow down their old phones in an effort to increase interest and purchases of their new ones. Needy and Pathetic behavior by a company that has repeated the same mistakes over and over again too many times.

    You have purposely chosen to ruin your game in order to provide further support to Supremacy 1. There are no moderators in chat, so there are rampant rulebreaks there. When reported it takes you days to respond when previous staff were punctual and effective.

    None of your anti-multiaccounting implementations have ever been effective.

    -Units cannot be traded, do you think multiaccounters care about unit trades when they end up suiciding armies anyways?

    -Trading resources is limited to coalition members, oh so i guess multiaccounters just have to be in the same coalition temporarily, trade resources and then disband it.

    -After being kicked from coalition, players have to wait 1 day before rejoining. Oh so they can just make a brand new account and bypass that entirely.

    Your implementation of rules is shoddy, you have wiped out any players that enjoyed diplomacy, as they cant trade, you have wiped out alliance gaming already so congratulations for that, and finally, you have ended the opportunity for Roleplayers to enjoy your rounds because we are so bad for you arent we with our constant rule of "no Goldmark".

    I would like to be positive and respectful by providing you with a solution:

    1- make rounds upon request. I will gladly pay any amount of money you wish for us to shill for you to create a server that has all of the rules we would like it to have.

    2- make these "updates" turn off for unranked rounds. You have pushed a large portion of the remaining community into a corner of the unranked matches anyways, so you might us well keep us around so it makes your pathetic company feel better.

    I choose to protest this disgusting effort at killing a functioning game by the following ways. I will contact as many whales as possible (because you call us a type of fish for consuming the garbage you put out) in an effort to have them voice their concerns and responses. I will also contact as many players as I can in order to link this update and have them also tell you how idiotic this decision is. I hope this does not make it more difficult for roleplayers to make rounds, as player descrimination would be just icing on the cake with this.

    If we do not fight for what we believe in, then we are nothing.

    Thank you very much for your time and consideration.