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    1860 Onwards Alternate History Roleplaying Round

    For the sake of having a relatively casual roleplay round and as an opportunity to introduce new, or inexperienced players into the roleplaying community, I would like to introduce this roleplay round once more. Anyone is free to join regardless of experience, and no sample articles are necessary. All you need to do is tell me your in-game name and what country you request.

    This RP concept was originally created by Elan Thompson, with help by CowSaysRawr, Phil-Santoni, and LightningTurk.

    Landswap Map:

    1 day in game represents 1 Season (3 Months), so 4 days is 1 year. The game will start in Winter of 1860.
    Winter- (December, January, February)
    Spring- (March, April, May)
    Summer- (June, July, August)
    ll- (September, October, November)

    Aggressive Expansion Rules

    The AE system is designed to maintain diplomatic order and control the rate of expansionist players.

    Aggressive Expansion drops by 5 for all nations, every 5 days, and stops at 0 AE. If you are at war for more than 3 years (6 days), the AE cooldown is negated for you until peace.

    +40 Aggressive Expansion IS THE LIMIT: anything above triggers a coalition war.

    Coalition War: Nations Around you will forcibly cut you down to size, and must take an amount of provinces equal to zero your AE amounts.

    +30 AE gained for revolting or declaring independence from your overlord.

    +20 AE gained for joining someone's offensive war. Defensive wars do not have an AE penalty.

    +20 AE gained for breaking peace period. Peace Periods must last at least 5 years.

    +10 AE gained for declaring war on a country.

    +5 AE gained for taking a province, for both sides of the war. (if you take someone's province, and he takes it back, you both gain 5 AE)

    -20 AE for granting independence to a vassal state.

    -Anything under 3 provinces is vassalized if it loses a war and is an active player.

    -If a nation is inactive, it loses its provinces normally as per the AE rules.

    There is further information beyond the general rules and landswap map, along with a detailed nation list with diplomatic relationships.

    Players interested in joining this RP can feel free to apply by following the link below to the associated community discord for it:

    [NRPU] The Failed Revolutions 3 Roleplay

    This Roleplay was a joint project created by LethalLegume, Xevli, Lord Kaiser, Tuhvel1, Home Zero (Reehaw), with support from LightningTurk and Sometimes Jack for the membership of The New Roleplayers Union and the general roleplaying community.

    The lore and theme is a continuation of the "Failed Revolutions 2" Roleplaying Round set up by the one, the only, RandomVirginian.

    The Year is 1870; it has been fifteen years since the "Concert of Europe" or more colloquially called "Metternich's Europe" fell to the wayside. How this happened is multi faceted and entirely up to the purview of each person within their own perceived nation state.

    The Failed Revolution Lore, credits to RandomVirginian:…-Gs91lmo/edit?usp=sharing

    The Lore for Failed Revolutions 3, credits to Xevli:…paghTJ6c/edit?usp=sharing

    LethalLegume's General Rules For the FR3 Roleplay

    • No Goldmark usage without express approval and for a specific purpose (i.e. speeding up LS), and no multi-accounts or other infractions of the Bytro TOS.
    • 1 real-life day is equal to 4 months of RP time, and 3 days is equal to 1 year. The RP starts on January 1, 1870.
    • In all cases, please abide by the spirit of the rules as well as their exact wording. Breaking the rules may result in a warning, a punishment, or removal from the RP, depending on the degree of the infraction.
    • Land within the red border in #maps is to be considered 'OOC Land', and exists purely to economically support smaller nations. All buildings may be constructed within OOC land, independent of tech restrictions, but no units may be produced within them.
    • You may not station non-naval units at sea for the purposes of scouting other countries. If you want to control the oceans, use actual naval units.
    • Remain respectful to your fellow RPers at all times, and do not God-RP, troll, or metagame. Make sure you understand the rules before joining, and ask if you have questions about anything.
    • Illegitimate exploits, including but not limited to stack splitting, meat-shielding, flowering, lemmings, and shoot-&-scoot/hit-&-run are prohibited. If it has a name and it seems sketchy it’s probably banned.
      • Stack Splitting: Splitting small amounts of troops off a stack to draw fire away.
      • Meat-Shielding: Attaching troops to naval stacks (stacks that contain ships). Attaching one infantry for the purposes of slowing the ships is acceptable.
      • Flowering: Splitting a stack into many smaller groups in order to drastically raise strength.
      • Lemmings: Sending many small stacks at a fortress to destroy it quickly.
      • Shoot-and-Scoot/Hit-and-Run: Moving your army forward to bombard an enemy, then quickly moving it back within seconds so they can’t bombard back.
    • Both the Suez and Panama Canals have been constructed IC and are available to use. Both waterways are owned by France, who is able to control who goes through and impose taxes on those who wish to pass. It will be up to the French player ingame to enforce whatever restrictions they decide to implement, however.
    • Provinces that you gain (through war, diplomacy, etc) that contain buildings that do not fit within your tech limits can be considered 'spoils of war'. If possible, disable them (railways, barracks) or simply don't use them (factories, harbours). Otherwise, there's nothing to be done really. When you gain a province that contains buildings that would break your tech limits, please state the province and the building(s) in #tech-requests. Attempts to take advantage of or exploit this rule will not be tolerated - this includes paying your enemy to upgrade provinces you plan to take in a war, having someone construct buildings in provinces right before they sell them to you, etc.

