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    How come I can invite only certain people to our Alliance? Not the in-game alliance, but the whole group Alliance that is outside of the game. I have been able to invite 2 people, but in another game, the "Invite" icon is not there. Thoughts?

    There should be an option to blow up your own fort. There could be a number of reasons.

    If you are retreating a base or a number of bases, you should be able to blow it/them up before you leave, so to not leave your enemies an amazing level 5 fort to now hide in.

    The Danes blew up their own ships before their enemies got to them so their enemies could not use them.

    Wouldn't be nice to not leave a level 5 fort open for your enemy because you are retreating to a different counterattack location? The answer is yes.

    We were a group of players in a game and wanted to continue into an Alliance One user "Beskin" was trying to start an Alliance and was getting the error message, ""Tag Not Valid or Already Created" after trying an unlimited numbers of names. (He is usually phone.) I tried to start and alliance as well on a PC and was receiving the same message. We both live in the United States.

    The bug has been resolved as he was able to make an Alliance at some point today.

    Basically on your first game you get 1 artillery and double troops.

    If it is your first game though, you probably have no clue and send them into neighboring provinces, maybe with the artillery , and the user has some momentary success, which makes them feel good and maybe want to play more. Sadly the artillery has no chance without protection of some cars or tanks, so they are most likely swarmed and dead. So if you see an artillery, build a base, attack and then back your bases and take the province after they send all their troops in Fort death.

    Error reported as "Tag Not Valid or Already Created" for anything you put in ... You could put in Alliance name "62393pwewrr2fffff57ghnm" and it will still show the same message. Others in different states are having the same issue.

    Also Northern California has a ton of troops Day 1. On Day 29, they have a crazy amount! Be prepared to be attacked by 200 AI. If you want to fight them, make sure you have a Level 4-5 fort with some art, tanks, and troops and let the AI melt into Bytro death. You lose 0, they lose 250,000.

    I had the same thing happen to me the other day. User 899900.... in New York had an art on Day 1. Sadly, it helps no one except temporarily the AI. Most first time players barely know how to move troops let alone what effect an Artillery could have in the first hours of a game. One art, really no big deal, especially if you can't steal it. If you could steal it, then that might be a gamechanger.

    They are called "Whales". They drop money that is unheard of and ridiculous to most everyone and that is there choice. They are in every game ever made (that makes money). Go play Madden, Sims, Call of Duty...they exist everywhere. Feel good knowing that they are few and far between, but without them Bytro, this game, and game developers would literally not exist. My advice would be to ask questions about what things they have learned in the game with their unlimited money and benefit from their privileged experiences. Hope that helps.

    There is a Continental Divide in the western part of the U.S. and it is very tough to cross. That should take more time. The Appalachians in the East should also be difficult. The Plains could be fast for tanks except for in the Spring when it is is crazy muddy. The tanks would be completely full of clay. Summer time everyone fights, but in a winter season people in Northern Climate get an advantage and things slow down. The South might get production advantages? Just some thoughts.

    Why even subs then if they can be spotted with Balloons? First thing everyone would do is create 20 balloons and post them all over the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic. (Sorry I only play Shattered America - 4x speed) Maybe then can only stay invisible underwater for 2 hours before they need to pop for air for 5 minutes, then be spotted by balloons. Bombers need to refuel, Subs need air.