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    If you create a game yourself (which I think is for Premium accounts) there is an option for Victory Conditions. Make sure to click the gear first. This option you can change the option from Standard (50%) to Supremacy (100%). There are other options to control who can join and how many human players join.

    Beware though that there is a limit per month of games you can create. I think its only one per month.

    When you say you can stop for minutes or hours, do you mean the Delay command? If so, that will work for what you want. Select the multiple stacks you are attacking a single enemy stack. Click the Delay command and it automatically sets the time to when the farthest stack will take to reach the destination. Click Set Delay button.

    Are you on mobile app? I mostly play on PC and have not noticed issue there. When I do have to use my phone and there should be a lot of reports in the paper, I only see some of them. Filter will help a little.

    Can you explain what that means?

    In resources you can have a negative growth rate. This means that the production is lower than the consumption. To avoid a penalty, you stock of that resource needs to exceed the negative amount.

    Example: If your production is 10,000 per day and your consumption is 15,000 per day, then you are consuming from stock a rate of 5,000 per day. At the day change, you need to have at least 5,000 in stock or will get the penalty.

    I hope that helps.

    I only see it in the mobile app. Go to the shop page in the app and scroll to the bottom and you will see a button labeld "Earn Free Goldmark." This opens the Offerwall, though I have not tried it yet.