    The FR3 Landswap Map: FR3_2021_Labelled_copy.png

    If you are interested in joining this Roleplaying Round, please join the discord server for this RP. there is an official application process with further rules within:

    Just a quick update on this RP, We are currently in the landswap phase of day 6. Setup goes well.


    Currently We are still looking for the following nations to be filled:

    Kingdom of Connacht (Irish kingdom)
    Kingdom of Munster (Irish kingdom)

    Saffarid Dynasty (Muslim Tribe in Afghanistan)
    Rustamid Dynasty (Muslim Tribe in Southern Algeria)

    Kingdom of Aksum (Ethiopia)
    Ziyadid Dynasty (Yemen)
    Imamate of Oman (Self Explanatory)

    Khazar Khanate (Turkic Khanate in the Western Steppes)
    Kingdom of Qocho (Turkic Khanate in Uzbekistan)

    Nanzhao (Yunnan)
    Gurjara-Pratihara Dynasty (Indian Hindu Kingdom)

    If you are interested in joining, just follow the link on the above thread.

    [NRPU] The Dark Ages Roleplay

    Created by Snarkblac / Tom The Turtle


    It is 865, Rome is a distant memory and Charlemagne is dead with his grandsons grappling for his kingdom. What remains is a wild and lawless Europe with pillaging Vikings and invading Muslims yet with this is opportunity and power to be had. In Asia the Tang have reformed China but enemies surround them as a chaotic Asia is ravaged by war. With Rome gone who will survive? The Dark Ages...

    Following the collapse of the Western Roman Empire in 395 Europe was plunged into what many have called “The Dark Ages” which was a time of lawlessness and constant war across Europe and the Middle East as the Saxons, Huns, Visigoths, Vandals, Germans and Franks ravage the old order. The Saxons in particular migrated to the British Isles and invaded creating the “Anglo-Saxon”. Meanwhile on the mainland the Franks created a large empire in 481 under King Clovis which quickly became the largest post Roman state. Elsewhere the Byzantines under Justinian reconquered much of the old Roman Empire cementing themselves as the Great Power of the world before plague and famine robbed them of what could have been Rome’s resurrection. In China, warlords and armies battled for supremacy with none claiming the title of “Emperor”.

    Meanwhile in the East, the rising tide of Islam began with Mohammed and his followers subsequently annihilated the Sassanid and Byzantine Empires. Their caliphates stretched from Baghdad to Madrid with the Umayyad Caliphate making it all the way to Tours before being stopped by the armies of Francia led by Charles Martel, grandfather of the Great Charlemagne who would push Francia into its Golden Age.


    Europe in 800 on the eve of Charlemagne’s coronation

    Following Charlemagne’s death in 814, his son, Louis the Pious took over the massive Frank Empire which was racked by civil war as his sons fought amongst themselves for land and title. In 843, the Treaty of Verdun led to the division of Francia splitting it into East, West and Middle which brought a tense peace among the three brothers.

    Now it is 865… with Rome a distant memory and Charlemagne dead, chaos and unease has once again crept back into Europe. The Vikings have begun to raid deep into Europe with the British Isles being attacked by the Great Heathen Army led by Ubba, Guthrum and Ivar the Boneless. The dream of an United England within Wessex now faces the darkest days of the Dark Ages. The Abbasid Dynasty is seemingly invincible as the Byzantines and Asturias hold back the unstoppable tide. In India a fractured region is a battleground between countless states. While the Tang hold firm they also are surrounded by war and slaughter. With this who will survive the Dark Ages?


    Frankish Family

    Highlighted are who currently is ruling in 865

    Charlemagne - died in 814

    ⬇️ His son, Louis the Pious succeeds him

    Louis the Pious - died in 840 all three sons succeed him and split his kingdom


    Lothair I

    Louis II the German

    Charles the Bald

    Lothair I - died in 855 Middle Francia

    ⬇️ Sons

    Lothair II - King of Middle Francia

    Louis II the Younger - King of Italy subservient to his older brother after war

    Charles of Provence - died in 863

    Louis II the German East Francia

    ⬇️ Sons

    Carloman of Bavaria

    Charles the Bald West Francia

    ⬇️ Many


    Landswap Map



    If you are interested in joining this RP, Follow the Discord Link to apply. The Map is created and Landswap has begun!

    I don't, java was clunky and I actually liked the "streamlining" of the design they did when they made that switch. Good example of a design change, albeit fairly minor, that neither I nor many other people rejected. It's not about change. It's about what it changes into.

    Eh, the aesthetics were much nicer than what they are currently in my personal opinion. Opening up the diplomacy tab and seeing the shape of my nation change in time, along with a corner map for views was something that really tied me to the game early on. Below is just a screenshot from their old yt video.


    i am also here,

    please do not suggest I am a bad guy denouncing anyone as this is very low and rude of you

    I do not want to play with you, that is all.

    if you don't want to participate in rounds, then don't participate in rounds. Not my problem.

    Calling a community a "cartel" is literally being very low, rude and petty.

    If you are going to bash me and a player base by calling us a "cartel", that is not a viable route to go. I suggest you rethink your statements in the future. Oh and don't hit me with another one of your longwinded essay rants as I will no longer be participating in this childish conversation.

    The New Roleplayers Union


    "Unity and Loyalty Above All"

    We are an Organization dedicated to RP within Supremacy 1914, Call of War and New World Empires, with a long and colorful history of establishing ourselves as a broad group of individuals who support the expansion of these wonderful roleplaying communities.

    Our permanent objective is to aid RP creators in finding players for their games, found the Strongest RP community on all sites where roleplaying is possible, and to bolster both the quality and quantity of RP rounds through the recruitment, education and training of a new and bright generation of players.

    Should you wish to join us, we as the NRPU will always be here to support you in any organized roleplay. Our arms are open to all players, new and old alike in RP.

    We ask of you as an individual for the following:

    1- You must always be willing to learn and be open to new ideas.
    2- You must always follow the rules set on our server.
    3- You must always abide by the #nrpu-codex-immortalis
    4- You must always maintain and uphold respect and differentiate yourselves within all communities.

    Join The Community, Unite The Roleplayers, and Together, we can create many large scale Roleplaying Rounds!

    If you would like to join this RP round, please follow the link below to the discord server and apply

    Roleplay Lore

    Vinland, a name given to the lands explored and briefly settled by norse vikings in north america around the year 1000, particularly referring to newfoundland, where a viking site known as L'Anse aux Meadows was uncovered in the 1960s, and the gulf of St.Lawrence.

    But what if an america, discovered by the Norse was continually colonized for 460 years after its discovery? What would that look like? This round gives you the opportunity to explore such an alternative timeline.

    With the discovery of america by the norwegians, and the chance for untold riches to be found in such a new world, many kingdoms across Europe move to send colonist ships to settle and gain from it, after all.... its free real estate.

    Unfortunately for the vikings, by the end of the Viking age, most European lands had strong central authorities, including trained, standing armies capable of

    mounting effective defenses against Viking attacks.

    Generally, the Vikings were not trained, organized troops. While skilled at arms, their shock tactics were ineffective against trained, professional soldiers supported by the king.

    Their holdings in north america were quickly seized by the French, Scottish and English, who made fine holdings for themselves. Central European Nations, such as the Kingdom of Burgundy and Archduchy of Austria, also moved to capitalize on this great opportunity by establishing their own colonies of New Dijon [Modern New York] and Fredrickstown [Modern Jamestown]. For the Iberians, rather than their historic expansion into the new world coming first, they moved in last with their acquisition of the southern section of north america.

    Following 460 years of continued conflicts with Europeans, the tribes of north america gradually began to put up a more significant and large scale resistance to colonization. With their militarily strongest tribe of the Iroquois, much of the native population that is not enslaved in colonial areas are united in the large Iroquois confederacy, with defenses around the great lakes and parts of canada and america.

    Landswap Map

    Game Base Rules

    =No Gold Usage. Usage automatically removes you from the round.

    =1 Day In Game = 1 Year in RP, Day 1 is 1460

    Unit Names & Restrictions
    Infantry: Infantry = No Limit
    Artillery: Artillery = 1 Per Province
    Cavalry: Cavalry = No Limit
    Armored Cars: Dragoons = No Limit
    Tanks: Knights = 1 Per Province
    Heavy Tanks: King's Guard = 1 Per Country Balloons: Scouts = No Limit
    Submarines: Light Trade Ships = 1 Per Harbor
    Light Cruisers: Galleys = 5 Per Harbor Battleship: Wargalleons = 2 Per Harbor

    Banned Units

    I reserve the right to use Gold to eradicate those who violate the rules, or to penalize players for rulebreaks. Mind you, I have the capacity for lots of Goldmark.

    We will heavily Focus On Finishing Landswap First, meaning no official in character RP before we finish landswapping unless informed otherwise.

    Coalitions are to be “Empire Based” only unless specified otherwise.

    You are allowed to build all buildings Except Aerodromes

    I reserve the right to disband any coalitions not following rules. You may create multiple coalitions if slots are filled for one, just keep the flag and info same for all of them.

    Meatshielding is not allowed. Meatshielding is stacking infantry on naval units to keep them protected.

    A war Will be mandated to end if 5 years pass with no province control change or major battles fought.

    If your capital falls, or 40% of your country is occupied in a war, you will be forced to surrender.

    There is a Mandatory Peace period to be determined between the sides of a war that must be for at least 5 Years.

    The Remainder of the Rules including the War Rules, Expansion Rules, Alliance Rules, and Vassal Rules are on the discord server. Please follow the link given above to apply there if interested in the round.